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Do you want to sell your Overwatch account? Account Kings are ready to buy it from you, and the process could not be simple. Just complete the form below including as much info on your Overwatch account, including info on ranked or unranked, loot boxes, rare skins and competitive points and our team will get back to you with a quote asap. We buy both ranked and unranked/ smurf accounts and give highly competitive quotes for all.

Provide information

Provide Information

Fill out your account details for the account you'd like to sell.
Receive your quote

Receive your Quote

We will send you a quote to the e-mail address provided.
Get paid

Get Paid

You can accept the offer and get paid right away for your account.

Who are we?

We're Account Kings, a very well-established online game accounts provider. We offer outstanding deals, services, and accounts. Handling the buying and selling of Overwatch accounts is among our favourite things to do. We're extremely well known for our reliability. Most of all because we source our accounts from trusted vendors, but also because our customer service is outstanding. Over our time in this industry, we've grown to truly appreciate customer safety and its importance. Because of this, we enforce extremely strict security practices, whilst still managing to maintain respect for customers' privacy. In doing so we create an environment that benefits all involved, thus creating loyal, satisfied customers.

24/7 Customer Support

The smiles of our customers keep us going, so we ensure to keep them happy with every single purchase we process. We can do this by offering our 24/7 live chat. This allows our customers to have first-hand access to all the information they may need throughout their sales. Our staff are always on hand to answer any of the inquiries or any thoughts that cross your mind. Sell Overwatch accounts with ease. We'll tell you all you could possibly need to know!

What is Overwatch?

Released in 2016, Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game. The game was developed and published by Blizzard. It is described as a “hero shooter”, assigning players to two teams of 6. Each player must select from a large roster of characters, known in-game as “heroes” all of which possess unique abilities. Teams must work to complete the map-specific objectives in a set time window. Blizzard has added new characters, maps, and game modes post-release. All of which is free of charge. The only additional charges a player may face are for the optional loot boxes. The game was released in 2016 on several platforms including PS4, Xbox One, and Windows, later being released I'm Nintendo Switch in October of 2019.

Why sell Overwatch Accounts to AccountKings?

We're great at what we do! We're well known in our field for our customer compassion and service. We didn't get where we are today overnight, our staff have worked day and night to create an efficient and safe environment so you can sell Overwatch accounts carefree. By providing a hands-on approach while dealing with transactions, we show our customers that we care. We provide amazing prices, 24/7 support and we're forever on the lookout for ways to improve our strategies. In doing all this it allows for us to offer a better and safer environment for our suppliers.

There's also the added bonus of no waiting game! That's right when you sell Overwatch accounts to us, we’re the perfect middle man. We never ask that you wait around for a buyer, we'll do all the dirty work for you! Just sit back and relax, while we help you earn what you deserve.

What type of Overwatch Account can I sell?

Since we want to provide our buyers with amazing accounts at a constant rate, we're always looking for suppliers we can trust. So providing you're looking to be one of the team, we have a place for your Overwatch account on our shelves! So? Looking to sell Overwatch accounts? Perfect! We understand our customers are such unique individuals, so their taste in accounts will no doubt be the same. Head to our “request a quote” section for a quote on your account and begin your selling journey today. We will also recognize any additional attributes you may have provided the account with, and we will reflect this in the price.

How can I sell Overwatch accounts to AccountKings?

It's simple and easy to sell with Account Kings. By simplifying our user interface, we have allowed our customers to be provided with the finest services regarding Overwatch accounts. All we ask is you provide the requested information on your account and fill out the seller information forms provided. Once you've completed these steps, request your quote. Could we make it easier?! We're not sure, but we sure will try. We will soon after contact you regarding any additional information on your account and provide you the needed details in order to safely complete the transaction. Sit back, relax and enjoy the simplicity of it all.

How is Payment Handled?

When you complete your Overwatch account sale, one of our payment department staff will contact you, forwarding you the agreed-upon amount for your account. Please note, the payment process may take anywhere up to 24 hours. This is a rare occurrence but we inform all of the providers as a courtesy. We use PayPal in order to complete our transactions, we will however make exceptions for those who wish to build rapport with us. If this is the case, please inform our staff of your request before the transaction begins. All details will be discussed with you by one of our staff at the beginning of your journey.

Can I Sell Overwatch Accounts safely?

Yes! We've always prided ourselves on our outstanding customer care, safety and satisfaction. All of these don't come easily and must be worked upon. So we have worked hard over the years to get where we are today. We understand the stress that can come with these processes as people often wonder will I be safe while I sell my Overwatch account? So we've been fighting since 2015 to prove to you and every other one of our customers what safe sales and reliability are possible! With each year that passes by, we implement more and more safety procedures to give our customers an even better experience than the time before.

Value for Money

All of the accounts our supplier customers provide us will always be correctly priced. We do this to ensure that no one leaves our site with a penny less than they deserve. We believe in fairness. Our pricing will always reflect your work and account perfectly. So when you sell Overwatch accounts with us, you best believe you will get what you deserve. Not to mention selling your account provides another customer with their dream account. Everybody wins!

Swift and Secure

Efficiency is absolutely essential for us here at Account Kings, there's always a high demand for accounts so we know we have to get things done quickly to keep up with our customers' needs. We may do things quickly, but don't let that make you believe that we cut any corners regarding safety, because we simply do not. Implementing safety goes hand in hand with being efficient in our eyes, we can't have one without the other or we wouldn't have the outstanding service you see before you. We constantly monitor our ongoing activity to make sure all our users are satisfied.

Account Kings Promise

We want to spread joy, whether it's providing accounts, buying them, or just providing our customers with assistance. You could assist in this! That's because when you sell Overwatch accounts to us, you provide another of our awesome customers with their dream accounts! Become part of spreading the joy today! Request that quote! Did we mention when someone buys your account we provide them free insurance? Because we care for our customers even after they leave our site.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my Overwatch account sale?

We use our ticketing system for smooth running transactions. We do recognize, however, that our customers may encounter a hiccup along the way. So if this ever does occur, we refer you back to our 24/7 live chat. So when you sell Overwatch accounts with us, you're guaranteed safety and a helping hand along the way! You can find our live chat at the bottom right of our page, you'll see an icon and a dialogue box.

Safety first

Safety, as you may have noticed, is essential to our business. We will never stop trying to ensure our customers are as safe as can be while on our site. We're here to provide you with anything you may need! It will always be done safely because we believe protecting our customers' matters above all else. Happy and safe customers mean repeat customers! This means happy Account Kings, we think when everyone is happy, we all win.

What are you waiting for?

We've put almost all our cards on the table, you know all about us! So we're not sure what else we could say or show you to encourage you to join us...except for our one remaining play. When you choose us to sell Overwatch accounts, we will welcome you with open arms to the Account Kings. You will be amongst the first to know of any ongoing deals, offers, and promotions! So join us today.

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