Deadlock Valorant: Stun And Shock Your Enemies

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Valorant Agent Deadlock is one of the newest in-game, bringing some diversity to the Sentinel role. With her original set of abilities, you can break the meta with all the utilities she can deploy in a match. Our guide will show all the possibilities you can unlock using this defensive agent, allowing you to block opponents and their offensive moves. So, let’s begin!

Valorant Deadlock Abilities

Every agent has their unique kit, and Deadlock isn’t the exception to this rule. She is the 5th Sentinel, and with all the Killjoys around, her kit is a great addition, no matter if you're attacking or defending, so let’s break down her abilities:

GravNet (C)

In a nutshell, Deadlock in Valorant has a grenade from this ability; you can throw or lob it. When this grenade lands, it will explode to uncover a net in a specific area. This net will disperse and force anyone caught to crouch and move slowly. The enemy agents will have two options: trying to escape or putting their guns away to make the net disappear. This ability costs 200 credits, and you will only have one use during each round. The effect will last 6 seconds and has a windup of 0.4 seconds.

Sonic Sensor (Q)

A fire-and-forget tool you can use like a GravNet, but with a passive way to activate. Valorant Agent Deadlock can attach this sensor to most surfaces in-game; however, you will see a blue indicator when you can place it but red when it’s not attachable. When you deploy a Sonic Sensor, it will turn invisible once it’s attached to a surface and will stay there until you pick it up again after a round or an enemy agent destroys it. When an enemy agent makes a sound of any kind near this sensor, it will trigger a concussive area of effect. This concussion will debuff the enemies in the area, giving them a critical slow, and it will make their vision blurry grayscale, and their peripherals will turn dark.

Another thing is their crosshair will sway uncontrollably, so they will be unable to aim correctly. You will have up to two charges for each round, costing 200 credits each. The effect of the concuss will last 3.5 seconds.

Barrier Mesh (E)

The signature ability from Deadlock in Valorant is that she will throw a device that will expand to create an X-shape barrier with various points that enemy players can destroy. However, this barrier has a significant health amount and blocks movement, but it lets bullets and other projectiles through. In each cardinal direction will be a floating orb that players can destroy to take down a wall of this ability; moreover, at the center of it will be a bigger orb with more health, but once it’s destroyed, this ability will disappear completely. The Barrier Mesh walls are 6 meters wide and interconnect with the orbs in the center. This ability only has one charge per round, and is free. The windup is 3 seconds, and the effect will last up to 30 seconds with a large health pool.

Annihilation (Ultimate)

It’s a complete annihilation when Deadlock uses her ultimate. It’s the perfect ultimate for a 1v1 situation because Valorant Deadlock will send nanowires from her gauntlet. If someone is in the area of effect, it will create a cocoon to trap each enemy inside the area and end them. When Deadlock uses the cocoon, the enemy team can destroy this cocoon to save their ally. This ability costs 7 Ultimate Points each time you want to use it, with a windup of 1.1 seconds. The effect of the cocoon will last 7 seconds.

Deadlock Valorant Agent: Tips & Tricks

In Valorant, how you use each agent will have a significant impact on how the game plays out; of course, there will be some situations where the scenario will play in your favor or against you, so knowing how to harness Deadlock in Valorants power is vital for winning more matches.

A great way to use Valorant Deadlock’s Abilities is when other teammates are around to maximize their effects. It’s part of her Sentinel role to support the team with abilities like GravNet. Using a lineup or when there are more allies around will create an advantage situation because of the effect it implies: the slowdown and the crouch. This will make it easier to aim and delete enemy agents in a match. Some of the best matches for this ability are a Raze Grenade, Molly, Sova Hunter’s Fury, and similar abilities. These are the best ways to make the most of this grenade.

Additionally, you can use Deadlock in Valorant to apply an effect with GravNet, but that doesn’t mean the enemies can’t fight back, so beware. This crowd control ability allows your enemies to still hit you. It’s wise to use this ability to generate an advantage post-plating, but if you need to use it immediately, try to make sure that your team is nearby. Another thing you should take care of is avoiding the GravNet hits on your allies because they will get affected by the ability; there’s no distinction between teammates or opponents.

Using GravNet can lead the enemies to take another path and cut a faking move, which will generate advantages for your team. Another great way to use this ability is to measure how far you will need to throw away; you can use primary fire for a long range or alt-fire for a short range.

Sonic Sensor is a great contribution for the team to avoid getting hit from the back; by just placing the device, you can ensure that enemy agents that go nearby will stay, making them fall into the trap this sensor creates once there is enough sound around to trigger the ability. Most sounds, like running, shooting, defusing, plating, or jumping, will activate the sensor.

Valorant Agent Deadlock has to use this Sonic Sensor wisely because this device won’t replace other flank-watching sentinel abilities like a Trapwire or a Turret; however, it will work perfectly to make a surprise attack or to delay the enemies. Since you will have two charges per round, you can place one, and if you want to change it, you can pick it up and change the location. Using the Sonic Sensor at the right time will give you the benefits of the concussion it applies. Moreover, once this trap is activated, all your teammates will know precisely where it activates and will mark the enemies with a red outline. With the substantial advantage, it’s the perfect moment to make a move. You will also be made aware if the enemy agents manage to destroy the sensor, allowing you to prepare your next move quickly. However, you must note that opponents can crouch or shift walk to avoid making noise and activating the trap; so don't get too comfortable after setting this ability in motion.

The signature ability of the Deadlock Valorant Agent is key to separating your enemies. While your opponents will still be able to fire projectiles through this shield, the primary purpose is to block their movements, which is exactly what this ability does. Likewise, using this Barrier Mesh will provide you valuable information since it’s bigger than a Sage’s wall, it requires more effort to destroy. Also, since it lasts for 30 seconds, it provides an excellent window of time to find your next move and gain the upper hand in each round.

An excellent way to use it is by throwing it near a smoke to make the enemy agents push your team. It’s a great way to block a path if you need to reorganize or push into the attack to gain an advantage. This barrier will slow the enemy's rotation, blocking their path, but it will also block Boom Bot, Skye Trailblazer, Fade Power, and other abilities. You can use it to block the enemies' advance when you need to defuse the spike or plant it, whichever is the case.

Beware: Since this wall is transparent, enemies will have as much information as you do. Likewise, positioning this wall effectively can block any utility or ability they can throw at you and your team. If you are not careful, this will block you and get you killed, so placing is key to using the Barrier Mesh.

For Valorant Deadlock’s Ultimate, you will see it includes a long-range nanowire that can bounce off one surface before landing in their selected spot, so you can use angles to trap an enemy player into a cocoon and annihilate them. Once they are in the cocoon, they will be unable to do anything but see how Deadlock is ending their life. This ability has a short timer before killing the enemy agent, and at that moment, the enemy team can help break the cocoon, but it will take some effort since it has 600 health points. Using Annihilation will make the team choose between helping the agent or leaving them alone to die. We recommend using this ability in the later stages of the round with fewer enemies to avoid breaking the cocoon or during a 1v1, knowing their teammates won’t arrive in time to save them.

Playing Deadlock in Valorant can have different outcomes, with you either going to attack or defense mode. For attacking, the best thing to clear the corners and cubbies is to use a GravNet before encountering an enemy agent. An aggressive move is placing the Barrier Mesh to cover the Spike to avoid the opponent's going to defuse it. An outstanding tip for using Annihilation is to use it in a 1v1 situation when you aren’t sure where the rest of the opposing team is. By doing so, you can catch them and have a free kill or at least show their face and location to buy time for planting or defusing the Spike easily.

Defending is another story, so you must focus on using your Barrier Mesh when you hear steps; this will block your way to your team and you. You can also prepare your GravNet if you want to gain some advantage. Using your Sonic Sensor can be tricky, but placing them in spots where the sound is guaranteed is the best way to make an effective trap to slow down the attacking team. If you want to block a path in a round, save your GravNet or the Barrier Mesh; when you use one, you should keep the other ready to use on a different site. Annihilation in defense is excellent for retakes since it can make the enemy team panic or turn the attention to the trapped agent, allowing you space to make a move with your teammates.

Deadlock Valorant: Best Maps To Use Her

Deadlock is a valuable agent in every map in Valorant; however, some maps will work in her favor to use her abilities to their fullest. Let’s discover which maps make shine Deadlock in Valorant:


It’s a smaller map where Deadlock can have some fun. The B Site is a perfect spot where you can use Barrier Mesh, but you can also use it to block cubbies and corners or use a GravNet. Another thing that makes this map perfect is you can use Annihilation from a safe spot like Tower A or B Elbow using the window.


From tight paths and doorways, this is like heaven for her to block and hold down enemies on this map. GravNet can also do a fabulous job cleaning cubbies and corners, but here, you can use Sonic Sensor more freely in areas like the B Site or Mid under the catwalk, where noise is always present.


A map that will make Deadlock happy since she can block one of the sites since they go directly from side to side. Once she blocks a path, it’s more than sure the enemies will rotate, giving up their position. It’s a similar situation when Attacking because when she blocks a path, the enemies have to find another way to reach, and after blocking the flanks, it will lead to easy kills.

Valorant Deadlock FAQ

Mastering a new agent can take time, and during this period, some questions need an answer, so here we are to help you out with Deadlock in Valorant.

How To Unlock Deadlock Valorant?

There are different ways to unlock her, but if you miss her event, you must spend 8,000 Kingdom Credits to unlock Deadlock. Another way is the Xbox Game Pass, which will give all the heroes by paying the subscription or simply spending 1,000 Valorant Points.

In Valorant, Can Deadlock Buff Her Teammates?

Sadly, in Valorant, Deadlock Buff can not be used on her teammates, but it includes some debuff abilities to disturb and annoy enemy agents during matches, like GravNet, Barrier Mesh, or Sonic Sensor.

Deadlock Valorant Summary

It is a long journey to become a great player using Deadlock since most of her abilities require precision when placing them. Still, Valorant’s Deadlock is a valuable choice as a Sentinel and can turn the tables to make a loss into a sure victory. We cover more Valorant agents in our blog section. Look no further if you want to buy a Valorant account with skins, agents, and exclusive content on than our web page. We carry accounts of all levelings, classes, agents and more; allowing you to bypass the boring gameplay and dive into the heart of the action. That’s all for now; see you soon with another enthralling guide!

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