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Aion offers a lot of classes and play style options that inspire diverse builds and engage the community. The craze for the best weapons, armor, pets, and other goodies drives players to farm for experience, currency, or items that can help them reach their goals faster. However, grinding is time-consuming and can take a toll on players' motivation, so many search for alternative methods. Here at AccountKings, we allow players to purchase the finest Aion Online accounts for sale, leveled and outfitted with the gear of their liking.

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Buy Aion Online Accounts from a Professional Site

Since we opened for business in 2014, we have worked hard to cultivate relationships with only the most reliable suppliers of digital goods. They help us keep our stock filled with the finest accounts in every region and compatible with all platforms. Moreover, all accounts come with complimentary insurance at no additional cost, and this is only one of a dozen other reasons why our client base is loyal and keeps returning. If you are skeptical, why not check hundreds of positive reviews; they can be on PlayerAuctions, Sythe, and TrustPilot, all of which we recommend checking out.

What is Aion: Tower of Eternity?

With the Aion launch in 2009, NCSoft introduced the open-world MMORPG to the Asian market. A year after its initial release in Japan, the game was published in North America and Europe, with regular updates. Aion received over 400,000 pre-orders in the United States alone and 1 million users within only four days of its release. Aion was so successful that it dominated Steam for many weeks and was the top-selling PC game in September 2009. Players must explore the imaginary planet of Atreia, torn apart by an ongoing war between the Asmodians and the Elyos. The gameplay consists of exploration, questing, bossing, and character build creation.

How Do I Buy Aion Online Accounts?

We make sure to offer convenient and straightforward purchasing by regularly updating and improving our processes. To start buying Aion Online accounts, the first action is to add a desired account to the shopping basket. You can see specific account information by clicking the "Details" button. Choose a payment method in the cart and click "Pay now". A few dozen payment options will be shown to you. We partnered with major electronic payment processors to guarantee the ease and security of online payments. Cryptocurrencies, credit cards, debit cards, and payment applications like Zelle, Skrill, and PayPal are just a few of the many payment methods available to customers.

Once I Buy Aion Online Accounts, How Do You Deliver Them?

With our lightning-fast shipping methods, we can instantly get your account information to you. After receiving the payment confirmation, our staff will provide the account details through Because it deletes read messages after being opened, meaning this encrypted messaging service is ideal for safely communicating sensitive information, like account credentials. We will also send an email with important security tips to help secure your account as best as possible. Once you access your account, you should change the password immediately.

Do I Have to Verify to Use Your Aion Online Accounts Buy Site?

AccountKings customers must verify their identities to trade on the site. We are a client-centric business, emphasizing security and privacy above anything else. The verification process is very simple and will not take too much of your time. It is possible to verify when creating an AccountKings account or during purchase. Customers will not need to repeat the process for subsequent transactions after they are verified. We took care to collaborate with the majority of cryptocurrencies as well as electronic payment processors that need little to no authentication. But mind that, as part of their usual operating practice, certain processors do, however, request verification.

Can I Buy Aion Online Accounts of All Types?

We strive to feature the most sought-after accounts fit for any purpose so our customers can play on their dream characters as soon as possible! We feature accounts with the best Aion Online weapons and armor, those outfitted with leveled Aion Online classes and professions, and more! Moreover, our accounts can also be played on both EU and NA servers! We won't expose too much here, so why not take a look and see for yourself? We are confident you will find what you are looking for!

I've Noticed Your Account Rates Fluctuate. Why Is That?

You may have noticed that we adjust rates on occasion. This is because, just like in the real world, the market reacts to changes in supply and demand. These shifts are common and only suggest that the market is healthy and should not be seen as cause for alarm. To stay ahead, we must closely monitor the market and modify our prices as needed. Regardless, customers in the hundreds utilize our Buy Aion Online Accounts service every month because they know we provide the best deals online.

I Cannot Locate an Account I Want; What Should I Do?

Due to the emphasis on our networking with credible third parties, we are constantly expanding our database with new, high-quality, and cheap Aion Online accounts. On the rare occasion that the account you need is not listed on our site, you should try again later. Filling out an "account request" form can help our staff look for your account faster if you need it sooner. In addition, our support professionals are available through live chat every day of the year if you have any additional account-related or other questions.

What Are "Supplier" and "Customer" Accounts?

All the accounts we feature are either "Customer" or "Supplier" since we offer both re-sale and newly created accounts. We have our in-house trainers create supplier accounts on request, and reliable partners deliver our customer accounts. Don't worry; nothing we offer will be subpar in terms of quality or safety. We guarantee the security of all account purchases and provide free insurance for a full 30 days. Try our services now; you won't be disappointed!

Do You Buy Aion Online Accounts EU or Other Types From Customers?

Our accounts are mainly acquired from trustworthy partners, but we do purchase accounts from our customers as well. You can sell your account through our selling page by adding as much information on your account as possible, filling out the required fields, and clicking "Request Quote". Our staff will promptly analyze your request and offer a rate according to the current market state. If you agree to the rate, our staff will arrange the delivery of the credentials and deposit the cash to your PayPal account.

Still Unsure About AccountKings? Maybe Our Reviews Can Help!

Since we highly value our customers' privacy, we are constantly updating our Aion Online Buy Accounts website with new and improved security features. Not only that, but we only sell the best accounts, whether they were made in-house or obtained from reputable outside sources. Furthermore, we conduct frequent system audits to further anticipate and avoid security risks. Finally, our level 5 seller status on PlayerAuctions and established Sythe account demonstrate our dedication to website safety and our awareness of industry trends.

Stay Up to Date on Upcoming Promotions and Events!

As a customer-centric business, AccountKings aims for the longevity of operations, so we price our accounts fairly and do not include hidden fees. Customers appreciate our service for this reason and regularly return to buy cheap Aion Online accounts. So to one-up them, we host sales or promotional events to reduce our rates further. We announce these deals to users who follow us on social media or are signed up for our newsletter, so make sure to do so. We are present on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and even Linkedin! If you have any questions about our current promotions, feel free to ask in our live chat.