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We only provide the finest, safest Steam accounts on the market. Our accounts are sourced from trusted sellers, or built in-house by our experts and we work hard to provide outstanding services and experiences with every encounter. The small things don't go unnoticed by us, so we make sure they're perfect for our customers also. So when you choose to buy Steam accounts with us, we guarantee satisfaction, safety, and an overall good experience.

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Who are we?

We're Account Kings, an accounts provider that cares for all our users. We sell and buy Steam accounts for mind-blowing prices! We will only ever supply our customers with outstanding accounts, so you never have to worry. Our safety features and customer service is second to none, so you know when you buy Steam accounts with us, you're 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

24/7 customer support

Our 24/7 live chat is just one way we provide our customers with protection and peace of mind. It is a huge part of what allows our customers to have such a laid-back, relaxed transaction process. It allows our customers to answer any niggling doubts they may have as well as guide them with ease through their transaction. Head to our live chat and get acquainted with the team today.

What is Steam?

It is a digital distribution service, created by Valve and launched as a standalone software client in September 2003 as a way to provide Valve users with automatic updates for their games. It later expanded to include third-party publisher games. It later expanded into a mobile digital and web-based storefront. Steam offers digital rights management (DRM), server hosting, social networking, and video streaming services. Additionally, it provides its users with automatic updating for games, installation of said games, and community features like friends lists and groups as well as cloud storage, in-game voice/chat functionality.

Why buy Steam accounts from Account Kings?

We're the only ones quite like us for many reasons. There are other providers similar to us, but no one can do it quite as well as we can. We don't just provide dream accounts for our customers, we offer safety, reassurance, and quality. We don't want you to take our word for it, check out our huge list of outstanding customer reviews on Trustpilot. See for yourself how loved we are by our customers.

What type of Steam accounts can I buy?

To put it simply, any kind you can think of! We have a huge array of accounts available, so why not check out if we have your dream account in stock! Search “buy Steam accounts with CSGO” or maybe you're looking to “buy old Steam accounts”, chances are we’ll have something you'll love. Every account is ready to play upon purchase and is of exceptional quality for your gaming pleasure!

How can I buy Steam accounts from Account Kings?

With no effort at all! We'll do all the work for you. Our buying process is fast, efficient, and above all else safe. Simply begin by browsing our stocks and we're sure you'll find something to pique your interest. Once you've discovered an account you love, add it to your cart and select your preferred payment method. We would like all of our customers to know that some payment methods require verification. This should not be a worry though, as we try to ensure these procedures are completed quickly, so you can enjoy your new account!

Account Security

Customer safety is an absolute must, we do everything we can, every step of the way to protect them. From the second you begin browsing, to the beginning of your journey with your new account, we will be by your side. We create as many of the accounts as we possibly can. By doing so we prevent any wrongdoing our customers could be exposed to. This is because we know and possess all account credentials. Please don't think any less of our resale accounts though. We thoroughly test them and ensure they are more than safe for our customers to purchase. Any provider we use is also a trusted friend of ours here at Account Kings. If the deal isn't quite sweet enough for you, then how about this? When you buy Steam accounts from Account Kings, you'll receive free insurance! Why haven't you begun purchasing?!

Instant Delivery

Once you officially purchase your new Steam account, you're free to begin playing and exploring your account immediately. Waiting around for things isn't something we'd ever ask of our customers, because we understand it isn't a necessity. Why restrict our customers' usage of their accounts? We see no reason, so we don't!

Is buying Steam accounts safe?

Of course! We'd never put a customer in harm's way. We have safety protocols at every turn, to ensure we never miss a threat and a customer is never left dissatisfied. Selling accounts is a pointless task if we don't put in the work to provide safety, security, and of course, quality. By putting ourselves in the customers' shoes, we have been able to see things through their eyes and know what we need to do in order to protect them. When you buy Steam accounts from us, keep in mind, we put in tireless hours to protect you during your time with us!

What if I can't find the type of Steam account I like?

Though we think the chances of this are significantly low, we do have a plan in place. If you are unable to find your perfect account, then you can always return at a later date to browse the updated selection. However, if you're in a hurry to find your dream account we can provide you with an account request form. Our staff will gladly assist you with this and then inform you once we have an account matching your ideal credentials! If you aren't satisfied with our selection or feel perhaps a new account isn't what you're actually looking for, we provide outstanding power leveling services!

How will my account be delivered to me once I order?

Once you've completed your order, you will soon after receive an email confirming your purchase. This will be followed by an ETA in your brand new account. Your new account credentials will also be received by email, failing any of this you can head to our live chat for updates and assistance. So, buy Steam accounts today and await your accounts' speedy delivery!

What are “Supplier” and “Customer” accounts?

These are our two main account types. Supplier accounts are created in-house by our expert team. Each is freshly created and tailored to a different specification. These accounts are brand new, ready to play, and 100% safe. Our customer accounts are those which we have purchased from our trusted suppliers. These accounts are often referred to as “resale” don't let this have you believe they're any lesser than our supplier accounts. They're put through extensive testing to ensure they're more than safe for purchasing! So whether you want a supplier or customer, buy Steam accounts with us today! You're sure to love them.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my Steam account purchase?

Head to the bottom right of our site, here you will see an icon and a dialogue box. This is our 24/7 live chat. It is available to our customers whenever they may need it and for any of their needs. All you have to do is contact us, one of our staff members will be with you in no time to assist you with whatever you need. So please know, we strive for greatness for both you and our services.

What are you waiting for?

You have seen all we have to offer, so we’ll let you decide. We hope you make the right decision! Keep in mind how awesome our services are and then think about this…when you join the Account King's family, you get first-hand knowledge of deals, promotions, and ongoing offers!