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Relive the classic days of Aion with our high-quality Aion Classic accounts. Jump back into this famous MMORPG as it was back in 2009, but with the benefit of engine improvements and quality-of-life updates. We have many different types of accounts with a variety of classes allowing you to play the game how you want. Browse our stock and buy an account from Account Kings today!

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What is Aion Classic?

Similar to how Blizzard released WoW Classic, NCsoft has released a classic version of the popular Aion, which originally came out in 2009. The game is a fantasy MMORPG featuring a unique blend of PvP and PvE. Set in the enthralling world of Atreia, players can engage in quests, battles, trading, crafting, and much more. Aion Classic plays at a slightly slower pace than the “main” game, which is why many players may choose to buy Aion accounts to speed up their character's progressions.

Who are Account Kings?

AccountKings are the market's most trusted digital account traders. We have been running for several years now, buying and selling gaming accounts across a huge array of games. You can buy accounts in genres such as MMOs, mobile games, and miscellaneous games such as racing games. At Account Kings, we always aim to cater to everyone's needs by making sure to stock a full and varied gaming account inventory. Our Aion Accounts for sale are particularly popular, so grab yourself one today!

Aion Classic Accounts For Sale With Different Classes

Like many other MMOs, Aion Classic features a class and sub-class-based system. This classic version of the game removes some of the later classes, giving you an initial choice between four classes. The classes available to players starting out are Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest. After you reach level 9, you are able to choose between two specialized sub-classes to commit to. You can easily find your desired class by browsing our account stock, as each class will be mentioned in the title and description.

What Types of Aion Classic Accounts For Sale Do You Have?

We have all types of accounts, from those focused on PvP to those focused on PvE and everything in between. We also aim to stock accounts with the different classes and sub-classes, giving every kind of player a great account. Just browse our account stock and read the account descriptions to find your dream account today.

Can I Buy Cheap Accounts?

As part of a varied account stock, we also aim to have gaming accounts suitable for all budgets. So whether you are looking for an endgame-ready beast of an account, or something closer to a beginner account to skip the early grinds, Account Kings has you covered. Just use the sort-by tool to change the listing order of accounts to one based on price. You can choose to sort by price, either ascending or descending.

Can I Buy Aion Accounts With the Ranger Class

It’s perhaps due to its enjoyability and versatility that makes ranger one of the most popular classes in Aion. Just look for “ranger” in the title of an account to be sure it has this agile and strong class. And for those after other classes, you can be sure we stock a full and varied Aion Classic gaming account inventory full of all the available classes.

What are Customer and Supplier Accounts?

When looking through our account stock, you will surely see accounts marked as “customer” and “supplier”; let’s explain what these mean. Regular players provide us with customer accounts, and they make up the more unique or high-level accounts in our stock. Everyone we purchase accounts from must complete a strict security process, including providing ID and signing a contract. Supplier accounts are more specified builds created in-house by our dedicated team of account builders. If you love Aion, buy accounts today!

How Do I Purchase Aion Classic Accounts For Sale?

The process is very simple. All you have to do is find your desired account from our account listings and add it to your cart. Then go to checkout, and after confirming everything is correct, select a payment method. We offer many payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, crypto and more. After that, place your order, and you will be directed to our live chat customer support team to finalize and deliver your order.

How Are Credentials Delivered?

To deliver your account credentials, we generally use the website privnote. This allows us to securely send notes containing the credentials that are deleted once viewed. Upon request, we can also send you the credentials via email or in the live chat. Once you have the account credentials, we will explain how to secure the account, which usually involves changing the password.

Buy and Sell Aion Classic Accounts

We don’t just sell Aion Classic accounts here at Account Kings; we also buy them from customers. We do this as it helps us replenish our account stock, particularly with higher level and more unique accounts. So if you no longer play the game or have a spare account that you also don’t play anymore, feel free to make an account sale ticket via our sell Aion Classic accounts page. You will receive a price quote within 24 hours and instructions on how to continue and finalize your sale.

Can I Buy Aion Classic Accounts in All Regions?

The game is currently available in three regions, although players from outside are able to play in a specific region. So whether you want Korean, North American or European Aion Classic accounts, Account Kings has you sorted. Just make sure to read all the account titles and descriptions to ensure you purchase the correct account for your region.

What Do I Do if You Don't Have the Account I Want in Stock?

We always try our best to keep a varied and regularly updated account stock for all games, including Aion Classic accounts for sale. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a lower supply than usual, or accounts just sell out quickly. But don't worry, if you’re unable to find what you want then please contact our support team via the live chat system and let them know exactly the type of account that you want. As soon as we have that account or similar in stock, we will let you know via the contact info you provide us.

What is Account Insurance?

All our accounts go through a strict security check before they are listed for sale. However, for additional peace of mind, we also offer account insurance. All accounts we sell come with 30 days of free insurance by default. You can also extend this insurance up to complete lifetime insurance. Insurance is purchasable at checkout or at a later date. If you’d like more information on how account insurance works, please contact our live chat support team.

Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions about Aion Classic Accounts for Sale?

Should you have any questions or concerns, our live chat support team is always available to assist you. Our team is available 24/7 all year round and are both friendly and knowledgeable in all the games we sell. To open a live chat window, just click the live chat icon at the bottom right of any page. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Do You Have Any Offers or Discounts?

Here are Account Kings we are always thinking of the customer. And that is why we regularly have offers, promotions, bonuses, and more! To stay in the loop about all these great offers, as well as site updates, just sign up to Account Kings and receive our regular newsletter. You can also follow us on the various social media platforms. We look forward to welcoming you to the Account Kings family!