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Rainbow Six Siege Accounts

Being a reputable and well-established provider means we have been able to offer our users a purchasing method that is convenient and efficient. So, they can buy Rainbow Six Siege accounts with ease. Our priority is to ensure our users receive not only quality produce but also exceptional and fast service; regardless of the type of account you are looking for, we at AK are sure to be able to help!

Select an Account

Select an Account

Select the right Account for your needs from our big selection.
Pay for your order

Pay for your Order

Pay using one of the various payment methods that we support.
Receive your Information

Receive your Information

Your Account information will be e-mailed to you as soon as your purchase is verified.
Enjoy your Account

Enjoy your Account

The Account is now all yours to play and enjoy.

Account Security

Customer safety is imperative to us, so to ensure it is upheld, we build many of the accounts on our shelves. Not only this, but every one that is purchased from our stock is provided with free insurance to ensure satisfaction. We indeed are the best provider for you to buy Rainbow Six Siege accounts.

Instant Delivery

All accounts on our shelves are ready and raring to go! When you buy R6 accounts, they are ready for you to enjoy all aspects that the game has to offer. We don’t delay hand over either; as we know, time is money, and we would never want to waste yours.

24/7 Customer Support

Our LiveChat is available round the clock, so whenever you check out Rainbow Six Siege accounts for sale with us, you will always have a helping hand! No matter the issue you face, our experts will be on hand to help you through it; why not get acquainted with the team today?

Why choose us?

As we have mentioned above, when you choose AccountKings for all of your gaming needs, not only will you receive 24/7 round-the-clock care, but there is also the bonus of security, fast service, unbeatable prices, and much more! We work tirelessly to ensure our users have an amazing platform to return to time after time. So when you choose to buy Rainbow Six Siege accounts with us, you are sure to be blown away by the service and product you receive. Don’t believe us? Check out our plethora of glowing customer reviews at the bottom of this page and see for yourself just how ecstatic our customers truly are.

Who are we?

We are AccountKings, and our main goal is to keep the gaming community alive, thriving, and, most importantly, satisfied! It is for these very reasons that we run our operations in the manner that we do. No one does it quite like we do; our users are guaranteed premium, secured, and tested accounts with every purchase when it comes to buying and selling. They can also be assured that, should they wish to sell Rainbow Six Siege accounts, they will receive the best prices available on the market.

What is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege?

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and developed by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter game that was released on December 1st, 2015. The game was first available on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox 1, later being released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Each player is tasked with assuming control of either attacker or defender. There are different gameplay modes to choose from, ranging from Rescue Hostage, Bomb Defusal, and taking control of an objective.

Quality Rainbow Six Siege Accounts

When you are in need of an account, look no further than us! All Rainbow Six Siege accounts for sale created by us are of the highest quality, and the same goes for any accounts we purchase from our trusted vendors; they are all thoroughly vetted before reaching our shelves. The grind of the game can be more than tiresome and boring, and we understand the want to avoid these things. It is for this exact reason that we ensure to stay vigilant and provide exceptional quality accounts to our users. See for yourself when you buy R6 accounts.

Why buy Rainbow Six Siege Accounts from Account Kings?

As we have mentioned above, you will receive the utmost quality care when carrying out transactions with us. We implement security protocols where needed. All our R6 accounts for sale are thoroughly tested and ready for action. Should you face any problems with this, our 24/7 LiveChat is never far away to help rectify the issue! Our customer reviews say more than we ever could, as they are the proof needed to show just how exceptional we genuinely are; you don’t even have to take our word for it! We are home to many happy return customers for all of their Rainbow Six Siege account needs.

What type of Rainbow Six Siege Accounts can I buy?

Whatever type of account you are looking for, we will help you find the perfect fit. We carry R6 accounts for sale on a vast spectrum, whether you are looking for new accounts, Champion, Ranked, Gold, or Silver. If you can name it, we will likely carry it! Our main goal is customer satisfaction, so to keep all of our users happy, we are always on the hunt for the finest accounts across the board. Check out our fantastic range for yourself and find your ideal Rainbow Six Siege account for sale in no time.

What if I can’t find an account I like?

In the rare event that our users are unable to find an account that they love when looking to buy R6 accounts, we offer two options. Firstly, for those users who are in no rush to find their perfect fit, we recommend checking back with us in a few days. This is because we rotate and update our stock on a regular basis to cater to as many clients as possible. And for those of you who are in need of an account ASAP, you can contact our 24/7 LiveChat. Once there, our team will assist you with filling out an ‘Account Request’ form, tell us the specifications you are looking for, and the second we have something that fits your needs, our team will contact you so that you can buy Rainbow Six Siege accounts.

How can I buy Rainbow Six Siege Accounts from AccountKings?

You can buy Rainbow Six accounts from AccountKings in next to no time with ease; here’s how. Once you have located an R6 account for sale, you wish to purchase, select it. This will automatically add it to your cart, where you can then select the payment method you wish, as well as any needed information. From there, conclude your purchase, and there you have it. Your account will now be on the way to you, and you can begin enjoying all that R6 has to offer!

How will my Account be delivered to me once I order?

Following the finalization of your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from us. You will find your confirmation receipt within this email, accompanied by an ETA of your new account. Following this information, you will also find the credentials for your newly acquired account, meaning once your account is in your possession, you’re ready to take on anything. We have built our platform to work this way as we don’t believe in wasting customer time, and we know how dreadful waiting around for anything can be.

Is it safe to buy Rainbow Six Siege Accounts?

Without a doubt. We have already discussed the absolute need for security on our website. It has been amongst our top priorities throughout the entirety of our time in this business to ensure our users are protected when they use our services; what use would our platform be if we put them in danger? It is for this reason that over the many years we have been providing our customers, we have been more than dedicated to upholding exceptional security standards and protocols.

What are ‘Supplier’ and ‘Customer’ Accounts?

These are the two types of accounts we carry on our platform, there are some differences between the two, but neither is safer or better than the other. Let us explain: our “Supplier’ accounts are created by our in-house experts. Each one is meticulously crafted to perfectly fit customer specifications. Whereas our “Customer” accounts are those, we have had to outsource for. Nevertheless, these are still of incredible stature, tested, secure, and ready to play! We only ever use our trusted vendors to acquire these accounts, so regardless of your decision, when you buy Rainbow Six Siege accounts with AK, you will be more than happy!

Who do I contact if I have a question when I buy Rainbow Six Siege Accounts?

Should you face any issue at all while you buy R6 accounts, then turn to our incredible 24/7 LiveChat team. They will gladly right any wrong or point you in the right direction whenever you need them to. You can find them by scrolling to the bottom right of our webpage. Once there, you should see them displayed as a dialogue box icon. Feel free to get in contact with them whenever you deem it necessary; they will be more than happy to assist.