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What is Valorant?

Valorant is a first-person free-to-play shooter game. Developed by Riot Games and released to PC users in 2020. First known as "Project A" and later renamed Valorant. The game attracted 14 million monthly active users within its first year of release, and since then, expanding into mobile.

Players can select their "agents", individuals with distinct powers that fight for dominance on the futuristic Earth. Following the "First Light" events, the agents received unique powers and were known as "Radiants". Additionally, Valorant allows its users to have the option of playing in a variety of game modes, those being Spike Rush, Escalation, Competitive and Unranked.

How to get to level 20 fast in Valorant?

Valorant features the following leveling system: each level requires 5000 AP, but as players progress, the consequent levels will be harder to attain since matches yield less AP. By playing Unrated games, players receive 1 AP after every six seconds have passed, 50 AP for wins, and less than that if it is a loss. In that sense, they can drag games as long as possible, hoping to get the most AP out of each match.

Furthermore, once players log on for the first time in the day, they receive a 1000 AP bonus which should help with progression. To sum up, average players must queue up for at least 20 hours worth of matches to attain level 20 in Valorant. And no, there is no cheat sheet or any other exploit to earn the AP to reach level 20 rapidly. However, we recommend checking our collection of Valorant accounts for sale as we feature level 20 Valorant accounts, ranked-ready accounts, and many others.

How to get Prime skins in Valorant?

In 2020, during Valorant's release, the Prime Collection skin line was featured: Prime Axe, Prime Classic, Prime Spectre, Prime Guardian, and Prime Vandal. It is one of the most prestigious skin collections, wrapping weapons in gold, purple, gray, and white, featuring the first-ever axe as a melee weapon. The skin line can be purchased from the in-game store at players' leisure for 7100 Radiante, which equals around $70-$80.

Unfortunately, the Radiante packs do not give the perfect amount necessary to buy the Valorant Prime skins collection; therefore, players will have to opt for the most expensive $99,99 option if they do not have any currency on their accounts already. On the other hand, players can check our accounts’ stock as we feature a plethora of sought-after accounts, such as the elusive Prime collection Valorant accounts.

Who are we?

We are an established accounts provider from Canada, dealing with buying and selling high-quality and, most importantly, safe Valorant accounts. We started with RuneScape accounts, and today we offer services for numerous popular video games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Clash of Clans, Warzone, Roblox, Minecraft, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and more. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we have implemented the strictest security practices while respecting our customers' privacy. We also provide a live chat, available round the clock, so when you buy Valorant accounts, you are safe, secure, and well-informed.

Why buy Valorant Accounts from AccountKings?

We are renowned in the Valorant community for our premium accounts, as well as our unbeatable prices. We will not deliver an account that we believe to be anything less than outstanding. We have high standards, ensuring our accounts are secure and of excellent quality. In addition to all of this, our staff are on hand to provide you with any needed assistance. If you are still not convinced, check out our Trustpilot reviews, where our previous customers have left us an abundance of glowing reviews.

What type of Valorant Account for sale can I buy?

We have a very large collection of accounts, all of which are ready for purchase. So, if you want a Ruin Dagger Valorant account, you have come to the right place! Why waste your precious time leveling a new account? Choose from our accounts of all kinds, including high-level, ranked, and Valorant smurf accounts. Looking for an account with an extensive catalog of skins? We carry Valorant accounts for sale with skins too! Find your perfect account with us today. We are positive you will find one to your liking within our stocks.

How can I buy Valorant Accounts with skins from AccountKings?

We have worked tirelessly to find the best way to perfect our buying process. We have removed as many difficulties as possible to simplify things for our customers while still managing to speed up the procedure! As a result, we can provide one of the fastest and easiest Valorant account-buying processes out there.

Browse our libraries, select any accounts you desire, and automatically add them to your cart. Once you have decided, head to your cart and choose your preferred payment method. We ask you to keep in mind some payment methods require payment verification. Do not worry; we like to work fast, so our verification is quick. Our staff will be with you every step of the way, assisting you with any hiccups.

Is your Valorant Account buy service safe?

We could talk about how imperative safety is until we are blue in the face. However, we can confidently say that we have perfected our purchasing process to allow the sale of our accounts to be as safe as physically possible for our customers. Our specialists work round the clock to enable these practices to continue and ensure you get your account quickly and safely. Ask our live chat staff for any needed advice, and do not forget to check out our customer reviews on various reliable gaming marketplaces like Sythe and PlayerAuctions!

I want to buy Valorant Accounts, but I cannot find them

To provide our clients with the finest selection, we regularly update our store with new, cheap Valorant accounts for sale. Return in a few days if you cannot find the desired account. Filling out an "account request" form or chatting with a representative on our live chat will help us find an account for you more quickly. We promise to work rapidly to locate and provide the requested account.

How will you deliver my Sovereign Collection Valorant Account?

Upon approval of your order, you will receive an email. The confirmation receipt with an ETA of your Valorant account arrival will be within the email. You can also find the credentials for your new account there, or you may be directed to our live chat to deal with delivery. All steps and procedures will be explained to guarantee your safety. So when you buy Valorant accounts from us, we will guide you each step of the way! Your account will be ready and waiting for you!

Do you always have Valorant Immortal Accounts available?

We have many accounts, so we will rarely run out of stock. We made partnerships with reliable accounts suppliers who regularly provide us with accounts. Furthermore, we tend to purchase some accounts from customers through our sell page. On the other hand, we know that our clients are picky, so we offer a great variety of Valorant accounts with skins. We continuously update our inventory to ensure our customers can always find what they are looking for. If you still encounter a hiccup with our service, our live chat with customer service representatives is open around the clock to help you.

What are "Supplier" and "Customer" accounts?

These are the main choices for accounts that we carry. Our supplier accounts are made in-house by our staff here at AccountKings. Supplier accounts are brand new, tailored to your needs by our specialists, and above all else, safe. In contrast, our customer accounts (resale accounts) are those provided by our trusted sellers and bought through our site! Regardless of your chosen account type, you will never have to worry. Our customer accounts have been rigorously tested, allowing us to uphold our quality and customers' safety. We will never sell an unsafe account.

Who can I contact if I have questions about your Buy Valorant Accounts site?

At the bottom right of our webpage, you can find an icon with our dialogue box. This is where our live chat can be found, and it is available 24/7! Simply strike up a conversation there, and you can have your worries silenced, and questions about our Valorant Iron accounts answered. Our staff will always respond promptly to ensure your time is never wasted and you are never unsure.

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