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Here at Acckings we are always looking to buy Steam accounts, so if you have one you don't use anymore and would like some cash for your investments then please make a ticket today and our attentive staff will be on hand to give you a quote and walk you through the selling process. Please give as much info on the accounts, including all valuable games, account age and Steam level so we can give you a quick and accurate quote. We are online 24/7 waiting for your tickets.

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Provide Information

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Receive your Quote

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Get Paid

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Who are we?

We're the best place to sell Steam accounts, that's who! AccountKings are a very well established gaming account provider, dealing with the buying and selling of safe, premium Steam accounts. We are renowned for our reliability in sourcing our accounts and our customer service. Due to several years in the market, we are very aware of how important our customers' safety is. Hence our enforcement of strict security practices within our site. We like to maintain the best safety protocols possible whilst still being respectful of our customers' privacy. This way we offer a safe, non-invasive procedure for everyone involved.

24/7 Customer Support

In order to ensure satisfaction for everyone who visits us at Account Kings, we offer a 24/7 live chat to every one of our customers. We strongly believe our round the clock support is essential for a smooth, safe sale. This is because it offers information when needed, whenever the customer so desires to ask. So never hesitate to ask one of our friendly live chat staff to help you out! No problem is too big or small.

What is Steam?

Created by Valve, Steam is a video game digital distribution service. Launched in September 2003 as a standalone software client, it was a way for Valve to produce automatic updates for their games. Expanding to include games from third-party publishers. It has over time expanded to become an online web-based, as well mobile digital storefront. Offering digital rights management (DRM), video streaming, server hosting and social networking, Steam is also able to provide users with installation and automatic updates for games. It also offers community features such as friends kits, groups, cloud storage, as well as in-game voice and chat functionality.

The software offers a freely available application programming interface (API), commonly known as Steamworks. Developers can integrate many of Steam's functions into their products. Meaning in-game achievement, microtransactions and support for user-created content, all of this done through Steam Workshop.

Why sell Steam Accounts to AccountKings?

Being highly ranked amongst leading platforms in our field is just one of the main reasons to sell Steam accounts with us! We use a very hands-on customer-orientated approach to guarantee our customers are offered the best prices whilst still allowing us to grow, continuing to improve our services. By doing this, we have put ourselves in a position to offer our customers outstanding accounts and offers. When you sell Steam accounts, we understand no one wants to be left waiting, so we take out that issue! We act as a middle man, meaning you can sell your Steam account to us, without having the hassle of waiting around for a buyer! One of the many reasons our customers love us!

What type of Steam Account can I sell?

We're always on the lookout for new Steam accounts to stock our shelves because we love to offer our customers variety and quality. Not to mention, Steam accounts sell fast! It's hard to find an account we won't love! The value of your account will vary depending on the time, cost and any rare or hard to come by features it may hold. Head to our “request a quote” section now!

How to sell Steam accounts to AccountKings?

Our selling process has never been simpler, so if you're looking for where to sell steam accounts, then you've found the perfect spot! We have simplified our user interface, improving the sales process for everyone involved. This has allowed us to provide our customers with the finest Steam account selling system we could possibly offer. Provide us with the requested information on your account and seller information forms, and once you have completed this simply request your quote. It really is that simple! We will then contact you via the ticket system and email to supply you with any additional information as well as details needed for you to safely sell Steam accounts!

How is Payment Handled?

Once you've completed the sale of your account we will ask one of our staff in the payment department to forward you the aforementioned amount. The payment process can take anywhere up to 24 hours to complete, usually being completed in a much shorter time period. Our preferred method of payment is Paypal, however, if you have a different preference, exceptions can be made if your reputation is outstanding or you're willing to build a relationship with us. You will always be informed of available payment methods before the purchasing journey begins.

Can you sell Steam Accounts safely?

We're leaders within our industry when it comes to our care for customer safety. We use protocols that allow risk-free transactions to be completed. This helps to ensure the selling process runs smoothly and safely for all involved. Since 2015 when our journey began, we have been eager to perfect the safety and security of our selling system. We have gladly improved it more and more each passing year. Our priorities, have and always will lie with ensuring our customer's data remains safe, and every order we carry out follows our protocols in order to make this reality. In doing this, we guarantee customer safety, as well as allowing them to sell Steam accounts instantly.

Value for Money

We believe in fairness at AccountKings, so when you choose us to sell Steam accounts, you will receive the amount you deserve! The price will reflect the work put into the account. Not to mention that when you sell Steam accounts to us, you're allowing another of our loyal customers their perfect Steam account.

Swift and Secure

Being efficient is a big deal for us. We in fact pride ourselves in this. By being efficient we are able to provide a fast, easy and enjoyable purchasing process for our sellers. Meaning when they sell Steam accounts, they do so instantly. We monitor our services constantly, so we can deliver on time, every time. Regardless of buying or selling, our staff are always quick to assist!

24/7 Customer Support

Satisfaction means the world to us here at Account Kings. So we keep on providing it! One of the many forms it comes in on our website is our 24/7 live chat. It allows us to answer any and all questions that come our way, meaning no customer will ever be left to wonder. We aim to always have our customers up to date with what's going on, whether they're buyers or sellers, we will keep everyone in the loop!

Who can I contact if I have questions about my Steam account sale?

We use a ticketing system to complete our orders and queries, however if you're in search of some additional assistance then our live chat is the place to be! Head to the bottom right of our page and once there you'll see an icon with a dialogue box. Here you've found our live chat! Just begin a conversation with us, and soon after one of our dedicated staff will be able to assist you!

Safety first

Tireless hours of work have gone into making sure all our transactions and interactions with our customers are carried out to the highest safety standard. Cutting corners is no option here at Account Kings, we make sure our customers get what they want, and they get it fast, whilst still being able to stay safe. By providing these services the way we do, we have succeeded in creating a safe environment for our customers to return to us, whenever they need us.

What are you waiting for?

Now you know what we're all about! Why haven't you begun your sale?! Join the team today. When you join us at Account Kings, you open a world of possibility up before you. So...start off on the right foot and sell Steam accounts instantly! Sign up and be the first to know of any and all of our epic offers, deals and promotions!