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Sell CS:GO Accounts

Sell CSGO Accounts

Do you have a CSGO account you want to sell? Whether the CSGO is an alt, your main you don't want to use, or even created for sale, we'll happily do business with you! Please note, we will be purchasing your Steam account and not just your CSGO. Please view our terms of service:

We will happily purchase any CSGO Steam account, whether it's level 1 or level 30 prestiged multiple times and ranked as Global Elite or a Silver Smurf. As CSGO is not a free game, each account has value simply from that basis, and our customers are interested in smurf accounts and purchasing accounts above their level.

Why go with

Selling CSGO accounts isn't easy. For one, you'll be handing over your entire Steam account to somebody else and they can run with it by changing all the information and running a common scam on you like credit card fraud or a PayPal chargeback (which can even be done with Friends & Family payments). protects you and ensures you will be paid directly from us and there being no chance your hard-earned and deserved money will be taken from you.

Secondly, we will also buy your account instantly from you after you accept our quote. Our quote is based on multiple factors, the value of CSGO, Prime status, the level of the account and the rank of the account. Bare in mind, a lower rank isn't necessarily bad as people want smurfs to play with friends who aren't as good as that game as them.

We buy the account instantly from you as stated above, and then we resell your account to the customer - and we're more than happy to wait for buyers at top (but fair) prices to maximize the experience and value for buyers (we have extensive policies that ensure buyers are taken care of) and sellers alike. This is why and how we are able to avoid any payment fraud by processing your account for you and allow you to receive the money instantly, rather than waiting weeks for a potential buyer! has a lot of reputation in the industry. We're known for thousands of successful transactions and being a trusted brand in the account selling and buying industry. But hey: don't take our word for it! We have plenty of external, off-site vouches on other sites like Sythe and we have thousands of them!

Being a trusted brand, you not having to deal directly with some sketchy customers and receiving money instantly after accepting our offer? You can see why we have so many account sellers here!


If you're not already convinced or have any additional questions, please, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have for us! Our support is 24/7 and always happy to help:

When you are ready, please fill in the form below and we'll be happy to send you a quote as soon as possible:

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Provide Information

Fill out your account details for the account you'd like to sell.
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Receive your Quote

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Get Paid

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