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Rocket League is incredibly fun and engaging to the point where playing does not feel like actual grinding for cosmetics and cars. This is a great thing for the game as it provides replayability while emphasizing the need to acquire better Rocket League decals and customizable options for Rocket League wheels, available in the Garage. While new players might be driven by gameplay, veterans understand what it takes to obtain the best items or the highest rank, and for this reason, our Rocket League Accounts for Sale service is the perfect place for all their RL needs!

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Select an Account

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Enjoy your Account

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How to Link Rocket League Accounts?

If you are worried about buying Rocket League accounts that are not linked to the platform you desire, worry not. To link your newly-purchased account to the platform of your choice, simply open the Rocket League site, scroll to the page footer, and click on Account Linking. Log in to your Epic Games account and press Check Setup. Here, you will be shown all the possible linking options, including Xbox, Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. To link Rocket League accounts with the platform you want, simply click on its logo and follow the steps. Linking Rocket League accounts enables cross-platform progression, allowing players to play their favorite game on multiple platforms.

What Makes AccountKings the Best RL Accounts for Sale Destination?

We have been in business since 2014, and in that time, we have partnered with only the best providers of digital goods, so we can always rely on them to get nothing but the highest quality products. For this reason, we are able to provide Rocket League smurfs and stacked Rocket League accounts for sale fit for all platforms. There is no overcharging at AccountKings, and all accounts include insurance at no extra cost. This is one of the numerous reasons so many people have utilized our services. We suggest checking out their feedback on PlayerAuctions, Sythe, or TrustPilot.

What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is an online game that combines soccer and car racing. It was launched in 2015 by Psyonix PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Initially, RL was P2P, but in 2020 the game transitioned to the free-to-play model with microtransactions. The objective of Rocket League is the same as in real soccer: score more goals than the other team. However, unlike FIFA, users do not control soccer players; instead, they pilot rocket-powered Battle Cars across the field. RL's replayability is made possible with cross-play functionality and various game modes, including ice hockey and basketball. The game became an official eSport in 2018, with over 40 million players.

How Do I Buy Rocket League Accounts?

We streamlined our processes so clients could take advantage of prompt account purchases. The first step is selecting a desirable account and adding it to your shopping cart. By selecting "Details", users can get a detailed breakdown of each account. Select the most appropriate payment method in the cart, then click "Pay now". You will be presented with a couple of dozen different ways to pay. We teamed up with leaders in the field to ensure the simplicity and security of online payments. Customers can pay using a wide variety of payment options, including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, debit cards, mobile payment apps like Zelle, Skrill, PayPal, and more.

Get Rocket League Accounts for Sale and Enjoy in Express Deliveries

Our fast delivery procedures allow us to send your RL Steam account details within minutes of making a purchase. After we receive a purchase confirmation, our team will utilize to deliver the account information to the customer's email address. This encrypted messaging service allows for a secure transfer of sensitive information since it permanently deletes messages after they have been read. We advise resetting the password as soon as you gain access to your SuperSonic Legend Rocket League account. Customers will also get a confirmation email that includes best security practices.

Can I Use Your Rocket League Buy Account Service Without Verifying?

As a customer-oriented business emphasizing safety, we demand verification when making purchases on our Buy RL Accounts site. Customers can verify during the purchase or when creating an AccountKings account. The procedure consists of a couple of steps, but only the first one is mandatory to begin trading. Once verified, customers will not have to repeat the process for future purchases. We made sure to partner with the majority of electronic payment processors who demand little to no verification, along with cryptocurrencies. However, certain processors ask for verification since it is their standard operating procedure.

What Rocket League Accounts for Sale Do You Feature?

We pride ourselves on our vast stock of accounts that fit everyone's liking. In that sense, we provide smurfs, Grand Champion Rocket League accounts, RNG Champ, Rocket League Steam accounts for sale, and more. If specific account types are not your forte, maybe our extensive stock of Rocket League cars and Rocket League blueprints may fit you better. Also, our accounts fit all platforms like Steam, Xbox, Windows, and Switch, so do not hesitate to buy one for yourself now!

Why Do Prices of Rocket League Accounts for Sale Fluctuate?

We often review and modify our pricing, as you may have seen. This is because, as in the real world, supply and demand impact the RL market. These changes are natural and show a healthy market rather than a reason for concern. We must continuously monitor the market in order to remain ahead and adjust our rates as necessary. Hundreds of customers continue to use our Rocket League account buy service every month since they know we have the lowest costs on the web.

What Should I Do if You Do Not Have the Account I Want?

We are constantly adding high-quality Steam accounts with Rocket League to our collection as a result of our networking efforts with respected partners. If your desired account is not listed on our website, we advise checking again later. If you need an account right away, we suggest filing an "account request" form, so our staff can specifically search for your account and thus expedite the process. We also have a 24/7 live chat service staffed by support experts who can help with this or any other matter.

What Are "Supplier" and "Customer" Rocket League Accounts for Sale?

Since we sell previously used accounts and create new ones in-house, all the accounts we showcase may be classified as "Customer" or "Supplier". We obtain customer accounts from reputable suppliers or customers and create supplier accounts only when specifically requested. Do not fret; we will not sell anything that does not first pass testing in terms of quality and safety. Every account purchase is 100% safe with us; we even throw in free 30-day insurance!

What Makes Us Reliable? Check Our Reviews and Find Out!

We are always adding new and improved security features to our website since we take customer privacy extremely seriously. Furthermore, we perform regular system audits to foresee and prevent security issues. Moreover, we make sure to offer the finest Rocket League accounts for sale, whether created internally or acquired from trustworthy third-party vendors. Finally, we are a level 5 seller on PlayerAuctions and have a reputable Sythe account to show that we are concerned with the security of our website and current developments in the business.

Our Services Are Already Cheap, But We Ensure Even Lower Rates!

We are here for our clients and want to give back to our loyal community however we can! We often hold sales and other promotional events to demonstrate our thanks to our customers. If you follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter, we will let you know when these discounts become available. Aside from Instagram and Twitter, you can also find us on TikTok and Facebook. You can inquire with our live chat for any deals currently running. No place can offer better rates than us!