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If you have an OSRS account that you're looking to sell then you have come to the right place. Just simply fill in the form below with all the relevant information and images and our staff will give you a quote and assist you through the selling process. We buy all types of OSRS accounts, from low to high level, Ironman (Hardcore and Ultimate), skillers, mains and all types of pure builds, so waste no time and make a ticket to sell your OSRS account today.

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Provide Information

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Receive your Quote

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Who are we?

AccountKings is an established MMORPG accounts provider that deals with buying and selling of premium and, above all, safe OSRS accounts. We are well known as a reliable source to buy and sell accounts and have been in this market for multiple yars. We enforce the strictest security practices, while also respecting our customers’ privacy in the process. AccountKings offers around the clock service and customer support – check our LiveChat for a swift problem resolution or if you have any inquiries.

Why sell my OSRS Accounts to AccountKings?

AccountKings is the leading buyer and seller in the OSRS market, we buy and sell a huge amount of accounts each month and work tirelessly to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. We are interested in buying all types of accounts and intend to give market best quotes for accounts. You will get a quote quickly, at most within 24hrs but usually much quicker, and the process after that point is simple so you won't be waiting around long to receive your payment. We have had many happy and returning customers, both from buying and selling accounts so we are sure you will feel the same.

What type of OSRS Account can I sell?

We buy all types of OSRS accounts as we like to keep our stock as full and varied as possible. The price quoted is based on the time and cost put into the account as well as how unique it is or if has any rare features. We buy Ironman accounts (Hardcore, Ultimate and Regular), PVP type “pure” accounts, skiller accounts that focus on the non-combat skills of the games and just regular main accounts from low level all the way up to the maxed 2277 accounts. We take into account all the features and quote accordingly. We also can buy the gold from the account as part of the process so there is no need to remove from the account, we will buy at the current market rates.

How can I sell my OSRS Account to AccountKings?

The process is extremely simple to sell your account to AccountKings, simply fill in the form above and include as much info as you can give, including the character name, skills, total level, bank value, quest points, whether you are the original owner etc.. You will need at list one image of the account, multiple will be better for us to see exactly what's on the account and give the most accurate quote, also saving time for you to receive a quote. Once you have submitted a ticket you will receive a quote within 24hrs and be alerted via email, the ticket reply will contain a quote as well as the next steps to complete, just read and reply within the ticket. Each sale contains 4 steps, the quote, verification of customer, a digital contract and then finally payment. No step takes long and all will be explained clearly to you.

How is Payment Handled?

Once your have completed the sale of your account to us we will request our payment department to send your payment out, it can take up to 24hours but is usually much quicker. When we buy accounts payments are usually sent via PayPal however if a seller has a strong reputation or builds up a reputation with us as a great seller then we can consider other payment options, you'll be informed of all the options at the start of the sale.

Is Selling an OSRS Account safe?

AccountKings is a market leader in the buying and selling of OSRS accounts, we make the process completely safe and make sure you are paid as soon as possible after completing all the steps. Any verification we require for the sale is kept on a secure server that is only accessed for the purposes of verification. All other private or secure information is treated similarly with the highest standards of security so you can rest assured the process is smooth as well as safe.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my OSRS Account Sale?

Everything should be completed in the ticket system but if you are looking for additional assistance or have questions before hand then the bottom right of our webpage you will see an icon with a dialogue box. That’s our LiveChat and is available for our customers 24/7. Simply initiate a conversation there if you have any questions or uncertainties and our friendly customer support experts will respond in a timely fashion and try to resolve any issues that you might come across.