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When you buy one of our stacked Neopets accounts, you get a lovable pet all for yourself, with no effort required to train it up. Relive this famous online game with great accounts only with AccKings. Alongside our high-quality and cheap accounts, we also offer 24/7 customer support to help with any questions you might have.

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Select an Account

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Receive your Information

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Enjoy your Account

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What is Neopets?

Neopets is a popular online virtual pet website. It was developed independently in 1999 but has since had multiple owners, including Nickelodeon and JumpStart Games. Set in the virtual world of Neopia, users can create and raise up their Neopets. The game is very laidback, with no strict goals. You can skip the grind of creating and raising your own Neopet by purchasing one of our great and cheap Neopet accounts for sale.

Account Security

When you buy Neopets accounts from us, you can do so with the knowledge your account will be safe and secure. We only buy from trustworthy sources and follow a strict security procedure. We also regularly update our procedures to ensure we are always on top of the game. For further peace of mind, we also offer 30 days of free insurance that covers any potential issues with the account, as unlikely as they are.

24/7 Customer Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year, to assist you, no matter what your issue is. To get in touch with us, just click the live chat button located at the bottom right of the main page. Then enter your question or query, and you will be connected with a live chat agent in no time at all.

Who are we?

AccountKings is a long-established online game account provider. We have sold thousands of accounts over the years and constantly strive to offer a high-quality product and user experience. We stock accounts in many games, such as Runescape, World of Warcraft, and Clash of Clans. And now you can even buy Neopets from our store!

Accounts with Neopoints

Many of our accounts come preloaded with Neopoints, the premium and main in-game currency of Neopets. With Neopoints, you are able to buy tons of great items like stamps, paintbrushes, and more. You are able to store your Nepoints in the National Neopian Bank in-game; what's more, the longer they are left in the bank, the more interest they’ll accrue.

Neopets Side Account

Long-time players of Neopets will be aware of the main and side account game mechanics. According to the rules of the game, you may have 5 accounts, 1 main and 4 side accounts. You can send pets and items over to a main account if you already have a main account. We recommend using the soup kitchen or Neolodge, if used as a side account, to keep your pets happy.

Can I Earn Neopoints on My Purchased Account?

Earning Neopoints through games, stocks, or other Neopets mechanics is an enjoyable part of the Neopets experience. Please note that you will need to set your purchased account as a main account to receive Neopoint rewards. It will also need to be your main account to make use of many other features of Neopets.

Do You Always Buy and Sell Neopets Accounts?

Our aim is to have a full and varied account stock around the clock, to give customers exactly what they want whenever they want it. So yes, we are always looking to buy and sell various Neopets accounts. If you are interested in selling an account, feel free to make a sale ticket, and our ticket agents will get back to you ASAP with a quote. Buy Neopets accounts today with no stress!

Can I Buy Neopets Accounts of Any Type?

If you are looking to purchase an account, then you’ll be pleased to know we have a huge and varied library of accounts available for purchase. Feel free to use the account filters to find exactly the type of Neopets account you are looking for. You can also sort by price to find accounts within your budget. You are sure to find something amazing in our catalog.

What if I Can’t Find My Dream Account?

We make sure to constantly update our stock so that customers always have a large and varied account library to choose from. However, If you don’t see exactly what you like after using all the filters available, then don’t worry. Contact our 24/7 customer support team in live chat and let them know the exact type of account you’d like, making sure to leave your contact information so they can inform you when we have that account in stock.

Aged Neopet Accounts For Sale

Neopets is a very old game with more than 20 years of gaming content ready to experience. Because of this, there are some old accounts available on the market. Known as “aged” accounts, these are very lucrative, particularly when the account creation is close to Neopets inception year of 1999. Buy one of these accounts today and claim a piece of history!

How Will my Account be Delivered?

Once you have placed your order and passed any verification that may be required, we will prepare your account for delivery. All our accounts come with the login+password required to log in and play the account. We will also give you instructions on how to fully secure the account, as well as some tips on keeping your account safe and sound.

Neopet Account for Sale - FFQs

“Fountain Faerie Quests”, also known as FFQs, are extremely rare quests received via a random event. Random events are received while browsing the Neopets website and can take a very long time to receive. Fortunately, we regularly account with FFQs unlocked and completed, giving you access to much more in Neopia.

Do I Need to Verify When I Buy Neopets Accounts?

One of AccountKing's main aims is to provide the most secure environment for our customers to buy and sell Neopets accounts. When you place an order to buy an account, we may require a short verification process to be completed. This procedure is only to ensure no fraudulent activity is taking place and that the purchase is completely approved. Any data sent during this process is stored to the highest security standards and is only accessed for the purposes of verification.

What Are “Supplier” and “Customer” Accounts?

When browsing our stock, you may notice these two terms in the account description. Essentially it described how the account was created and how we bought it. Supplier accounts are made by an in-house team dedicated to creating accounts to a set specification. Customer accounts are created by regular players of the games who wish to sell their accounts. When buying from customers, require full ID documents and a signed contract to ensure the safe handover of accounts.

How do I Contact You if I Have Questions?

Navigate to the bottom right of the main page, and you will see a blue box with a white chat icon, that is, the live chat button. Click it and enter your question or concern; after pressing enter, you will be immediately assigned a live chat agent who will be happy to help. Our team is both friendly and knowledgeable, so when you buy Neopets accounts, you know you are with a safe pair of hands.