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Sell PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Accounts

PlayerUnknown's Battegrounds accounts are frequently sold on the internet. Your account instantly has value due to the game being

You will be offered a custom quote by our expert team that will be based on multiple factors, such as any skins you may have, the hours you may have on the account and anything else that drives up the value. If you've moved on to Fortnite or other games and have an alt you used, then you can profit from something you no longer use!

Please note: you will be selling your entire Steam account in this instance, and anything else on the account can also drive up the value!

Why go with is an industry-leading account selling and buying website. We have thousands of vouches across numerous websites: simply scroll below and see for yourself, do some research of your own and we will find we are legit if you're looking to sell any account, particularly if you want to sell a PUBG account!

Selling a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds account is a simplified process with, due to the fact that we act as the middleman for you. We save you from the hassle of dealing directly with buyers. This prevents any type of scam people will run on you to cease your access of your own account and potentially resell it or simply use it for their own illicit purposes, all while leaving you in the dark having nothing.

Thus, we eliminate the risk for sellers, as long as they do not try anything that breaks our agreement, such as trying to recover a user's account, their payment is guaranteed. We do this by acting as the middleman, you do not have to wait for a buyer at all: we buy the account from you and then sell it on store when a buyer is interested. We, the website, are the ones are paying you directly, and not the end-buyers. In addition, you do not have to wait, as we will forward you our offer after you fill in the form, should you accept, we will exchange the account details for payment of your preferred type: PayPal and Skrill are available for sellers.

Selling a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds account is a complicated process and that is why we exist as a business. We make the grounds easy for both sellers and buyers to walk on. You won't lose out on any funds either as we're willing to wait out for buyers who are willing to pay the rates you deserve for your account, rather than instantly selling it at the lowest price. Our customers are more than willing to pay higher rates due to our comprehensive policies such as our refund policy, buyers insurance and our outstanding feedback from external forums such as Sythe and Powerbot.


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