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Here at AccountKings, we only stock the highest quality accounts, all of which are thoroughly tested and ready to jump straight into the action. We source our accounts from our trusted sellers or create them ourselves in-house to provide customers with a guaranteed positive experience. We know the fine print matters, so we strive to ensure all aspects of the accounts are perfect for our players. So buy Halo accounts today and see the magic for yourself.

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Select an Account

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Receive your Information

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Enjoy your Account

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Safe Halo Accounts

We’re offering our users some of the safest Halo accounts on the market. We have hundreds of accounts in stock, all of which either made in house or or acquired from our trusted, verified suppliers. We know our vendors are trustworthy, as we require them to provide us a photo ID, verified PayPal, utility bill and a verified phone number. In doing so, we are able to confirm our suppliers are exactly who they claim to be. Additionally, should you ever face any issue with your new account, we offer excellent refund policies as well as our awesome 24/7 LiveChat team being on hand to assist you.

Account Security

Safety is above all else to us at AccountKings; for this reason, we try to create as many of the accounts we stock as we can. Doing so helps us to ensure you receive the best accounts every time. And as we have mentioned, for those we don’t create ourselves, we have on hand our more than trustworthy sellers. To put the cherry on top of all of this, we also offer all of our buyers free insurance on their new account! By seeing things from your perspective, has allowed us to become one of the finest Halo account providers possible.

Instant Delivery

Once you've completed the checking out process, AccountKings will instantly begin work on the handover process for your account, allowing you to get straight into immersing yourself in epic gameplay. All of the accounts we stock are ready to play the second you log in!

24/7 Customer support

Our friendly live chat staff are available to all our customers round the clock, so you will never be left to face any issue alone when you choose to buy Halo accounts at AccountKings. Say hi today!

Who are we?

We are AccountKings, a more than reputable, well-established and highly trusted online game accounts provider. We deal in the buying and selling of many much-loved games accounts, always striving to provide our customers with the safest and most high-end accounts available on the market. We implement the strictest safety protocols on our website to ensure we do all we can to protect our buyers. Best of all, we have created this system to still allow our users to maintain their privacy through all of their transactions.

What is Halo?

It is a military sci-fi game created by Bungie and published by Xbox. The franchise is being managed by 343 Industries. The focus of the games is built on the experiences of Master Chief Sierra - 117 "John,"; a super soldier from the group code-named 'Spartans' and his AI companion. The original trilogy is centered around the war between humanity and The Covenant. The prophets, the religious leaders of the Covenant, worship an ancient Civilisation known as Forerunners. The Forerunners perished, defeating the parasitic flood.

Why buy Halo accounts from Account Kings?

We strive to provide perfect accounts and deliveries. Keeping customers safe, secure and satisfied isn't easy, but that won't stop us. We've spent years ensuring these standards are upheld, as doing so allows for many satisfied customers, and satisfied customers make for happy AccountKings. There really is no one like us, and those who come close don't quite make the cut. We offer customers more than just accounts. We offer safety and assurance throughout. Check out our Trustpilot reviews to hear from our other satisfied customers!

What type of Halo accounts can I buy?

We carry an abundance of accounts to allow our users to find their ideal account. We know no two customers are the same, so of course, their account preferences won't be. Regardless of preference, we're sure we have an account that fits your needs! Each one is strenuously tested to ensure satisfaction. Don't wait any longer; buy your dream account today, you'll get the finest rates, and our staff will be with you every step of the way.

How can I buy Halo accounts from Account Kings?

Lucky for you, it's simple. We've created a buying process that is like no other, offering speed, efficiency and safety. All you need to do is start your search. Once you've found an account that suits you, simply add it to your cart. Once you wish to finalize your purchase, head to your cart and select your payment method; from there, you'll be able to checkout. Specific payment methods may require you to go through a verification process, don't worry about this; our LiveChatstaff are on hand to assist you through anything you may have an issue with. Following this, we'll forward your confirmation, and your account will be on its way to you!

Is buying Halo accounts safe?

We wouldn't have the outstanding reputation we do today for providing such fantastic service if we hadn't created a safe, secure environment for our customers to carry out their transactions. Selling accounts isn't any good to us or our users if it isn't done correctly, so we have implemented and perfected our methods to provide the finest experience possible for every customer who sets foot on our site throughout our time in the business. By growing and changing with the times and observing our customers' preferences we have been able to uphold standards that keep everyone happy and secure. Customer safety is absolutely imperative to us, so know that when you buy Halo or any other game account for that matter, you will be receiving the finest quality care and service, not just outstanding accounts!

What if I can't find the type of Halo account I like?

In the rare event that one of our users is struggling to find something that fits their needs, we have two options. If you're in no rush to find an account, we suggest you check back with us in a few days. We rotate our stocks to allow everyone to get exactly what they're looking for. However, if you're in need of the perfect account and fast, we recommend contacting our live chat. Once there, our staff can assist you in filling out an account request form; following this, once we have the perfect account for you, we will reach out!

How will my account be delivered to me once I order?

Once you check out, you will receive an email from us. Attached, you will find your confirmation receipt, account credentials, an ETA on delivery, and any needed information. If you fail to receive this email or any information mentioned above, head straight to our LiveChat and inform one of our staff. They will gladly assist you and forward the information required for your purchase. Don't miss out; browse our stocks today and find your perfect account; you're only a few clicks away from enjoying an epic new account.

What are 'Supplier' and 'Customer' accounts?

Our supplier accounts are our in-house created accounts, whereas our customer accounts, also known as resale accounts, are obtained through our trusted vendors. Our Supplier accounts are brand new, thoroughly tested by our specialists for your safety and enjoyment and precisely tailored to all potential wants of customers. Though our customer accounts aren't made in-house, we do ensure they are tested just as rigorously as our supplier to make sure that none of our customers ever receives a less than perfect account.

Do I need to verify to buy Halo accounts?

Because we want to ensure that all of our customers on our website experience the safest and most secure transactions possible, we go above and beyond to make sure this criteria is met. Many of our transactions carried out will be accompanied by the requirement of verification, though there are some payment providers that we carry which do not require this. If you wish to find out more on this subject, we recommend you head over to our LiveChat, and one of our staff will gladly inform you of all you need to know.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my Halo account purchase?

At the bottom right of our site, you can find an icon accompanied by a dialogue box; this is our LiveChat. As mentioned, it is available 24/7 to allow our customers to deal with any queries they may have. All you have to do is start a conversation with one of our staff, and they will have you on the right path in next to no time. Our goal is to have every Halo account sale run smoothly, but we recognise hiccups can be encountered along the way, hence why we provide this service to ensure you're never left in the dark.

What are you waiting for?

Now that we have shown you all that we have to offer, we don't see why you wouldn't be flocking to AccountKings to get your hands on some of the finest accounts available! If you're still on the fence, however, we have even more fantastic news. When you do decide to join us at the AccountKing's family, we'll make sure you're amongst the first to know of every one of our discounts, deals, promotions and much more! Don't wait around for something better; it might never come! Buy Halo accounts today!