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Enter the mythical and majestic world of Tibia and explore all corners of this fascinating land. Fight your way to glory as a Knight, use spells, and conjure success as the formidable Sorcerer, or try out one of the other great classes. In Tibia, you choose your own path, and with many classes and quests to choose from, there is much to enjoy with this legendary game. Now at AccountKings, you can buy Tibia accounts and play the game how you want to.

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Select an Account

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Receive your Information

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Enjoy your Account

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What Is Tibia?

Tibia is one of the oldest MMORPGs that is still played and updated regularly. The game utilizes a 2D isometric top-down perspective with an art style reminiscent of early Ultima RPGs. There is so much to do in Tibia; you can go hunting, complete quests, earn coins, or explore its deep and detailed lore. So buy Tibia accounts today and jump into the action!

Cheap Tibia Accounts For Sale

We like to cater to all types of players, no matter their budget. Maybe this is your first time buying a Tibia account, and you want to test the waters, or you just want an entry-level account to skip some early game grinding; we have something for everyone. Just use the sort-by-price option to find your ideal account.

Is it Safe to Buy Our Tibia Accounts For Sale?

We take the utmost care when buying and selling Tibia accounts to ensure our customers are always happy. Account security is one of our main focuses, and we follow a strict security procedure for all accounts listed in our store. We also regularly update our security procedures to make sure we are always on top of the game.

Where to Buy Tibia Accounts?

You’ve come to the right place! At AccountKings, we stock the highest quality Tibia accounts you can find. Aside from quality, we also aim to offer a varied stock, with accounts across the different classes and servers, giving customers exactly what they want. We continually strive to provide the best accounts at the lowest possible prices.

Tibia accounts For Sale With Crypto

We know in this modern world that customers want to buy accounts with a variety of payment methods. Cryptocurrency is an increasingly popular payment method, and we are happy to accept payments in a variety of different coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. When you checkout with crypto, make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid errors. Aside from crypto, we have many other major payment methods, like Visa and Mastercard

Account Insurance

As mentioned, all our accounts undergo a thorough security procedure to ensure only the safest and highest quality accounts are in stock. We truly believe we are the safest place to buy Tibia accounts. However, for additional peace of mind, we also offer 30 days of free account insurance, which covers the rare chance of an issue with the account that is outside of your control.

Who is AccountKings?

AccountKings is a premium gaming account supplier. We buy and sell accounts from customers as well as create our own in-house accounts for many games. We currently cover a huge range of online games and are always looking to expand our library. Should you have any questions about any part of our service, feel free to contact our live chat support team, who will be happy to help you with any questions.

Do You Have Accounts On My Server Of Choice?

We aim to cover a large number of different servers. Of course, one benefit of Tibia is that you can change your server after a set period of time. The region and name of the server will be mentioned in the title and description of each account. Buy one of our Tibia accounts for sale and play the game your way.

How Do I Search For My Dream Tibia Account For Sale

If you have a specific account in mind that you would like to purchase, then you’ll be pleased to know we have tools that allow you to quickly find that account. You can enter a search term, and if it appears in any of the account titles or descriptions, it will filter that account. As mentioned, you can also sort by price.

Do I Need to Complete Verification?

You may be curious about the process of ordering an account and whether you need to verify your order. After you have found your dream account and gone to check out, you will be redirected to our live chat team. Depending on the payment method, you may be required to complete a short verification procedure. All data sent during this process is stored to the highest security standards and is only accessed for the purposes of verification.

How Are Accounts Delivered?

When you purchase one of our accounts, we won’t keep you waiting long to log in and enjoy the game. After completing any necessary verification, we will send you the account credentials. We generally use the website Privnote.com to send credentials, as it is secure, and delete the note after viewing it. We can also email you the credentials upon request. We will also give you information about how to secure your account and keep it safe. Enjoy a quality gaming experience with our Tibia accounts for sell.

Tibia Levels

As many know, the max level in Tibia is 999. and unlike other MMOs, very few players have, or will ever, reach the max level. However, there are still many high-level accounts, ready for end-game content, available for you to purchase. We also have Tibia characters for sale with low levels under 100, just enough to get you through the early game.

Can I Sell Tibia Accounts?

Absolutely! Aside from our Tibia accounts for sale, we are always on the lookout to improve and diversify our account stock. We buy a portion of accounts from customers just like you. Please submit a sale ticket, making sure to provide as much information about your account as possible, as well as screenshots. After submitting your ticket, you will receive a quote usually within 24hrs.

Do Accounts Come With Coins?

Tibia coins are de facto in-game currency and can be used to purchase many items in the game, such as weaponry, armor, and potions. You will be pleased to know many of our Tibia accounts for sale come preloaded with Tibia coins. The number of coins will be mentioned in the title and description.

Who Do I Contact if I Have a Question?

We believe the account buying experience will be a smooth and simple one. However, we appreciate you may still have some questions or concerns, and that is why we have our 24/7 live chat support team. Just click the live chat button on the bottom right of any page, and you will be connected to a friendly and knowledgeable live chat support agent who will assist you.