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If you would like to sell your RS3 account then please fill in the form on this page and the Account Kings staff will get back to you with a quote and instructions on how to complete the sale. We are looking to buy all kinds of RS3 accounts, from starter mains to high level, pures, OG accounts (10 year, 15 year capes etc..), and also Ironman accounts. So waste no time and make a ticket today.

Provide information

Provide Information

Fill out your Account details for the Account you'd like to sell.
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Receive your Quote

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Get Paid

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Who are we?

AccountKings is an established MMORPG accounts provider that deals with buying and selling premium and, above all, safe RS3 accounts. We are well known as a reliable source to buy and sell accounts and have been in this market for multiple years. We enforce the strictest security practices, while also respecting our customers’ privacy in the process. AccountKings offers around-the-clock service and customer support – check our LiveChat for a swift problem resolution or if you have any inquiries.

Why sell my RS3 Accounts to AccountKings?

We are one of the leading platforms when it comes to buying and selling game accounts. Account King’s customer-oriented approach guarantees favourable prices, and our constant growth allows us to be at the very top of the gaming industry. Account Kings acts as a middleman, so you don't have to wait for a customer to buy your account. Additionally, our trusted and advanced security features are implemented right onto our safe website to secure the safety of each transaction.

What type of RS3 Account can I sell?

Account Kings buys all types of RS3 accounts, as we like to keep our stock full and varied for everyone's liking. Whether its PVP type “pure” accounts, Ironman, skiller, or just main accounts from low all the way to max level, we buy them all! The price of the account is based on the time and cost put into the account. Additionally, if the account includes rare, unique or any hard-to-get features, it can significantly increase the account's value.

How can I sell RS3 accounts to AccountKings?

The process of selling your RS3 Account has never been easier. We have improved and simplified our user interface to provide you with the best RS3 account selling system. Simply fill in the account and the seller information form to provide us basic information about your account. After you've finished filling all the form’s click on "Request a quote" and you're done. We will contact you via email and provide you with all the additional details you need regarding your RS3 account sale.

How is Payment Handled?

Once you have completed the sale of your account, we will request our payment department to send you the agreed funds. The payment process can take up to 24hrs but normally it’s completed much quicker. Usually, we use Paypal as the payment method for buying accounts, however, if a seller has a strong reputation, or builds one with AccountKings, we can consider other payment options as well. We will inform you about all the available payment options at the beginning of the sale.

Is Selling RS3 accounts safe?

We have industry-leading account selling protocols that allow us to deliver a risk-free transaction that helps ensure the selling process will run safely and smoothly. Since our release in 2015, we have been constantly perfecting the safety and security of our RS3 account's selling system. Our priority is keeping our user’s data safe and making sure every order and transaction process is 100% secured.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my RS3 account sale?

Everything should be completed in the ticket system but if you are looking for additional assistance or have questions beforehand then at the bottom right of our webpage you will see an icon with a dialogue box. That’s our LiveChat and is available for our customers 24/7. Simply initiate a conversation there if you have any questions or uncertainties and our friendly customer support experts will respond in a timely fashion and try to resolve any issues that you might come across.