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Lost Ark Leveling Guide 2022

Posted 1 month ago

Welcome to another installment of our AccountKings blog endeavors; this week, we will be taking another look at Lost Ark. Like all of our other guides, we are here to help you get the best out of your gaming experience. Within this guide, we will be looking at the best and most efficient ways for you to augment your characters and how to level up fast in Lost Ark. If, however, you are looking to skip the grind and get straight into the chaos of the end game, check out our exquisite range of Lost Ark accounts here. So, let's get into this Ark leveling guide!

Like many other MMORPGs, leveling is vital for the gaming experience. There are certain benefits from entering the end game phase sooner rather than later, and within Lost Ark, there is reasoning behind it; getting at least one of your characters to combat level 50 will unlock a lot of the game's content. Once you reach this stage of the game, you will have access to Chaos Dungeons, Una's Tasks, and Guardian Raids. Completing these as they come will offer daily rewards and help you ascend to the end game stages. So, without further ado, let's get into the fastest way to level up in Lost Ark!

Getting things Started

Character Preset

Like many others, we at AccountKings like to have our characters looking crisp and ready for battle; if you too want to have that perfect character, you can create a preset. Doing so will mean you have a base foundation for the characters that come later. All you have to do is create your fully customized character and save it to one of the five preset slots to the left.

To avoid losing your preset, copy the files in "steam\steamapps\common\Lost Ark Live\EFGame\Customizing."

Decide on your Class

Once you've created your character to your desired specifications, you will find yourself in Trixion. You will need to head over the bridge and interact with the "Prophecy Book." Select which subclass you wish and head into the Test Area. Once you're sure of your decision, click "End Test" on the bottom right of your screen. Doing so will lock in your class choice and start you on your Endgame adventures.

General Leveling Advice

What to Avoid

Overkill- by tagging monsters being killed by other players, you can still receive a contribution to your quest objectives, so we advise using this method to get through quests faster. This is because raw monsters offer minimal XP, so there is almost no reason to give these battles your all. Instead, once you have carried out the needed steps to complete the quest objective, move swiftly to the next task.

The search for collectibles- Despite these items holding quite some value depending on the piece, they are not going to help you get to the max level quickly. We do advise that at some point in your journey, you take some time to find them; however, if you wish to get to Lost Ark max level fast, we recommend leaving them until later in your gameplay.

Mobs- Don't always focus on the regular and dungeon mobs that you find within each zone; they offer little XP and silver, meaning players are offered little incentive to dedicate time to the kills. You can often run by these mobs to get to your next objective, thus saving time and energy for the more significant tasks at play.

Life Skills- Though you will need to take these into consideration later on in the game, they do not play an essential part in leveling you to the Lost Ark max level. You will first encounter these in Lakebar, but much like Collectibles, you can look into these at a later stage of the game.

What to use

Make Use of Triports- Making use of Triports (fast travel points) will vastly cut your travel time; this can help speed things up. We would, at times, even recommend teleportation in the same zone due to the benefit of cutting time. In addition, the amount of Silver required to do so is lower than that received from leveling.

Always use the correct Healing potions- While on your journey to the top, we advise you avoid using HP Potions at all costs. They may offer you instant healing to a certain percentage of your overall health, but they are also extremely valuable. Unfortunately, when it comes to Endgame Raids, these are the only potions players can use, so instead of HP Potions, we heavily recommend the use of Apprentice Healing Potions. These heal a certain amount over time but are easily obtained during the leveling process.

Song of Escape- Following the completion of the "Legends and Fairytales" quest, you will receive the Song of Escape. This can be used to escape a dungeon if you find yourself too deep and a little lost. This will teleport you to the entrance of the dungeon. It will then be on a one-minute cool down before it can be used again.

Power Spikes- There are specific level thresholds you will encounter throughout the game, at which point you will have enough skill points to max out at least one of your abilities. Doing so will increase the power of the skills selected significantly, making your progression a much smoother process.

Accessories- Once you find yourself at level 18, you should ensure that you equip your accessories as soon as possible, from the first ones you get your hands on. This is because they offer you your most significant source of damage when leveling.

Combat Items- When leveling, do not hesitate to use Offensive Combat Items on your more formidable enemies. You are provided these combat items throughout for times such as these. Make use of the following:

Swiftness Robe

Flame Grenade

Frost Grenade

Clay Grenade

Electric Grenade

Flash Grenade

What not to do

Don't waste powerful skills on individual monsters- Rounding up your enemies and killing them with Area of Effect (AoE) is an effective way to use your skills to their full potential. In the game's early stages, you will have limited access to powerful skills, so ensure you don't waste them.

Don't prioritize Trade Skills- As you make your way throughout Lost Ark, there will be many opportunities handed to you to better your trade skills. This may be tempting, but if your main goal is to get to Lost Arks max level fast, they won't help you do so. However, despite their lack of helpfulness in leveling, these are essential aspects of the game, so once you reach max level, we recommend giving them some attention.

Don't use Overpopulated Channels- Being stuck in an overpopulated channel can mean that you spend precious seconds waiting for objectives to respawn. This may not seem like much, but the more quests you enter into taking place in crowded channels will slowly add to your time. By using the drop-down menu above your minimap, you will be able to change channels.

Don't do Hard Mode Dungeons- When you enter into the Main Story Dungeons, you will be offered the option of Normal or Hard mode. While leveling, always select Normal, this will make the fight at hand much easier to win, and you will be rewarded the same amount of XP as on Hard mode. Additionally, taking these dungeons single-handedly can actually be beneficial. When you enter into battle with a party, the enemy's HP is altered to cater to the larger party, thus making the dungeon a more complex and slower process.

Combat Level 10-30

When you start your Lost Ark journey, you will be at a combat level of 10. Once you decide on your subclass and view the cut scene, you will be taken to the prologue. This is a sound method for learning the game's controls, though it is optional, and skipping this step can save you around twenty minutes. By skipping the prologue, you will not receive the Arthentnian Engineer's Goggle Chest, don't worry about this, as it can be obtained using a new character. You can then share this with any class archetype in your warehouse; this is only if they remain inside the chest.

Focus on Main Story Quests

Once you find yourself in Runa Pass at the beginning of the main storyline, you will want to follow the main story quests. You can do so by finding them in your journal and map; they will be noticeable as the orange quest markers. With each quest you complete, your level will naturally rise.

Regular Side Quests

These quests will be marked within your journal and map as yellow exclamation marks. Though these offer XP and silver, it is generally in small amounts, so, as we are looking at the fastest ways to level, it is safe to pass these without affecting your goals.

Chain Quests

Chain Quests appear on the map and journal similarly to regular side quests, though a chain symbol follows the yellow exclamation mark that symbolizes these quests. These chain quests should be completed, as they can often offer stat bonuses and other helpful rewards.

Guide Quests

These are often marked as "Roster Quests," which means you will only need to complete these using one character. They are helpful in your Lost Ark adventures, as they unlock game mechanics such as trade skills and pets. So, it's safe to say these quests are worth completing.

Upon completing the quest "Set Sail," you will begin receiving new quests in the category "World Quests." It is at this point that the next part of leveling comes into play. This takes us into the following stages of our guide, so let's take a look.

Roster Level

This leveling is gained at a slower rate than your combat level, as it is acquired through certain one-time levels which are not taken on by any more than one of your characters. The XP gained from the completion of these levels is shared amongst all of your characters, meaning you can use different ones (providing they are able to carry out the quests at hand).

There are also hundreds of achievements and collectibles that are scattered throughout the game, which can offer roster experience as well.

Combat Level 31-50

World Quests

Once you reach this point in your Lost Ark adventure, you will be introduced to World Quests. These will take the place that Story Quests did from levels 10-30. You can identify these quests in your journal and on the map, just like other markers; World Quests will appear as a blue marker.

With Story Quests being replaced, it would go virtually unnoticed if it weren't for the fact that to begin the storyline of each of these quests, you would be required to sail to each island to do so. There will additionally be the occasional quest taking place at sea. Throughout this section of the game, you will begin by heading to East Luterra, making your way through Tortoyk, Anikka, and Arthetine, then finally finding yourself in North Vern. At the point you reach Castle Vern, your level should have reached 50; if this isn't the case, don't worry. There are a few story quests you will encounter soon enough to ensure you reach combat level 50.

Combat Level 50-60

Once you have reached this point in your Lost Ark journey, you should find that you are in possession of most of your skill points and that all needed systems are available to unlock. Don't let this deter you, though; there are still improvements to be made and achievements to be had. Though there are more skill points to obtain and skill levels are not at maximum capacity, leveling past 50 can quickly become a drag.

The XP required to reach the next level can become rather daunting once you surpass level 50, this is why many players choose to take it easy at this point and instead choose e to focus on farming better gear.

Power Pass

A PowerPass is another way that many players use to get one of their additional characters to level 50. So, of course, you will have to make your way through these steps mentioned at least once to get your main to the desired level 50. On the bright side, however, there are two PowerPasses in the game that are up for grabs, meaning you can have three characters ready to take on anyone without the tiring grind of Ark leveling. So, once you have your primary right where you want them, you can level two additional characters once you obtain the passes. Complete "Ealyns Gift" to get your first PowerPass, and unlock the second through the use of your first.

Tips and Tricks

Dismantle old gear that is no longer in use; this will free up inventory space.

Use your Hotbars - for easy access to Emotes, Songs, and Mounts; they can be added to the Hotbar.

Pick up barrels that are in your travel path while at sea; this will refresh the ship's space bar boost.

Set auto-paths to any location while at sea by holding "Alt" + "Left click."

If you are unable to access Triports, ensure to mount up for long-distance travels.

Utilize auto run when tabbing out of the game frequently. The autorun key defaults to the "T" key.

By holding "Alt" + "Left mouse click" on a Triport of your choice, you can travel directly from your overlay map.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you to our readers for checking out our Lost Ark leveling guide this week! We hope this guide has provided you with some much-needed insight and shown you the best ways to level up in Ark! If you were satisfied with our Ark Leveling guide, why not check out one of our other Lost Ark guides here? Or perhaps you're looking to better your other gaming experiences? If so, check out our latest guide here, and our entire library can be found here. We hope to see you again next week!

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