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Looking where to buy FFXIV accounts? Acckings is here for you! If you want to get a head start in Final Fantasy XIV, the most recent Final Fantasy MMO and would like to buy FF account then we have what you're looking for. Our accounts come from the best and safest sources and we ensure are always at market best prices. We sell accounts for all expansions including the latest Shadowbringers expansion, and across multiple regions so you can find the account you want wherever you are. If you have any questions our friendly support staff will be able to answer your questions 24/7.

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Select an Account

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Account Security

Our customers’ safety is at the top of our priority list and by creating most of the accounts ourselves we can ensure security and safety is at a high level. All resale accounts also go through an extremely rigorous quality and safety process, ensuring we only buy and sell from trustworthy sources. On top of secure accounts, AccountKings offers free insurance every time you buy Final Fantasy 14 giving you additional peace of mind. Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers makes us the best FFXIV accounts provider.

Instant Delivery

Once you buy Final Fantasy 14 accounts they are ready to be used as soon as you finish your order, meaning that AccountKings doesn’t delay handover of accounts neither do we waste your precious time. Buy FF accounts and prepare to have your mind blown!

24/7 Customer Support

We take pride in our outstanding 24/7 customer support that tirelessly awaits your contact. If you experience issues or have any questions, make sure to say hi to our LiveChat. You are our priority so let us know how we can help!

Who are we?

AccountKings is an established accounts provider that deals with buying and selling of premium and, above all, safe Final Fantasy XIV accounts. We enforce the strictest security practices, while also respecting our customers’ privacy in the process. AccountKings offers around the clock service and customer support – check our LiveChat for a swift problem resolution or if you have any inquiries. Where to buy FFXIV accounts? Now you know!

What is Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer-online-role-playing game (MMORPG) part of the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix created and published the game in 2010, but it was forced to shut it down due to unfavorable feedback from the gaming community. Later, Square Enix was able to recreate the same game with numerous enhancements and re-release it in 2013 as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. FFXIV is set in the fictitious continent of Eorzea, 5 years after the events of the previous game, which was published in 2010. FFXIV currently has three expansions, with the latest one being added in 2019.

Final Fantasy XIV Accounts for sale

We, at AccountKings, make sure to create quality FFXIV accounts and to buy Final Fantasy 14 accounts from trusted sellers to ensure a positive experience for all our customers whilst continuing to maintain our proven reputation. We pay attention to our customers’ needs and for this very reason we vowed to provide the best FFXIV accounts available for premium prices.

Where to buy Final Fantasy Accounts? AccountKings!

AccountKings is an established FFXIV accounts vendor and known within the Final Fantasy XIV community for premium accounts at incredible prices. We make sure to deliver only the best and most secure FFXIV accounts while offering superb customer support also. Please see our customer reviews on our TrustPilot to see the overwhelmingly positive feedback our customers have given us.

Do you always sell FFXIV Accounts?

AccountKings aims to please and for that reason we always keep our accounts stock full to meet the demand. We can achieve this because we constantly buy FFXIV accounts from trusted suppliers as well as from our customers. Apart from being available 24/7, we offer a plethora of payment methods for you to choose from, like Venmo, credit and debit, Zelle, crypto and others. If you choose to buy FFXIV accounts you can check our availability through the stock option or inquire with one of our agents at the LiveChat.

Can I buy FF Accounts of any type?

We have a big collection of FFXIV Accounts available for purchase if you decide to buy Final Fantasy Accounts. Why waste your valuable time leveling a new Final Fantasy XIV Account from zero when you can check our offer and select between high-level accounts, old or new accounts, accounts with a certain class type, and all for the best prices on the market? There is a plethora of alternatives available. You will undoubtedly discover something great in our catalogue.

What if I can’t find the type of Final Fantasy XIV Account I would like?

Here at AccountKings, we make sure to regularly update our stock to give our customers the best and most up to date selection. If you don’t see what you like, please come back in a few days to see if the desired account became available. Additionally, you can expedite that process by contacting our customer support experts in our LiveChat or by completing an account request for. For any inquiries feel free to visit out LiveChat.

How can I buy Final Fantasy Accounts from AccountKings?

We have designed the account buying process to be as easy and fast as possible. Browse the AccKings stock, using the filters to refine your search then simply choose one or multiple Final Fantasy XIV accounts that you would like to have, automatically adding them to your cart. After that once you are in your shopping cart, just choose your preferred payment method and proceed to checkout, certain methods may require payment verification which doesn't take long and you will be directed to our helpful staff for assistance. Simple!

How will my account be delivered to me once I order?

Once your order has been approved you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation receipt and an ETA when your FFXIV account/s will be delivered to you. You will find credentials of your new account/s via email or be directed to our LiveChat for delivery, all will be explained simply to you. As you can see, the whole purchasing/ delivering process is made to be as short and simple as possible; in other words, your Final Fantasy XIV account/s will be instantly available for you to use.

Is it safe to buy FFXIV Accounts?

Having second thoughs on where to buy FF accounts? Read on. We cannot stress enough how important security is to us here at AccountKings, and we can confidently say that throughout our years in the industry, we have perfected the provision of high-quality FFXIV accounts. Our specialists work tirelessly to ensure safety on our webpage by taking all the necessary steps and every precaution measure in order to maintain it.

Do I need to verify when I buy Final Fantasy Accounts?

We try to improve our service with each day and us as people as well by enforcing nothing but perfection and convenience on our premises. We believe there is no safer and cheaper place to buy Final Fantasy accounts from. We offer a straightforward way to create your account and a premium purchasing experience. Verification is generally required if customers want to buy FF accounts, however certain payment methods do not ask for verification at all.

Our 24/7 LiveChat is always available if you have uncertainties about authentication or about payment methods we provide.

What Are “Supplier” and “Customer” Accounts?

These are the main two account choices; Supplier accounts are made in-house by AccountKings workers, whereas customer accounts (also called re-sale) are made by trusted sellers and we buy them through this site. Supplier accounts are brand new and are tailored by our in-house trainers for specific purposes while on the other hand customer accounts are played accounts that go through our rigorous inspection process in order to ensure they meet our security quality standards.

Who can I contact if I have questions when I buy Final Fantasy 14 Accounts?

On the bottom right of our webpage you will see an icon with a dialog box. That’s our LiveChat and is available for our customers 24/7. Simply initiate a conversation there if you have any questions or uncertainties, such as where to buy FF accounts, and our friendly customer support experts will respond in a timely fashion and try to resolve any issues that you might come across.