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We are AccountKings. We specialize in supplying our clientele with outstanding accounts for many of the finest games in circulation. Our reputation is something we pride ourselves on, so our customers can guarantee that when they conduct a transaction with us, it will be more than satisfactory. For example, when you sell Garena Free Fire accounts with AK, you will receive exceptional rates, impeccable security, and efficient services; the chances of finding a provider even close to our standards is second to none.

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What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game developed by game company 111dots Studio, then published by Garena. The game is available to users on Android and iOS in 2019, becoming the most downloaded mobile game globally. A match consists of up to 50 players, all of which parachute to an island to begin the Battle Royale. You must search for equipment and weapons to take down the other players, to fight your way to that number one spot. As of 2021, the game has set a record for having over 150 million active daily users, grossing more than $4 billion globally.

Free Fire Accounts

Acquiring Garena Free Fire accounts that meet our and our users' standards can prove rather difficult at times. We do all we can to uphold our standards and ensure our stocks remain full, but sometimes the demand for these accounts is simply too great; this is where we turn to you. Users such as yourself with Free Fire accounts for sale could enter into a mutually beneficial sale that is more than rewarding. Should you choose to sell Garena Free Fire accounts with us, the overall experience is sure to be satisfactory and secure. In addition, you will be more than adequately compensated for all the time you have dedicated to augmenting the account.

Why Sell Garena Free Fire Accounts To AccountKings?

Getting some quick cash when you sell Free Fire accounts is always appealing; however, these sales don't always pay what they should, nor are they always safe. This is not the case at AccountKings; our highly trained and dedicated staff always goes the extra mile to ensure your sale is perfect in every aspect. Our account experts try and test all accounts, and our 24/7 LiveChat staff are incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of digital assets, so should a question arise, they will indeed have the answer for you. In the simplest terms, no one else can offer the dedication, determination, and out-of-this-world results that AccountKings does!

What Type of Garena Accounts Can I Sell?

At AccountKings, we try to satisfy all our users and their needs. However, we do have some expectations to be met. We ask that customers never attempt to sell brand new accounts for obvious reasons. Besides this, we tend to accept almost all accounts brought to us after a thorough inspection. The leveling of your account, the inventory it holds, and the currency in its bank will all determine the price received; as at AK, we believe you should be paid for all of your hard work. So you can trust that when you request a quote on your Garena Free Fire account for sale, the quote you receive will be more than sufficient.

How Do I Sell Free Fire Accounts?

When you want to sell Garena Free Fire accounts, you can do so with minimal effort. At AccountKings, we have implemented an exemplary account selling system; by doing so, we have managed to improve and simplify our user interface. Meaning transactions are faster and smoother than ever! All you need to do is fill out an account and seller information form; this will provide us the needed insight into the account to conduct an accurate overview. You can begin this process by hitting our 'Request a Quote' button. What follows will be an efficient transaction, accompanied by your payout.

Why Do Prices Fluctuate?

When you browse for the perfect place to sell Free Fire accounts, you may notice an alteration in prices from time to time; don't worry. These fluctuations are all a normal part of the live market that these accounts reside on. There are also times when in a bid to remain competitive with others in this business, we will alter our prices. This is only ever done to provide our users with the finest prices available. In other words, these fluctuations you can sometimes encounter are perfectly normal and shouldn't negatively impact your transaction.

How Is Payment Handled?

When dealing with funds and transactions, we often use PayPal, though we do reserve other options for those clients who wish to build a reputation with us at AK. Once you have finalized the handover process with our team, we will immediately inform our payment department of your sale. They will then begin work on forwarding you the agreed-upon funds; please note that this process can take anywhere up to 24 hours, but our team is often much faster with processing funds.

Is Selling Free Fire Accounts Safe?

We pride ourselves on the efforts we put into ensuring our customers remain secure while using our website. Though we can not abolish all of the downsides to these sales, wherever possible on our platform, we have implemented industry-standard safety features to negate the chance of wrongdoings, fraudulent activity, and all of the negative factors of online purchases. So, when you wish to sell Garena Free Fire accounts, choose AccountKings; we won't disappoint.

When Can I Sell Garena Free Fire Accounts?

In an effort to provide our customers with their needs and wants on their terms, we have opened up our business to be functional 24/7. We made this decision due to a large number of clientele residing in all corners of the globe. Our platform being available round the clock means that should you or any other user find yourself with a Free Fire account for sale, even at 3 AM, we will be right here waiting to assist you in conducting a fast and efficient transaction.

Are There Requirements To Sell Garena Free Fire Accounts?

A few, yes. At AccountKings, verification is mandatory. For further details on how exactly to carry out the verification process, contact our 24/7 LiveChat; our experts will gladly inform you of the necessary steps to do so. This is in addition to the requirements mentioned above, such as not conducting sales of brand new accounts and building a relationship with our team to be granted access to our more exclusive payment methods. Aside from these few simple things, our users are free to conduct sales with us as they please!

What are 'Supplier' and 'Customer' Accounts?

These are the two variations of accounts we carry here at AccountKings. Of course, there are some differences between the two, but both are of excellent standing and sure to satisfy your needs! Firstly we have our Supplier accounts, those we create in-house with the assistance of our phenomenal account experts. So, you're sure to get a bang for your buck every time! Secondly, we have our Customer accounts; these are accounts we have outsourced to acquire. Don't let that worry you, though, each account is thoroughly inspected and tested by our account experts to ensure safety, satisfaction, and quality. Browse our shelves today! Whether Supplier or Customer, you're sure to find something that fits your needs perfectly.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions About the Sale of My Garena Account?

As previously mentioned, our 24/7 LiveChat staff are expertly trained for every scenario, so should you need their assistance, do not hesitate to get in contact. No matter the magnitude of the query, our dedicated team will be sure to find an adequate solution for your problem! So why not get acquainted with our experts today? Use the chat icon to strike up a conversation at the bottom right of this page! They will be more than happy to point you in the direction of anything you need.

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