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Are you looking to sell your World of Tanks account? Then AccountKings is the place for you! With 24/7 customer support, great prices, and fast service, there simply is no better place to sell your account. We’re interested in all types of WoT accounts, from lower-level accounts with a few tanks unlocked all the way up to stacked accounts with premium tanks, silver, gold, and tons of battles. So, if you’re looking to make some extra cash for an unused account, then sell your account to us today!

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What is the Best Place to Sell WoT Accounts?

If you’re looking to sell your account, then you’ve likely had a look at the different options and marketplaces. Let us take a moment to explain why AccountKings is the ideal location for you. In most instances, we can buy the account from you immediately without you having to wait for a seller. Furthermore, we offer competitive prices and a smooth and secure system, allowing you to sell your account with complete peace of mind. Selling your account on AccountKings is simply a breeze, and you’ll be pleased you chose us.

What is AccountKings?

AccountKings is the leading gaming account marketplace. We’ve been in the business for several years now, providing an excellent service to all our customers from around the world. Whether you’re here to buy or sell accounts, we cater to all. We cover a huge variety of games, from well-known MMOs such as Runescape and World of Warcraft to mobile titles like Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go. So, if you’re looking for where to sell WoT accounts, then AccountKings is the best place for you.

What is World of Tanks?

World of Tanks is a free-to-play Miltary online game featuring tanks and other combat vehicles. It was released by the developers Wargaming in 2010, going on to become one of their most popular and critically acclaimed games. You control military vehicles and attempt to defeat opposing teams with a combination of strategy, tactics, and impressive firepower. With hundreds of tanks and vehicles to collect, there are hours of fun to be had.

How Do I Sell WoT Accounts?

If you’d like to sell your World of Tanks account, then the process could not be simpler. All you have to do is fill out the above form. Make sure to include as much information as possible, such as which premium or rare tanks are on the account, as well as the region, server, rank, and age of the account. The more information you provide us, the more accurate our quote will be. Once you have submitted the sale form, you’ll receive a reply from us, including the quote and steps to continue within 24 hours.

Can I Sell World of Tanks Accounts Safely?

We understand that some customer may have concerns about selling their World of Tanks account to us, but let us reassure you that the process is completely safe and easy. We use industry-standard security procedures to handle all user data and keep communications on our site private. Furthermore, we continually update and improve our already sizable game knowledge to ensure we can buy, store, and sell accounts safely. If you have any more questions or concerns, we recommend you contact us via our live chat.

Does Selling WoT Accounts Require Verification?

The security of all the accounts we sell and the satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. For this reason, everyone who sells accounts to us will have to pass a verification procedure. We do this to ensure that all of the accounts we sell are safe and secure. The verification process is also secure and will only take a few minutes of your time. After you’ve received the account quote, you’ll also receive info on how to complete the verification, as well as how to sign a legal contract that everyone must sign before they sell accounts to us.

Can I Sell WoT Accounts From Any Region?

AccountKings is a truly international company, with customers all over the world flocking to our site to buy our high-quality products. So, you absolutely can sell any type of World of Tanks account to us. So whether North American, Asian, or European, we’re happy to buy any region of WoT account. Please note that the region of the account may change the price quote we give due to supply and demand. Make sure to let us know the region of the WoT account when filling out the sale form so we can provide an accurate quote.

Is Selling World of Tanks Accounts Possible 24/7?

Our staff are available 24/7, working hard to buy and sell accounts. So, whatever your location or timezone, you’ll be able to sell your WoT account to us with ease. Due to the number of tickets we get, please allow up to 24 hours to receive a quote from us, although we will do our best to reply quicker. Please note that bumping a ticket will not make us reply quicker, so we always advise you to wait for our reply. Our live chat support is also available all the time, meaning if you have any questions or concerns, we will always be on hand to help you.

When I Sell WoT Accounts How Do I Deliver the Account

The final step of selling your World of Tanks account before we pay you involves transferring control of the account to us. The process to transfer account ownership is relatively simple, but it can change from time to time, so we will explain it clearly in the ticket. Generally, you will need access to the email linked to the WoT account in order to provide us with an email change link. We may also require other account information such as account creation date, location, and previous password, so make sure to have this info to hand.

How Do I Receive Payment After I Sell World of Tanks Accounts?

To protect all parties involved, we generally use PayPal goods and services payment to buy accounts from customers. To receive payments using this method, you need to have a fully verified PayPal account. Occasionally, when we send payments, PayPal will put the payment on hold for their security checks. If your payment goes on hold, we recommend contacting PayPal, who will be able to let you know what their process is and, in some circumstances, give you an ETA. We will always do our best to make payments fast and smooth.

What Is Upfront and Aftersale?

We will usually offer two different price quotes for your account, upfront or aftersale. Upfront payment means we will pay you after you transfer the account to us, usually within 24 hours, although we will warn you and give an explanation if there are any delays. Choosing the aftersale option will mean you receive payment after we sell the account on our end. There are no guarantees for how long it will take us to sell the account, but we always aim to give a rough estimate to give you an idea.

Do I Need to Join AccountKings to Sell WoT Accounts?

Many AccountKings site functions work without requiring you to join, but if you’d like to sell an account, you will need to create an AccountKings profile. Having a profile will allow you to track and respond to our ticket replies, enabling you to complete your account sale with ease. Another benefit of being an AccountKings member is that you’ll receive our regular newsletter, containing info on game and site updates, as well as exclusive bonuses, discounts, and more! Join the AccountKings family today; we can’t wait to welcome you.

Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions?

We’ve made the account selling process smooth and simple thanks to our modern and intuitive website and helpful support staff. However, if you still have questions or concerns, then we recommend asking in the live chat support system. Just click the live chat icon located at the bottom right of any page, send a message, and you’ll be connected to one of our friendly agents in moments.

Can I Buy World of Tanks Accounts?

If you aren’t here to sell WoT accounts but wish to buy a fantastic WoT instead, then navigate to our buy WoT page. From there, you’ll be able to view our great stock of the best and most stacked WoT accounts available. You can also sort accounts by price order to find something that suits your budget. We look forward to you browsing our account stock and hope you find a World of Tanks account that satisfies your needs!