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Account Kings only carry the most high quality, fully tested and ready to play accounts. We source our accounts from only the most trusted sellers and strive to only ever give our customers a positive experience. We believe that the small things matter, so we focus on all details of the accounts we provide, to ensure they surpass our standards. So when you buy GTA V accounts, you're guaranteed satisfaction.

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Who are we?

Account Kings, a trusted and well-established game accounts provider. We deal in the buying and selling of accounts. We provide our customers with safe, premium GTA V accounts. We implement strict safety protocols in order to protect all of our buyers. Additionally, we offer 24/7 customer support to make sure, when you buy GTA V online accounts, you have all the assistance you need.

24/7 customer support

We offer our 24/7 Live Chat to all of our customers. It allows us to offer them an added layer of security to their purchase. We can put an end to any doubts with ease, as our staff are always on hand to make sure you get the answers you need and fast. Strike up a conversation today and see for yourself!

What is Grand Theft Auto V?

Grand Theft Auto V was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2013. It is an action-adventure game, the first main entry in the series since the 2008 GTA IV. It is set in the fictional state of San Andreas which is based on Southern California. The single-player story follows Michael De Santa, a retired bank robber. Street Gangster Franklin Clinton, as well as Trevor Philips, a drug dealer/gunrunner. These three protagonists can be followed as they attempt heists. All the while the pressure of the corrupt government agencies and powerful criminals weighs down on them. The game provides an open-world design, allowing players to freely roam San Andreas openly, venturing from the open countryside to Los Santos.

You can play in both third-person and first-person. Navigation the world on foot and by vehicle. Become one of the three lead protagonists while in single player, switch among them and complete missions. The story centres around the heist sequences and many missions involving shooting and driving gameplay.

Why buy GTA V accounts from Account Kings?

In layman's terms, we're one of a kind! There really is no one quite like us, and those who come close don't quite make the cut. We offer our customers much more than just their desired accounts. We offer safety and assurance all throughout, as well as after purchasing! Check out our Trustpilot reviews to hear from our other satisfied customers!

What type of GTA V accounts can I buy?

The list of GTA V accounts we carry is longer than our arms! We offer so many different types of accounts because we recognise our customers are all different. So we have a huge library of choices for you to choose from! Want to buy modded GTA V accounts? No problem! Do you want to buy online GTA V accounts? We have those too! All of these are not only exceptional accounts, meticulously tested for your safety and satisfaction, but they're priced at an unbeatable rate!

How can I buy GTA V accounts from Account Kings?

In a word? Easily! We've created a buying process that is second to none. It is fast, efficient and safe. All you have to do is begin by browsing our stocks. See something you like? Why not add it to your cart! Found all you're looking for? Head to your cart and choose your desired payment method. Once selected you'll be able to check out. Certain methods of payment may require verification. Don't let this worry you, it won't slow you down much! Our live chat staff will be on hand throughout the entire process to help you with any hiccups you may encounter.

Account Security

We aim to keep our customers safe at every possible step of the purchasing process and even into the beginning of their gaming journey. For this reason, we try to make as many of our own accounts as we physically can. This allows us to prevent any wrongdoing, as we know the full account credentials. Any resale accounts we do carry, are thoroughly tested to prevent any issues for our buyers. We put these accounts through rigorous testing for both safety and quality. Not to mention, any seller we encounter who provides us accounts, is a trusted friend of Account Kings. To make this deal even sweeter, we provide all of our accounts with free insurance! We know there's nowhere like us! So why not buy GTA V accounts today and start your epic journey.

Instant Delivery

All accounts available on our site are ready to be played upon purchase. So once you check out and complete your purchase, your account is ready to get into the grind. Waiting around is not something we enjoy at Account Kings, so we never ask our customers to!

Is buying Grand Theft Auto V accounts safe?

Yes, we haven't worked this hard to put our customers at risk! We implement safety protocols wherever possible. Selling accounts is useless if you don't do it right! Throughout our years in this industry, we've spent a lot of time perfecting our security methods. Growing and changing with our customers has greatly helped us to keep them safe, as we have been able to put ourselves in their shoes. Your safety is important to us, which is why when you buy GTA V accounts from us, you can rest assured we've done everything in our power to protect you!

What if I can't find the type of GTA V account I like?

This is a rare occurrence, as our stocks are often overflowing with choice. We do recognise though, that as rare as this is we needed a solution. So if you have no time to waste and wait around simply contact our live chat staff. They'll be more than happy to assist you in filling out an account request form! From here you'll be informed once we have your dream account in stock! If you're in no hurry for an account and just enjoy browsing, we advise you to try our site again in a few days!

How will my account be delivered to me once I order?

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email with a confirmation receipt, accompanied by an ETA on your account. Your new account credentials can be found via email also. Failing this head to our live chat for any needed information. We've created a simpler purchasing and delivery system so all of our customers will be able to buy GTA V accounts with ease.

What are “Supplier” and “Customer” accounts?

These are the two main types of accounts which we carry. Suppliers are those which are made in-house by some of our extremely skilled and dedicated staff. Each of these accounts is fresh off the assembly line! All are tailored to specific purposes for customer use. Our customer accounts however are a different thing entirely. Sometimes referred to as “resale”, these accounts are created by customers and sold to us. Each of these sellers is more than trusted by us at Account Kings, we will not work with anyone we can't trust implicitly. We thoroughly test all customer accounts to ensure safety for those who buy GTA V accounts. Regardless of whether you choose a supplier or customer, you're guaranteed safety!

Who can I contact if I have questions about my GTA V account purchase?

If you head to the bottom right of our site, you'll notice an icon with a dialogue box. This is our live chat. Available 24/7 to our customers and all of their needs. Simply begin a conversation with one of our friendly staff and they'll be on hand to assist you in answering any questions. When you buy GTA V accounts with us, we strive to prevent any issues, however, if you do encounter any, then you know we're here to help!

What are you waiting for?

You know it all now! We can't make this decision for you, but we can provide you with all of these services so you can make the right decision for yourself! Once you join the Account Kings team, you'll be the first to know about deals, promotions and any offers which are currently ongoing!