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Breach in Valorant - Breaking Barriers

Posted 1 week ago

Welcome back to our Valorant blog series, where we cover a different character each week to make your journey through the game easy and fun. Today’s topic of discussion is the agent Breach, a Swedish character, with the government name 'Erik Torsten'. Of course, these are simply formalities, and the most important aspect of this character is his role: Initiator. This character has been available since the beta phase, and has since become one of the most prominent Initiators in-game. So, let's break down all we know about Breach to ensure your gameplay is nothing short of flawless.

Breach Valorant Abilities

As an Initiator, Breach carries your team to the heart of the battle. Since Breach doesn’t see walls as obstacles, he can deal damage to foes while still using his crowd...

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Brimstone Valorant - Smoke All Paths

Posted 4 weeks ago

It’s your call to control the map and foes with Brimstone in Valorant. He’s a natural leader who will take the Controller position to a whole new level with his abilities and kit. Brimstone is a perfect match for players looking for a smoke playstyle that balances accessibility to newcomers and veterans alike in Valorant. He’s an easy-going pick, for all the unmatched utility he can bring to the battle, and the tools he uses to take his team to glory. Let’s learn more about him!

Brimstone Valorant Abilities

Learning the Controller role can be tricky, especially considering different agents you can find with their unique kits. Valorant’s Brimstone is a great place to start since he is easy to understand and will pave the way to mastering the role. To know how to play him...

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Clove Valorant - Playing In The Afterlife

Posted 1 month ago

Get ready for another AccountKings adventure; as this week, we're taking a look at another of Valorant's agents. We'll discuss the weapons, battle abilities and everything else you'll need to risk it all as Clove in Valorant. As the twenty-fifth agent, and sixth Controller to hit the game, Clove's kit is jam packed with surprises, some even allowing you to absorb the life energy of a dead opponent to take a temporary health and haste situation. An agent that disrupts the meta by applying debuffs to the enemies, with a possibility to resurrect themself, with their decisive abilities will lead you to an inevitable victory by playing them the right way, so let’s break everything down!

Clove Abilities Valorant

Valorant’s Clove is a Controller who can turn the tables of a round in...

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Iso Valorant - A Radiant Hitman

Posted 1 month ago

Valorant is a competitive game that focuses on two phases, attacking and defending, and during each, you will require different roles in the game that will lead your team to victory. So, we want to introduce you to Iso, the Valorant Agent, an agile duelist who brings disturbance into the maps, causing the most damage possible with his weapons’ properties. He’s a beloved agent among the community for numerous reasons, but within this article, we will focus on Iso’s Kit in Valorant and how to use him.

Iso Abilities In Valorant

Iso comes with an innovative kit that fits the meta and most players' play style. So if you’re a player that searches for the perfect duelist with a focus on the shooting; this is your call. A skilled shooting ability comes with a great responsibility...

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Jett In Valorant - Mastering Movement And Wielding Knives

Posted 2 months ago

Jett is one of those agents who will make the game fun with the play style she brings to the battlefield during each match. If you enjoy playing aggressively and have the agility to enter the fight, then without a doubt, Valorant’s Jett is your pick. She’s a Korean duelist who uses the wind in her favor to push all the boundaries and move through the maps like no other agent. Let’s see what she can do!

Jett Valorant Abilities

Before entering the main subject of How to play Jett in Valorant, let’s break her down and learn about her kit. It’s important to know she’s a duelist who is a master with knives, so you will see her use them like a pro. Moreover, you will find her passive is useful to avoid fall damage and lets you move around the map quickly.

Cloudburst (C)...

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