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This is the Acckings blog where we write about gaming and accounts.

Best Neon Valorant Guide [2023]

Posted 16 hours ago

Neon is in play!

Welcome to this week's AccountKings blog! In this issue, we will take a deep dive into a Neon Valorant guide. So, let's take a look at what she has to offer! The Neon Valorant agent was introduced in early 2022 in Patch 4.0. This interesting agent, code-named "Sprinter," has some exciting abilities, including an ultimate that is considered one of the game's finest. In addition, she is considered to be unique while still following a straightforward game plan, meaning she's an excellent choice for any player, even beginners. So, if you’re interested in the fun that’s available, why not buy Valorant accounts with Neon today?

Neon's skill ceiling is relatively high, meaning to truly benefit from her abilities, you'll need to master her movements. With this in...

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All you need to know about Valkyrie Apex Legends

Posted 2 weeks ago

Introduction to Valkyrie Apex Legends

Valkyrie is the 17th legend, the daughter of Viper. She is a powerful recon released in season 9. In addition, she is also an ariel-based legend; we will explore how she uses this momentarily. If you are wondering how to get Valkyrie in Apex legends, you could’ve bought her from the Valkyrie Apex Legends launch bundle, or she can be purchased using digital currency - either 12,000 legend tokens or 750 Apex Coins. Her real name is Kahiri Imahara - a high-flying combatant outfitted with a jetpack built from parts of a salvage titan. This article will explore everything from Valkyrie's lore to her abilities and the best way to use them.


As we mentioned before, Apex Legends season 9 Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper; he was a...

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Wrath Classic Ulduar Raid Patch Recap

Posted 1 month ago

We welcome you to another AccountKings blog featuring the Phase 2 updates and info on the much-loved Ulduar Raid. For more blogs and WoW updates, please check our blog site.

WoW Classic Phase 2

The long-awaited Phase 2, featuring various novelties and a refurbished Ulduar Raid, is here! Players will get to experience Arena Season 6, the Argent Tournament, updates to Raid and Dungeon Emblems, Titan Runes, and a new Vault of Archavon Boss.

All these are amazing, but everyone is reluctant to try out one of the finest Classic WoW raids, Ulduar. Released to the public on the 19th of the past month, the raid introduces various novelties, which we will share below. To recap, Ulduar is a compound north of The Storm Peaks, home to 14 bosses divided into four tiers, each featuring a Hard...

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Desert Treasure: OSRS Guide

Posted 1 month ago


Welcome to the Desert Treasure OSRS Guide. This quest is a continuation of the Mahjarrat quest series and was released all the way back in 2005. Completing this quest is required to access two upcoming quests, which will be released in 2023; “Secrets of the North” and the much-anticipated sequel to Desert Treasure OSRS; “Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire”

The OSRS Desert Treasure quest is very popular among Pkers due to it giving access to the magic spell Ice Barrage from the Ancient Magicks spellbook.

How long does desert treasure take OSRS?

This quest has an official length of “Long”, but we believe it can be completed in around an hour if you know what you are doing. As with other quests, the time to complete will increase if you are on an...

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Guide to Lisa Genshin Impact 3.0

Posted 1 month ago

Lisa from Genshin Impact is a starter Character, meaning everyone who plays Genshin impacts Lisa. Starter characters are famed for being "okayish" and not really used by any good players. This has always been the case for Lisa - she is a decent character but has never quite been able to dig her heels into the meta. However, things might have changed drastically with the new Dendro update. She now has a massive power spike in terms of raw power, versatility, and flexibility. Therefore, she might be considered a fair character to start building, especially since she has now been released with the new gear, which, with the introduction of Someru, plays up to her strongest playstyles.

This guide will help you develop Lisa into a strong and useful character on your account. If you are...

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