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This is the Acckings blog where we write about gaming and accounts.

How to get League Medals in Clash of Clans

Posted 5 days ago

Clash of Clans allows players to create a clan of their own and attain riches beyond belief by waging war against enemy settlements around the world. In this real-time strategy game, one must develop a base that can produce strong troops and defend its inhabitants. However, to operate on a such scale, players have to grind for resources that can make that happen.

Acquiring Clash of Clans League Medals is the best way to upgrade your clan base in a short time as these can be traded for gold, elixirs, Magic items, and decorations in the shop. To obtain League Medals, one has to join or form a clan and participate in the CoC Clan War Leagues. Learning how to get League Medals and how crucial they are will all be...

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Genshin Impact: Character Guide

Posted 1 week ago


Welcome back to another weekly installment of AccountKings blogs; within this week's guide, we'll be taking a look at Genshin Impact, but more specifically, its characters. We will mostly explore how to unlock new characters; while also taking a look at some of the game's most underrated characters,the best classes, and characters that fit them. This should offer our users a better insight into building a balanced party that can see them through to victory time and time again. Before we kick off this week's guide, we want to...

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How to get Super Troops in Clash of Clans

Posted 3 weeks ago

Clash of Clans is among the most popular mobile games out there right now, but up until recently, it has been struggling with maintaining its relevance on the market. Luckily, with regular updates, engaging events, and a loyal fan base, it managed to overcome this obstacle. With the introduction of super troops, CoC interested many old players as well as those who never played the game to jump into the mix.

These warriors are stronger than their original forms and have unique powers. Because the competition is fierce, players will need every edge they can get to beat their competitors, and Clash of Clans super troops can make all the difference. There are two types of barracks in the game: barracks and dark barracks. Barracks train troops with dark and regular elixirs, and can be upgraded...

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Week 11 Resistance Quests

Posted 4 weeks ago

We would like to welcome our readers to this week's AccountKings blog installment! Within this week's blog, we will be exploring what to do to complete the Resistance Quests of the final week of Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 2. We will be looking into what you will need as well as what you will be required to do to complete this week's Resistance Quests. If, however, you don't feel like getting caught up in the grind, then why not take a look at our exquisite account selection? Regardless if you are looking for specific levelings, dances, or certain skins such as John...

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Lost Ark Island Guide

Posted 1 month ago

Lost Ark map of Arkesia consists of a couple of continents that players can venture to by sailing open and dangerous seas. Along their paths they will encounter uncharted islands, beckoning adventurers to discover their wealth and dangers. All of the Lost Ark islands are accessible after you finish the first portion of the story in Luterra and gain access to your first ship.

To get lucrative prizes and improve your equipment, you will need to travel to different regions and explore islands, which are an essential part of the game. With today’s guide we will introduce you to Lost Ark islands and their characteristics, as well as show the best island route to take if...

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