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We're dedicated to our customers and providing them with their dream accounts, so despite Lost Ark being new to the scene; we've been working hard to find our customers' epic accounts. Sourcing these accounts can be complex, so we're looking to you! If you're in possession of a Lost Ark account you no longer want, visit AK today. Regardless of Gear Score, Pets/Mounts or which Class you've taken on, we're sure there's a place for your account on our shelves. So, why not find out today how much your account sale could bring you!

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About Us

We at AccountKings have spent most of our years in business catering to the gaming needs of our loyal client base. Our website has been created to be a convenient and safe destination for clients to buy and sell digital goods. We are always looking for innovative methods to enhance our customer service procedures. For a reason, we are at the top of the food chain; our standards are incredibly high, our pricing is competitive, and we provide the highest level of service.

Why choose us?

Premium customer service, on-time delivery, and low prices are all waiting for you! Our site-integrated LiveChat service is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fulfil all of your needs. If you need additional assurance, please read the testimonials from our clients at the bottom of this page. Thousands of satisfied consumers have submitted feedback on numerous marketplaces with more being added on a daily basis.

What is Lost Ark?

In 2018 Smilegate RPG released Lost Ark, a free-to-play MMORPG. It was exclusively available in Korean closed beta, but after four years, it finally got access to people all around the world. It is a fantasy adventure with a big world to explore and a range of fighting methods to master. Exploration, quest completion, dungeon raiding, hunting, crafting, and PVP are the main aspects of the game. Users may level up as they see fit and customize their avatars with a range of cosmetic options. When a player hits level 50, he or she can participate in tiered dungeon raids, the success of which is completely reliant on the character's gear score.

Lost Ark Accounts

We recognize that reaching level 50 and achieving a high gear score is a major time commitment, so we work extra hard to bring you the cash you deserve shortly after the transaction is completed. AccountKings promises a speedy account review and even faster trade. We are the best destination if you want to sell Lost Ark accounts. To learn more about account sales, please contact us via LiveChat.

Where to Sell Lost Ark Accounts? Why AccountKings?

We were established with the goal of providing the highest quality digital services available on the market. We are able to attain this by developing an effective sales system, collaborating with dependable suppliers, and ensuring our consumers' safety with bulletproof security measures. We make every attempt to offer competitive pricing that is constantly lower than those of our competitors! We have traded thousands of accounts to happy new and returning customers throughout the years. At the bottom of this page, you will find links to our clients' evaluations on various markets and websites should you need more insight into our business.

Is it safe to Sell Lost Ark Accounts?

Thanks to many security measures built onto our platform, AccountKings is able to offer a quick, but more importantly, secure selling experience. We have worked extensively to improve the account selling system's safety and security. Many safeguards have been put in place, with personnel constantly reviewing our procedures and systems for any security breaches. Our primary goal is to keep our users' information private while simultaneously maintaining the utmost security of every order and transaction. You do not have to look any further; we are safe!

Can I sell Lost Ark Accounts of all types?

If you are looking to sell common accounts, late-game accounts, or anything in between, you have come to the right place. AccountKings will buy any account you put up for sale, whether it has high or low gear score, powerful or weak pets and mounts, or leveled classes. If you are unsure about the category or value of your account, please visit our sale page and get a quote, or contact us via LiveChat. Our customer service professionals will quickly help you assess the kind and value of your account.

How can I sell Lost Ark Accounts?

We have built an efficient account selling system that uses cutting-edge technologies to offer a convenient and secure experience. With AccountKings, selling accounts is a straightforward and quick procedure. Fill out the necessary details on our sale page and click the 'Request Quote' button to proceed to our LiveChat. Our specialists will appraise your account based on its level, gear score, equippables, and mounts.

How will I get paid for my Account?

When you have finalized the sale of your account, our payment department will swiftly deliver the agreed-upon sum. Although the payment procedure might take up to 24 hours, it is usually finished sooner. When obtaining accounts, we usually use PayPal as a payment option. Other payment options may be considered if a seller has a great reputation with AccountKings or is attempting to build one. At the start of the sale, we will inform you of all possible payment alternatives. Sell Lost Ark accounts now!

Do you always buy Accounts?

We are constantly scouring the market for Lost Ark accounts. If you want to sell your account, please contact us via LiveChat or visit our website. We will gladly help you and complete the transaction. Our Account Specialists meticulously examine every account to verify they match our high-quality standards, resulting in a safe and secure transaction. For your convenience, we offer PayPal, Venmo, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrencies, and a range of other payment options depending on your reputation.

Do I need to verify to sell Lost Ark Accounts?

To secure both customers’ and our information, we created a simple verification mechanism. The technique is quick and can be fully explained by our LiveChat team. Clients that have established a solid, trusted reputation with us may be exempt from the verification procedure. Keep in mind that for certain electronic payment processors, verification is an industry-standard. If you have any queries regarding whether your selected payment method or the account itself will require extra verification, please contact us via LiveChat.

What are ‘Supplier’ and ‘Customer’ accounts?

We offer two types of accounts. AccountKings builds 'Supplier’ accounts in-house, these are hand-trained by specialized Powerlevelers for specific customer demand. On the other hand, accounts collected from approved third-party vendors are referred to as 'Customer’ accounts. Our Account Specialists make sure that every account adheres to the highest quality and security requirements.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Lost Ark Account sale?

If you have any concerns regarding our account selling procedure or the payment choices, our customer service professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply begin a conversation through LiveChat to receive prompt service.