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Welcome to Account Kings! We will briefly present ourselves to you. Hopefully you’ll like what you see and will become our customer!
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Here at Account Kings we make sure to use as little time from our customers as possible so that they can quickly jump back into their favorite games!

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It is always better to ask for something rather than regretting not asking later. Account Kings provides a 24/7 LiveChat service for this very reason!

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We provide only the best services for the most convenient prices. We always have promotional discounts to complement our already amazing offer.

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We value our customers’ privacy therefore we take every precaution measure necessary towards assuring safe business on our website.

Who are we; who is Account Kings?

Account Kings is a digital goods provider from Canada established in 2014. We strive towards connecting players worldwide with their favorite games by providing a premium service for unmatched prices. We have noticed that many gamers don’t have a great time while playing games because most games require to grind or to buy in-game currency in order to progress further. Account Kings wants to change that by utilizing our accumulated experience in the industry over the years. We plan to succeed in our goal by connecting with our customers on a personal level and catering to their needs.

Account Kings Services

Account Kings is your source for buying and selling MMORPG accounts. No matter what style of gameplay you have and no matter what your budget is - Acckings has an account for you. We offer instant payments and delayed payments if you list your account with us. If you don’t see an account you like - Ask us to find it for you and we will!


We engage in purchasing of services that we sell.


We engage in purchasing of services that we sell.


We engage in purchasing of services that we sell.


Jesus said, "Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to getting scammed and ripped off by other account sellers, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to the best account seller on the internet, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:13.

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I don't even bother checking the competitors anymore I just know it's relatively a good price if it's Account Kings.


Quick and efficient with good communication. Will be looking forward to doing business again.

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Doing business with Account Kings will put a smile on your face. Browse through our services, choose what you like and if stumble upon an obstacle simply visit our LiveChat and we will provide our assistance as soon as possible. Hopefully by now we have convinced you to become our customer, but if you are not convinced, no worries, we just ask of you to have us in mind next time you need digital goods.


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