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Sell Dota 2 Accounts

Sell Dota 2 Accounts

While Dota 2 may be a free game, there are many people interested in purchasing an account to skip the mundane grind. If you're looking to sell a Dota 2 account - you've come to the right place! Many people do not want a long grind of trophies to gain levels, or long play-times to advance in solo-ranked MMR or team-ranked MMR and increase their average win rate. On top of that, with cosmetic items, each account has value attached to it based on each of the aforementioned factors. At, we are more than interested in facilitating you selling a Dota 2 account, whether it's your main account, alt you no longer use, or you created it to be sold!

We offer a full guarantee for our sellers. Number one, we pay you ( directly via PayPal or Skrill - not some random buyer who has a 50/50 chance of performing a chargeback or not. Number two, we simplify the process. Simply put, selling an account yourself is hassle - you may have to wait for weeks and come across many scammers you'd have to vet carefully. We take care of all that for you, buying your account the instant you accept our quote and provide us with the requested information. And because we're patient, we can still get you a desirable amount for selling Dota 2 accounts.

Are you ready to sell your Dota 2 account? Fantastic - please fill in the form below! Any questions? Contact our 24/7 support at our Support Hub:

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Provide Information

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Receive your Quote

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