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We always encourage our customers to sell their CoD accounts to us. We want to keep our stocks full, so our customers can find whatever they want. Additionally, we have made the selling process extremely simple for your convenience. All you have to do is scroll down this page, fill out the form with all the necessary information, and hit the "request quote" button. After this, one of our professionals will guide you thoroughly through each step. Good luck!

Provide information

Provide Information

Fill out your Account details for the Account you'd like to sell.
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Receive your Quote

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Get Paid

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What is CoD Mobile?

Coming from the most successful shooter franchise, the mobile adaptation has exploded since its release. The Activision group and TiMi Studios published CoD mobile as free-to-play, although micro-transactions are available to buy certain items. Characters, weapon skins, and weapon accessories are among those you can purchase. CoD Mobile allows you to enjoy breathtaking fps gameplay from your android or ios. CoD mobile includes many versatile game modes, such as search-and-destroy and team deathmatch. You can even start private rooms with your friends! If you want a challenge, you can choose a rank match, and if you want to lay back, unranked matches are also available.

Who are we?

We are an industry-leading organization called AccountKings. We sell online video games and their assets to a worldwide customer base. We are known for our reliability within the market. Our security experts have thoroughly vetted all the accounts we sell and buy from trusted, verified vendors. We pride ourselves on maximum customer satisfaction, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, we have a LiveChat operating 24/7 with friendly staff ready to assist you if you have any questions. We are excited to welcome you!

Our 24/7 customer support

We at AccountKings realize that our customers come from around the world in many different time zones. Therefore, we aim to keep all our customers happy all the time. If you go to the bottom right of our website, you will see an icon with a dialog box. This is our LiveChat. You can contact any of our professional, friendly staff from here to ask any questions you may have. They will also guide you through every process you may encounter, such as selling your CoD mobile account.

How can I sell CoD accounts to AccountKings?

Our technical experts have simplified our interface over time to make the selling process as convenient as possible. First, you must search for the seller's form, where you can enter all the necessary information. From there, you can hit the request quote button to see how much your account is worth. If you are satisfied, we can begin selling your account. One of our customer service experts will walk you through the process, so you are always transparent.

What type of CoD accounts can I sell?

New vendors looking to sell their accounts to AccountKings are music to our ears. We are always looking to keep our stocks as complete as possible, so if you are willing to work with us, that is excellent news! Our customers have unique tastes, so we usually buy all types of accounts. For obvious reasons, we ask that you do not bring us a brand-new account. They also tend to be associated with fraud.

Why sell CoD mobile accounts to us?

We are industry leaders in what we do for a reason; you will not be disappointed when you work with us. Our approach is to put ourselves in our customers' shoes. Therefore, we always ask how we can benefit the customer more. Our favorable position in the market allows us to offer the best prices on the market and the most accounts. We offer great prices to our sellers, and if you have any rare items or features, we will reward you more handsomely. Come work with us today!

Best prices

Every account we sell on our website has been bought from one of our vendors for a fair price. We pride ourselves in leaving none of our customers dissatisfied, always giving them what they deserve. We tend to pay more if you have special items or features in your account. We want to provide our buyers with only the best accounts and a wide range of them. Therefore, we are willing to buy accounts from our vendors at good prices, especially since they are so hard to find. Work with us today!

Quick and safe

We know that CoD Mobile accounts are in high demand and go quickly. So efficiency is critical to us at AccountKings. We aim to execute each service with excellence and maximum speed. Remember that our rate does not take away from the meticulousness with which we execute our security protocols. Our safety experts are constantly on patrol to detect and squash any sign of fraud or scam. Our experts thoroughly vet every account. You are in safe hands when working with AccountKings.

Can I sell my CoD mobile accounts safely?

Absolutely. We have been an established online accounts provider over the years by being ultra-safe. We have spent many hours and resources protecting our website and customers. We have many security experts tirelessly working to ensure that no suspicious activity occurs on our website. Safety is our number one priority at AccountKings since we know that safety is often customers' number one concern. The internet can be a promising yet dangerous place; we hope to embody only the promising.

How do I get paid?

Once you have completed all the necessary steps to sell your CoD mobile account, one of our customer service agents will forward you the agreed-upon account price. Please note that transactions may take up to 24 hours, this is typically done in much less time, but we must inform our customers to be completely transparent. We accept PayPal for transactions but do make exceptions for customers who have worked to build a relationship with AccountKings. If you wish to sell to us continually, you should let one of our staff know. We are happy to work with you!

Joining our family

We always encourage every one of our customers to join the family. You can create an account with us and continually buy or sell to us. We always pay attention to our customers and give our returning ones special perks! Like being able to use different payment methods. Additionally, you can also subscribe to our email newsletter to be the first to hear about new promotions, deals, and sales we have. You will also receive news about the latest and greatest in the gaming world, so you will never be left bored!

Our promise

Our main aim is always to keep our customers happy and smiling. And you can help us by selling your CoD mobile account! By selling one of your accounts to us, we can provide yet another of our customers with their dream accounts! More than that, we also gained a valuable new seller, which is fantastic since trusted sellers are very hard to find. We offer each of our buyers insurance with insurance on the accounts they buy. The satisfaction of our customers resides long after they leave our website.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about selling my CoD mobile account?

We have no doubt that our ticketing system is a very simple and easy process. However, we know that there are problems that our customers may encounter along the way. Should this be the case, you can contact one of our LiveChat at the bottom right of this page. They will guide you through any process that you may need help with. When you work with ChicksGold, you will never be left confused or wondering. Sell to us today!

What are you waiting for?

Once you have been satisfied with everything we offer, we hope you start your journey with us! Why not create your account and sign up for our newsletter? Once you join our team, you will be the first to know about important information, such as valuable deals and promotions. We value every member of our family. We are excited to welcome you!