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At Account Kings, we love to take unwanted PoE accounts off our customer's hands. So if you’re looking to sell PoE accounts, you’re in the perfect spot! All you have to do to sell Path of Exile accounts with us, is fill in the form below. Once you have done so one of our friendly staff will contact you and inform you of your account quote. If satisfied with your quote, you will be provided with instructions to safely and securely complete the sale. We have a great love for Path of Exile accounts, so don’t hesitate to get your account quote and start to sell PoE accounts with us! Simply create a ticket and begin your journey! Don't wait around wondering “Is it worth it to sell my PoE account?” your quote is waiting!

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Who are we?

Account Kings, that’s who! A more than well-established MMORPG account provider. We offer the best deals to the masses! Handling the buying and selling of PoE accounts is our speciality. We’re renowned for our reliability, for many reasons, but mostly our account sourcing and outstanding customer service. Our time in the business has made us more than aware of our customer's safety and how important it is. For this exact reason, we enforce the strictest security practices, while still maintaining respect for the customers' privacy. By doing so we create a safe environment, benefiting all parties involved, resulting in our loyal return customers! These are just a few reasons our clients love us.

24/7 Customer Support

There’s nothing more satisfying for us than a smiling customer! So to ensure we can provide them with this smile, we offer a 24/7 live chat to make sure anything they need to know is on hand. Our dedicated staff will always be available to answer any questions that may cross your mind during your transaction. Sell Path of Exile account with ease, and all the information needed at your fingertips! Head to our live chat now and get acquainted.

What is Path of Exile?

Controlling a single character from an overhead perspective, a player can explore large outdoor areas, caves or dungeons. All while battling monsters and fulfilling quests from non-playable characters (NPCs). This gives a player experience points as well as equipment. Aside from the central encampments, all areas are randomly generated to increase replayability. Gameplay taking place outside of the encampments is highly instanced, allowing a player or party to freely explore an isolated map. However, players can freely mingle in encampments.

There are seven available classes within the game to be played (Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Scion, Witch and Templar.) Each class is aligned with one of three core attributes, each of which being Intelligence, Dexterity and Strength. Scion is an exception to this rule being aligned with all three attributes.

Why sell PoE Accounts to AccountKings?

By being renowned in our field, we have been able to show our customers just how good we are at what we do! You don’t just get here overnight. Our amazing staff have dedicated their time to creating an efficient and safe environment for you to sell PoE accounts with ease. By providing such a hands-on approach while dealing with transactions, we show our customers just how much we care. We offer the best prices, 24/7 support and we’re always on the lookout for methods to improve our already outstanding practices. Because when we do, we are able to provide an even better environment, better prices and better services for our customers! Oh, did we mention there’s no waiting around? No more waiting for a buyer? That’s right! Sell Path of Exile accounts here at Account Kings in an instant! We’re the middle man everyone loves and we will ensure you get the money you deserve.

What type of Path of Exile Account can I sell?

Because we’re always on the lookout for Path of Exile accounts, you can always find a home for your unwanted account. So looking to sell PoE accounts? You found the perfect place! We recognise that our customers are all different, therefore we want to offer many different kinds of accounts. Simply head to our ‘request a quote’ section and find out exactly how much you can make from your unwanted PoE account. The price will be reflected in the time you’ve dedicated to the account as well as any rare attributes the account holds.

How can I sell Path of Exile accounts to AccountKings?

It’s as easy as pie to sell PoE accounts with us! We have massively simplified our user interface to allow sales to improve greatly for our customers. In doing so we have been able to provide customers with the finest Path of Exile accounts out there. We only ask that you can provide us with the requested information for your account, and to fill in the seller information forms provided. Once you do this, request your quote. Could it get simpler?! We don’t know but we’ll sure try! After this, we will contact you with any additional information as well as provide you with any details needed on how to safely complete your transaction. So sit back and ponder “What would I do without AK? Where would I sell my PoE account?” and then forget all about that and enjoy the simplicity of it all!

How is Payment Handled?

Once you complete the sale of your PoE account, one of our payment department staff will contact you and forward you the value of your account previously agreed upon. Please note, this process can take up to 24 hours, however, this is a rarity. Our preferred payment method is PayPal. We do, however, given the correct circumstances, such as a relationship being built or if you have an outstanding reputation offer other methods. This will always be discussed before the purchasing process and you will be informed of available options.

Can I Sell PoE Accounts safely?

Of course! We pride ourselves on customer care, safety and satisfaction. All of these don’t come easily, unless like us, you provide a safe environment. We know all too well what it's like to wonder “Will I really be safe while I sell my Poe account?” which is the main reason for us to want to protect our customers. By implementing safety protocols we are able to run a smooth transaction for all involved. We began this journey in 2015 and have been fighting to ensure customer safety ever since. Each year that passes, we add to our safety protocols, meaning as time passes we will only become better and stronger for our customers! Always protecting their assets to the best of our abilities.

Value for Money

We make sure our customers always know their accounts are correctly priced. We do this to ensure that they get what they rightly deserve for the work they have put into the accounts being sold. Our pricing will always reflect a customer's hard work, so when you sell PoE accounts with AK, you always get exactly what you deserve. You will also leave the site with the added satisfaction that you’re offering another player their dream account! It’s a win-win for all!

Swift and Secure

Being efficient is essential in this business, there is always a high demand for accounts, so we get things done quickly to please all those involved. Doing things quickly though however, does not mean we don’t implement safety! Cutting corners is simply not an option for us, so we work hard to provide the perfect balance of speed and safety. Our staff are constantly monitoring all ongoing activities, to ensure everyone leaves our site happy!

24/7 Customer Support

Smiling customers are what we want to produce, so we are always on hand to fix any difficulties a customer could encounter while completing a transaction. Our 24/7 live chat is a huge part of what allows us to provide the outstanding services we do. That’s because in providing round the clock care, for anyone who needs it, we eliminate many problems that our customers could encounter. All of this adds up to one stress-free transaction!

Who can I contact if I have questions about my Path of Exile account sale?

We can have our transactions run smoothly, all because we use our ticketing system. We do know, however, that sometimes unexpected events occur, meaning a customer may need additional assistance. So we refer back to our live chat, if you’re encountering any difficulties while you sell PoE accounts with us, head to the bottom right of the page, you’ll then see an icon with a dialogue box. Start a conversation with one of the friendly staff and solve your problems instantaneously!

Safety first

Safety is an essential part of our services, so we work day and night to ensure the safety of our customers is upheld. We will always provide what you’re looking for, whether that is getting your dream account, or getting the money you deserve for your unwanted account. Most importantly this will all be done safely, so our customers can safely and happily return time after time.

What are you waiting for?

We’ve shown you everything we have on offer, so why not try it out first hand? Join us at Account Kings today and enjoy the safety and security of selling with us! Sell Path of Exile accounts with ease and peace of mind, all it takes is one click. Once you open up the world of Account Kings, you also open up yourself to deals, offers and promotions before anyone else!