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At Account Kings, we will most gladly buy Clash of Clans accounts from you! Get comfortable and we'll show you the ropes. In order to sell your Clash of Clans account, all you have to do is start by filling out one of our below forms. After you complete this, one of our staff will contact you with your account quote. Once satisfied with your quote, you'll be provided with instructions on how to safely and securely carry out the sale of your Clash of Clans account. It really is that simple.

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Who are we?

We're Account Kings, a very well-established online game accounts provider. We offer outstanding deals, services, and accounts. Handling the buying and selling of Overwatch accounts is among our favourite things to do. We're extremely well known for our reliability. Most of all because we source our accounts from trusted vendors, but also because our customer service is outstanding. Over our time in this industry, we've grown to truly appreciate customer safety and its importance. Because of this, we enforce extremely strict security practices, whilst still managing to maintain respect for customers' privacy. In doing so we create an environment that benefits all involved, thus creating loyal, satisfied customers.

24/7 Customer Support

Satisfaction is important, to both us and our customers, keeping a smile on their faces puts one on ours. We often keep smiles on faces while Clash of Clans accounts sell by offering support on the 24/7 live chat. By doing so we give our customers first-hand access to any information they'll need throughout their transaction. We're always there, whenever you need us. So, why not sell your Clash of Clan accounts today?

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile strategy video game. Created and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. Released to iOS platforms on August 2nd, 2012, and on Google Play for Android users on October 7th, 2013. Set in a fantasy-themed persistent world, where the player is chief of their own village. The game tasks players to build their own villages using resources that they acquire by attacking other players' villages. They can also be obtained by earning rewards, buying them with medals or you can produce them in your own village. The main resources are gold, elixir, and dark elixir. You can join with other players to create clans as large as 50 players. You can then participate in clan wars!

Why sell Clash of Clan Accounts to AccountKings?

We do it better than anyone else! We have a field-wide reputation for our customer compassion and service standards. We didn't get here easily, it took dedication and tireless hours to become who you see before you today. We've done all we can to help our customers sell Clash of Clans accounts safely and easily. By carrying out a hands-on approach, we've been able to closely monitor all transactions. We have the best prices, 24/7 customer support and we never stop trying to improve our services for our sellers. By doing all this, and constantly building on the work we've already put in, we can continue to improve and grow, making a safer environment for those who wish to sell Clash of Clan accounts. There's also the added bonus of no waiting game for anyone who does choose us! We're the middle man everyone wants! Because we will take your account off your hands in no time, whether we have a third-party buyer or not! Sit back and enjoy your well-earned cash while we handle the rest.

What type of Clash of Clans Account can I sell?

Since we want to provide our buyers with amazing accounts at a constant rate, we're always looking for suppliers we can trust. So providing you're looking to be one of the team, we have room for your Clash of Clans account on our site! So? Looking to sell Clash of Clans accounts? Excellent news! We recognize our customers are such unique individuals, so their tastes in accounts will no doubt be the same. Head to our “request a quote” section for a quote on your account and begin your selling journey today. We will also acknowledge any additional attributes you may have provided the account with, and we will reflect this in the price.

How can I sell Clash of Clans accounts to AccountKings?

It's really simple and easy to sell Clash of Clans accounts with Account Kings. In simplifying our user interface, we allow our customers to be provided with the finest services regarding Clash of Clans accounts. All we ask of our customers is they provide the requested information on the account and fill out our seller information forms. Once completed, they are able to request a quote. Could we make it easier?! We're not sure we can, but we certainly will try. We will soon after contact you regarding any additional information on your account and provide you the needed details in order to safely complete the transaction. Sit back, relax and enjoy the simplicity of it all.

How is Payment Handled?

When you finish up all the steps of your Clash of Clans account sale one of our payment department staff will provide you with the account price previously agreed upon. Please note our payment process can take up to 24 hours, this is a rarity but we always inform our suppliers, simply to be transparent. We often use PayPal to handle our transactions, however, we do make exceptions for those of you who wish to build rapport with us. If you wish to do, please inform our staff before the transaction process begins. All aspects of the sale will be discussed before we begin the sale.

Can I Sell Clash of Clan Accounts safely?

Yes, we wouldn't be where we are today if our customers weren't protected. Customer care is extremely important to us. So you best believe, when you sell Clash of Clan accounts with Account Kings, we have your back. We've put in countless hours of hard work since our beginning in 2015 to ensure safety. Not to mention when you sell Clash of Clan accounts to us, you provide another customer with their dream account as well as security.

Value for Money

Every account provided by our suppliers is correctly priced, we do this to ensure that not a single soul leaves our site dissatisfied, or without what they deserve. We pride ourselves on our fairness, always ensure we reflect your work correctly with our pricing, and do so perfectly. So if you choose to sell Clash of Clan accounts with us, you will receive all you rightfully deserve! Don't forget, when you sell Clash of Clans Accounts with us, you provide a dedicated customer with their dream account.

Swift and Secure

Being efficient is essential to us here at Account Kings, because we know how high the demand for accounts can be. That's why we work quickly in order to keep up with all of our customer needs. Keep in mind, our speed doesn't take away from our safety procedures. We would never jeopardize a customer's safety for the sake of a quick sale. Implementing safety as well as speed is not the easiest thing to do, but we do it all for you guys! We constantly monitor our services to ensure we upkeep our high standards.

Account Kings Promise

We want to keep our customers smiling, whether it's in providing our outstanding accounts or just providing assistance. You could help us out! All you have to do is sell your Clash of Clans account! This in turn provides another of our awesome customers with their perfect account. Help us spread the joy today and request that quote! We also provide the buyers of these accounts with free insurance! Customer satisfaction doesn't end at the checkout.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my Clash of Clans account sale?

We use a ticketing system to carry out smooth running transactions every time. We do recognize, however, that our customers may encounter some issues along the way. So if this ever does occur, we will always refer you back to our 24/7 live chat for assistance. So when you sell Clash of Clan accounts with us, you're guaranteed safety and help along the way! You can find our live chat at the bottom right of our page, you'll see an icon and a dialogue box.

Safety first

Safety is and always will be essential, to us here at Account Kings. We will never stop ensuring our customers are secure, safe, and satisfied. We will provide you with all we can to ensure this. All our transactions will be carried out in accordance with our safety protocols because keeping our customers' happy means they can trust in the future for their gaming needs!

What are you waiting for?

We've shown you all we have to offer in the ways of safety for our customers, so we hope you're ready to start your journey with Account Kings. If you still need an extra push, we have one! When you join our team, you receive first-hand knowledge of sales, deals, and offers we will be running. So check it out for yourself today!