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We can never get enough of FFXIV accounts, which is why we're forever searching for more to keep our site stocked. So if you're here to sell FFXIV accounts, then get comfortable and we’ll help you through the entire process. To begin your selling process simply fill out one of the below forms. Once you've done so you will be contacted by one of our team. They will then ask you to provide any additional information needed for the account, once you've provided all of this, you can then begin the transaction. Our staff will be on hand throughout the entire process to assist you wherever needed.

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Provide Information

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Receive your Quote

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Who are we?

AccountKings, an established and trusted online gaming accounts provider. We're amongst the top competitors in our field. We're often keeping others on their toes due to our outstanding customer service and our unbeatable prices. We provide safety, support, and amazing offers for our customers. We've managed to perfect the balance of safety and speed while still being respectful of our customers' privacy. No one wants to be left waiting, but neither do they want to be scammed. So we've put in a lot of work to make sure our customers never encounter either of these issues.

24/7 Customer support

By providing a 24/7 live chat for our customers we can protect them from the dangers and waiting games that come with online purchases. All this whilst still allowing them to freely decide how their purchasing journey is carried out. Contact us whenever you need or don't. The choice is yours, but we’ll always be here to help you when you need us! In offering such a service we can avoid confusion, stress, and an overall bad experience. Which is exactly what we don't want for our customers.

What is FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer-online-role-playing game (MMORPG) part of the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix created and published the game in 2010, but it was forced to shut it down due to unfavorable feedback from the gaming community. Later, Square Enix was able to recreate the same game with numerous enhancements and re-release it in 2013 as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. FFXIV is set in the fictitious continent of Eorzea, 5 years after the events of the previous game, which was published in 2010. FFXIV currently has three expansions, with the latest one being added in 2019.

Why sell FFXIV accounts to Account Kings?

There are a few reasons why you should choose us. We don't take all of your time when you decide to sell Final Fantasy accounts. We also offer the best prices around. The third reason is usually quite appealing to our customers, that being we’re a great middle man. Not only can you sell FFXIV accounts fast, but you also don't need a third-party buyer! We will gladly purchase your account in no time, no waiting is necessary. So, why not get quick cash with us today?!

What type of FFXIV accounts can I sell?

We love to be spoiled for choice, so it's really quite difficult to find an account we don't want. We recognize our customers come from far and wide and have many different interests. For this reason, we recognize their taste in accounts may also vary. So we want to make sure we’re always fully stocked to keep all of our customers satisfied. If you wish to sell FFXIV accounts with us, simply head to “request a quote” to find out the value of your account. We're almost positive you'll love our offer. We will also add, we believe your work should not go unnoticed. For this reason, we will recognize any added attributes the account carries and the price will reflect this.

How can I sell FFXIV account to Account Kings?

It's simple. In order to sell Final Fantasy accounts to Account Kings follow these simple steps. Provide us with the needed account information. Once we receive the details of the account and are satisfied we would like to purchase it, you will receive a seller form. Fill that out, send it back, and then it's time to relax! We will soon be back in contact to provide you with your account quote and any details on how to make your transaction as safe and secure as possible.

How Is payment handled?

Once you sell FFXIV accounts with us, you will be shortly contacted by one of our payment department staff who will send you the agreed-upon amount. The payment process can take anywhere up to 24 hours, this is a rarity and you should be long on your way to spending your well-earned cash. We simply like to inform our customers of this fact before purchasing purely to be transparent. Most of our payments are handled via PayPal. If you wish to use another method to complete your transaction, we recommend building a good rapport with us. Alternative methods are often reserved for customers with a good standing reputation with us. If this is the case please inform our staff before the transaction begins of your desired method.

Can I sell FFXIV accounts safely?

Yes, we wouldn't be where we are today if our customers weren't protected. Customer care is extremely important to us. So you best believe, when you sell Final Fantasy accounts with Account Kings, we have your back. We've put in countless hours of hard work since our beginning in 2015 to ensure safety. Not to mention when you sell FFXIV accounts to us, you provide another customer with their dream account as well as security.

Value for Money

We provide top-quality accounts for the best prices on the market. We also buy them from our customers at amazing rates too! So anyone who wants to sell FFXIV accounts with us will receive an amount that correctly reflects the work put into it. Meaning any additional attributes the account holds, could get you extra cash!

Swift and Secure

With demands for accounts at an all-time high, we know we have to keep our eyes open for outstanding accounts. We also know time is money! So when you sell Final Fantasy accounts to us here at Account Kings, you won't lose either. Because we've perfected the whole process to allow you to get back to your day in no time! Don't let the sheer speed of our services have you thinking you're at any risk. We ensure safety with our transactions no matter how quickly we get things done. Earn what you deserve, and we’ll ensure the whole process is “Swift and Secure.”

Who can I contact if I have a question about my FFXIV account sale?

We always use a ticketing system to complete our transactions. However, if you're in need of additional assistance, head to our live chat. Our staff will be more than happy to help you find a solution! Why not get yourself acquainted with the team today! We're sure they'd love to help!

Safety First

Safety comes first in our book. We wouldn't want to see a customer in distress, so we prevent that at all costs with our safety procedures. Regardless of your needs when you visit our site, we’ll fulfill them and most importantly safely! So why not sit back, get yourself a quote and sell FFXIV accounts safely!

Account Kings Promise

We've told you all about our safety procedures and how we complete transactions in a timely manner. So we're pretty sure you'll be ready to click that “request a quote” button! Perhaps the little push you need is to let you know that your sale makes for another customer's dream purchase! We’ll even throw in free insurance on the account! So why not make another player's dream a reality? You'll be paid handsomely for it!

What are you waiting for?

We don't know what else we can say! We've informed you of our dedication to safety and speed. We've shown you all we have to offer and shown you how you can make fast money safely. So if you're still unsure after all about this? Joining the Account Kings family offers you a first look at our promotions, deals, and offers! Why not join today?!