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Selling Lords Mobile Accounts

A significant amount of dedication is needed to progress to the late game in Lords Mobile. However, those who have invested time and effort to develop a mighty account can reap the rewards by selling it with AccountKings. Our account buy-off service includes a thorough evaluation of your account's market value by a team of professionals. Find out how to sell your Lords Mobile Account at our LiveChat.

What is Lords Mobile?

IGG's Lords Mobile is a 2016 F2P video game that won the 'Best Competitive Game' title from Google Play Awards in the same year. The game offers in-app purchases and is said to have amassed over 200 million players, making it one of the few top-grossing strategy apps on Google Play and App Store. The game is focused on PvP, where players have to develop their base and strategize to destroy their opponent's base for resources. In addition, it offers various game modes, including world-building and role-playing.

Where can I sell my Lords Mobile Account? Why AccountKings?

As a provider of virtual assets, AccountKings has been satisfying customers all around the world since 2014. We initially just covered RuneScape but have now expanded to include other popular games such as League of Legends, Path of Exile, Fortnite, Warzone, Escape from Tarkov, Roblox, and many more. Because of our experience and relationships with reliable suppliers, we can differentiate ourselves as a trustworthy virtual assets trader. Many customers deem our service the best way to sell Lords Mobile Accounts, and you can read their testimonials at the bottom of the page.

How to sell a Lords Mobile Account safely with AccountKings?

Lords Mobile is home to its share of con artists like any other online marketplace. Although some vendors are less than honest, others work hard to avoid trouble. AccountKings is one such company that provides the best and most reasonably priced Lords Mobile sell account services on the web. In addition, customers can purchase our items on well-known websites like Sythe and PlayerAuctions. We have installed state-of-the-art safeguards to identify potential dangers and wipe them out before they can do any damage. We conduct frequent audits of these systems to ensure they do the job correctly. Customers' personal information is secure with AccountKings as we prioritize safety.

How do I sell my Lords Mobile Account?

We at AccountKings have invested effort and time to make our website a user-friendly account-selling platform. As a result of our actions, the Lords Mobile Account sale procedure can now be summarized in a few words. First, complete the form and click the "Request Quote" button to get started. In light of the current market conditions, our account professionals will swiftly determine the account's value and provide you with a rate. If you agree with the rate, we will demand your account credentials to check your account further. The agreed-upon funds will be sent to your payment account once our staff has determined the quality of the account. In addition, our 24/7 LiveChat is always available to answer additional questions on how to sell Lords Mobile Accounts.

Can I sell Lords Mobile Accounts of any type?

We constantly seek new accounts to add to our inventory and meet the demands of our consumers. Your account will be of particular interest to us if it has powerful gear, all heroes and familiars unlocked, and all buildings at their maximum level. We will also purchase any late-game Lords accounts and those featuring large quantities of Gems, Jewels, or resources. If the account is of high quality and our experts have confirmed its safety for our customers, we will buy it. For information on how much do Lords Mobile Accounts sell for, please inquire with our LiveChat.

How will I get compensated for my Lords Accounts?

As soon as the accounts team gives the green light to purchase your account, we will deposit the previously agreed-on cash to your PayPal account. Please note that there may be delays in receiving the funds regardless of when we send the payment. Our LiveChat support team is always available for questions about your Lords Mobile Account for sale.

Why does the Lords Mobile Account value change?

Gem prices, the main Lords currency, are reflections of the shifts in the market's supply and demand, just like in the real economy. These kinds of fluctuations are to be expected in a functioning market and should not cause alarm. However, to stay competitive, AccountKings has to adjust our rates according to these fluctuations. Nevertheless, customers needing quality, cheap Lords Mobile Account services will always come to us because we protect their privacy and put their interests above profit.

Can I always sell Accounts for Lords Mobile?

Due to the popularity of Lords Mobile and our dedication to satisfying our customers, we will gladly accept new accounts at any time. Regarding selling your Lords Mobile account, AccountKings is the best bet for getting compensated appropriately. We put our clients' needs over our own. Therefore, when you are ready to sell your gaming account, contact us, and we will provide you with a reasonable offer and pay you almost instantly when we confirm the sale.

Do I need to verify to sell Lords Mobile Accounts?

Account sellers on AccountKings must provide identification before going through with their sales. This rule is in place to prevent dishonest activities associated with selling accounts. Customers who do business with us and have perfect reputations do not need to have their identities verified. Also, remember that specific payment processors demand verification on their end as an industry standard. Please stop by our LiveChat if you have any problems or queries like 'how to sell Lords Mobile game Accounts without verifying?'.

What are 'Supplier' and 'Customer' accounts?

Both 'Supplier' and 'Customer' accounts are featured in our stock. In-house trainers develop all supplier accounts. When necessary, we create new accounts at the request of our clients. Alternatively, customer accounts come from reliable industry suppliers and individuals like yourself, offering Lords Mobile Accounts for sale. Each one of these accounts is carefully examined to ensure it meets AccountKings' stringent requirements. These accounts are later on displayed for purchase.

How do you fight scammers and fraud?

Our organization is dedicated to the safety of all financial transactions conducted on the premises. We have state-of-the-art sensors in place that can identify intruders and nullify their threats. In addition, our security staff is always looking for weaknesses in our security procedures to ensure no hiccups occur. Because of this, we can anticipate and avoid any threats that may arise. So if you are worried about how to sell Lords Mobile Account safely, stop, as we have you covered!

Who do I contact for help when I sell Lords Mobile Accounts?

If you have any queries or issues, our helpful support staff is available through LiveChat whenever you need them. You may use LiveChat by clicking the button at the bottom right of this page. Our help desk staff consists of knowledgeable individuals who will unquestionably address your concerns. So, do not worry about where to sell Lords Mobile Accounts at 3 AM; AccountKings has you covered!

How do I join the AccountKings Family?

By simply using our services, customers can instantly become part of one of the best sites to sell Lords Mobile Accounts on. This is the quickest way to establish their trustworthiness. The more well-known they are, the better off they will be, as AccountKings regulars often receive special deals that newcomers do not. The other way of becoming an AccountKings member is to create an account with us. Clients should remember that if they sign up for our email, they will be the first to hear about specials or events that we may have. So why not ask, 'how much is my Lords Mobile Account worth?' in LiveChat; we may have a sale running!