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Quality is key, so we only sell WOW BTC accounts of outstanding quality. Every account on our virtual shelves is vigorously tested to prevent any wrongdoings to us, our buyers, and our sellers. Every account is also instantly playable upon purchasing. All of our sellers are implicitly trusted by us, as we would never provide accounts we can not put our faith in. In doing these things we provide a safe environment for people to find their dream accounts! Each account is different from the last in order to provide a wider range for our customers to find their perfectly suited account.

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Select an Account

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Pay for your Order

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Receive your Information

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Enjoy your Account

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Who are we?

AccountKings, and we really are the king of our field. We are highly trusted in this business because we provide accounts and source them safely. Everything we do is to satisfy our customers. We will never provide you with an account that we haven't thoroughly inspected to ensure safety. In addition to all of this, we offer 24/7 support to allow a stress-free transaction. Protection is above all else because it allows for our customers to trust us. So if you're looking to buy WOW TBC accounts, you can do it safely here!

24/7 Customer Support

In order to keep providing our customers safety and support, we introduced our 24/7 live chat. By offering this service, we first of all show customers we care. Most importantly though, we give them a safe place to complete their transaction and assist them with any issues they may face. Drop by today and get yourself acquainted with the team! They're eagerly awaiting your message.

What is WOW TBC?

Burning Crusade is the first of the expansion packs which were set for the MMORPG WOW. Released on 16 January 2007, amazingly selling almost 2.4 million copies on its release date alone! Meaning at that time, it was the fastest-selling PC game to be released. An approximate 3.53million copies were sold in the first month! A whopping 1.9 million sold in North America, almost 2.6 million in Europe, and over 100,000 copies in Australia!

Why buy WOW TBC accounts from Account Kings?

We sell the best accounts on the market. We try and test our accounts long before sales take place to ensure customer safety. This means when you buy accounts with us you can rest easy. We’ll never put you in harm's way. We understand that when you buy WOW TBC accounts it can be worrying. So if you're on the fence regarding your safety or who's the best accounts provider, don't let us be the ones to convince you. Head to Trustpilot and check out our abundance of happy customer reviews!

What type of WOW TBC accounts can I buy?

If you can imagine it, chances are we have it! As we've mentioned we like to have a huge range available to our customers. We love to buy WOW TBC accounts, and we know our customers do too. So why not see for yourself the fantastic range available. We know it’d be damn hard for you to be left wanting! That’s because we always try to ensure customer satisfaction. We’re sure you’ll find something you love.

How can I buy WOW TBC accounts from Account Kings?

It’s really easy! We’ve worked and worked to perfect a customer-oriented, fast selling process. Here’s how you can complete a simple, fast, and safe transaction at AccountKings. Start by simply browsing our stocks, see something you like? Perfect! Add it to your cart. Once you’ve found all you need, head back to your cart and select your desired payment method. Then simply check out! Please keep in mind some of our payment methods require verification, however, this shouldn’t take you long to complete at all. You will soon be consumed by your new WOW TBC account! If you encounter any issues along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask our live chat staff for assistance.

Account Security

We can’t say it enough, customer safety matters! So we will always be by your side to ensure you get through your transaction happily. From the second you begin to browse, to the moment you log into your shiny new account, we will be there. For the sheer purpose of customer safety, we create our own accounts where possible. By doing so, we eliminate the possibility of our customers getting into trouble. We carry the full account credentials, meaning we know every detail of the account, so you can buy WOW TBC accounts safely! Now, that being said we must mention our resale accounts are awesome too! They go through an extensive testing process to ensure you get what you deserve. We don’t buy from just anyone, each of our sellers is a trusted friend of AccoutKings. Not convinced yet? How about free insurance with every account!

Instant Delivery

All of our accounts are ready for playing the second you buy. Purchase your ideal account and get immersed in the action instantly! We won’t keep you waiting around for anything. Hit that checkout button and see for yourself, just how fast we really are! We know you’ll be surprised when you buy WOW BTC accounts.

Is buying WOW TBC accounts safe?

Of course! We love our customers, so we only give them the best of everything we have to offer. We always keep our eyes open for new and improved ways to create an even safer environment for our buyers. We often like to put ourselves in your shoes, so we can see what a buyer needs and feels. In doing so we’ve been able to create an almost perfect environment. So relax, sit back and buy WOW TBC accounts with ease.

What if I can't find the type of WOW TBC account I like?

This is an extremely rare occurrence. However, if you do encounter this issue, we have solutions! If you really can’t afford to wait around, we advise you to head to our 24/7 live chat and request an ‘account request form’. Fill this out and send it back to us and we’ll inform you when your dream account is in stock. If however, you wish to keep browsing of your own accord, check back with us in a few days. We’re sure to have something of your taste.

How will my account be delivered to me once I order?

Once you hit ‘checkout’ you’ll receive an email. The contents will inform you of your new account information receipt followed by an ETA on your account. You will receive an additional email containing your account credentials also. If there are any issues along this road, please inform one of our live chat staff. They will point you in the right direction!

What are “Supplier” and “Customer” accounts?

Our “Supplier” accounts are created in-house, carefully, and skilfully prepared for your gaming pleasure! Each one is newly made and secured for your safety. We tailor all our supplier accounts to suit our customers' needs perfectly. “Customer” accounts are bought from our trusted sellers and are also sometimes known as resale. These accounts are meticulously combed through to ensure we do not miss a single thing that could be considered dangerous to our customers. Whoever chooses to sell WOW TBC accounts to us must be trusted by us wholeheartedly.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my WOW TBC account?

When you head to the bottom right of our site and see a dialogue box and icon, you’ve found the right place! This is our live chat. Where we fix any issues our customers encounter. Simply start a conversation and a member of our team will be with you shortly. When you buy WOW TBC, we want you to know we care.

What are you waiting for?

Seriously, what is it? We’ve shown you how great it all is! We really hope to see you as one of our buyers soon. To throw in an additional bonus, we offer all of our Account Kings family members first-hand knowledge of all that’s going on. Meaning you’ll be the first to know of discounts, deals, and offers. Are you buying yet?! You should definitely buy WOW TBC accounts today!