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Apex Legends Accounts

Posted 1 year ago

Sell Apex Legends Accounts

Apex Legends is an incredibly popular battle-royale game, and for many is seen as a successor to H1Z1, PUBG and Fortnite – the next in the cycle. It has a different approach to all the rest, with a unique sci-fi approach and more importantly characters with their specific classes. These classes merit different playstyles due to their different abilities and ultimates.

For example, the Bloodhound will reveal hidden enemies, traps, clues and it will show you the footsteps of your enemies. There’s even a class that releases toxic gas after being shot by an enemy, and another that sends out decoys purely to confuse and discover your enemies.

Why would you sell your Apex Legends accounts?

Apex Legends features many cosmetic items and a...

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Is Acckings Legit?

Posted 1 year ago

Is Acckings legit

The big question: Is Acckings Legit? Why should you trust us? What exactly prevents you from being scammed your money? In the following blog post we will address many of the concerns account buyers & sellers have regarding whether or not Acckings is legit.

#1) How do I know I will get paid for my account?

This is an easy one -> Most digital accounts are able to be recovered, it makes no sense for (us) as a company to attempt to scam an account that can simply be taken back from us : We will always payout when you sell your accounts to us!

#2) How do I know my account wont be recovered after I purchase?

Another common question, the answer is simply this: Acckings has invested in advanced anti-fraud systems to help detect online...

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Posted 1 year ago

Buying Runescape Gold with Rsgilded

Are you looking to buy Runescape gold through a trusted source at no cost to you? Rsgilded is a website that offers a unique service to all of it's visitors ; you can find safe Runescape gold sellers on it's website that have been verified with rsgilded admins. Rsgilded offers a way to compare every runescape gold sellers prices safely and easily; all you have to do is visit and scroll through the list of available gold sellers ; If you so wish you can sort their prices by lowest to highest for both OSRS gold and RS3 gold. The days of visiting half a dozen runescape gold websites to buy runescape gold or sell runescape gold are over ; Rsgilded is now your one stop shop when searching to buy and sell RS gold....

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Sell LoL Accounts

Posted 1 year ago

Sell LoL Account

Are you looking to sell your League of Legends account? You've come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss the process and fine details of selling your account. Whilst we operating our own account selling and buying services, this article will provide a comprehensive overview and provide the benefits of using a 3rd-party service, as they clearly exist and are popular for a reason.

Whether you're looking to sell your main because you're quitting and have moved on, or if you've got a few accounts you make for sale or have accumulated, this article has you covered!

What account types are desired? How is the value calculated?

Simply put, all accounts are desired. Regardless of the rank, there are always people who are going to want...

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Osrs mobile released!

Posted 1 year ago

Old School Mobile Release

On October 30th, Old School Mobile has been released for all players across all devices: Android and iOS, providing you meet the minimum requirements. The minimum requirements are iOS 10.0 or later (iPhone 5s+) and for Android, you require Android 5 (Lollipop) and higher,

The game launch has been very successful with it reaching the top 10 slots of the charts, and many players have subsequently returned after remembering the game from the childhood, or deciding to give it a try now there's an accessible mobile app. That said, all old player accounts have been wiped from their progress. On Old School Mobile release, a common complaint was they lost all of their stats, items and achievements from when they used to play around 10 years ago. This is...

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