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Buy Runescape Account

Posted 2 years ago

Buy RuneScape 3 Accounts

Ever wondered if you should buy a RuneScape 3 account? This article will cover the topic in-depth.

Why buy RuneScape 3 Accounts

It is well known that RuneScape 3 has been operating for around 20 years now, and most players are at the maxed or end-game stage, due to the length of the time the game has been released. Jagex has been focused on the end-game content to cater to the playerbase's needs.

Unfortunately, the best non-combat moneymaker is tanning dragonhide. This will yield you no experience at all in any skills, and requires a large start-up fund of hundreds of millions of GP - and it is a task where repetition is no stranger. The other moneymakers are based on high-level combat that require extensive training to reach and...

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Buy Old School Runescape Accounts

Posted 2 years ago

Why buy an Old School RuneScape Account?

Should you buy an Old School RuneScape account you will have endless opportunities. In Old School RuneScape, you can not experience the entire game without having multiple different accounts: you have your main account which is all excellent, but you're still missing out on the exciting PvP world and Ironman account doing end-game content. You can expand on this: you can purchase an account and use it to generate money for you as an alt, for example doing Vorkath or God Wars Dungeon, and use it to fund your main account.

Now, as we're sure you'll realize, it is far easier to buy OSRS Accounts to jump directly to the content you actually want. This is because there's tons of different PVP builds that have constraints such as having 1...

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