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This is the Acckings blog where we write about gaming and accounts.

osrs mobile

Posted 4 years ago

Old School RuneScape Mobile

With Old School RuneScape Mobile being in an open capped beta and having soft launches for Android, there's no better time to get into Old School RuneScape. This article will cover the release of OSRS Mobile and its impact on the game, so keep on reading out to find more!

How do I play Old School RuneScape Mobile?

Currently, OSRS Mobile is in open beta for Android. If you have membership, you can go to the Google PlayStore and should be able to download OSRS mobile for free! However, it is "capped" meaning not everyone will be able to download but they are constantly increasing the user limits to allow more people to have access as they receive more and more feedback.

There's also a soft launch for the Nordic region as well as...

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Selling Fortnite Accounts

Posted 5 years ago

Sell Fortnite Accounts

At, we are more than happy to purchase Fortnite accounts. While the game is completely free-to-play, there can be a lot of value associated with an account. For example, your level and wins is something other people will desire to show off to their friends. In addition, micro-transactions are involved in the game, and due to people wanting skins that are no longer available or no longer attainable due to the seasons changing, the items age like fine wine as long as they are not introduced, meaning you could be paid more than what you initially bought the skin for depending on availability in the market.

If you no longer play the game or have an alt account you no longer use, you may as well sell it and get something out of it rather than...

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League of Legends

Posted 5 years ago

Sell League of Legends Accounts

If you want to sell a League of Legends account, we have you covered here at! It does not matter if the account was your main account you no longer play on, whether it's a smurf or an alt created to be sold, will offer to buy your account.

Irregardless of your region, level/rank, number of champions or riot points, we will buy your account!

Why go with will serve as a middleman between you and a potential buyer. The best part being is that we will buy your account instantly after you accept our offer, you do not have to wait for anyone to buy your account or interact with them!

This serves you, someone who wishes to sell a LoL account, with various advantages. The main...

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Selling Runescape accounts

Posted 5 years ago

Sell RuneScape Accounts

If want to sell a RuneScape 3 account, you have arrived at the correct destination! Whether you have a maxed main and have quit the game and moved on, or an alt you don't have any usage/time for any longer, or you have created an account for sale: you have arrived at the correct destination to sell RuneScape accounts!

Why sell with is one of the only websites on the entire website where you're covered when selling through PayPal or Skrill (our payout methods) - for more information our payout methods, please visit:

The reason is if you sell through Sythe or another similar forum/account selling marketplace on the internet, even with a middleman, the person can charge-back a...

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Buy Fortnite Account

Posted 5 years ago

Buy Fortnite Accounts

Here at, we sell Fortnite accounts for our thousands of customers. In this article we will explore why many people choose to buy Fortnite accounts and list the advantages for you.

What are the advantages of purchasing a Fortnite account?

Those of you who play Fortnite regularly will know that Fortnite operates in seasons. This means that skins and emotes from previous seasons are removed from the store and you can not ever have the chance to purchase them again unless you happen to receive a bit of luck and they are brought back, and even then, the skins you want may not ever come back. This is how the game makes money from it being Free to Play - exclusive skins and emotes.

On top of that, while playing Fortnite is enjoyable...

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