Ascent Valorant: Strategy, Tactics, Call-outs, and More

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Welcome to another AccountKings blog installment! Within this article, we will focus on Valorant, more specifically, the Ascent map. First, let's take a look at the layout of Ascent, so you can better create strategies.

Ascent in Valorant - Map and Layout

A Site Layout and Map

This map is segmented into two halves, with A Site containing an abandoned church with a rift floating above. This causes the fragments to tremble, appearing frozen in time.

There is little Rafianite to be found on Valorant Ascents A Site, with only a single processed Radianite available in the Spikes explosion radius. This leads us to believe that another source is available, such as the rift.

How is Mid Set Up?

In Mid, to keep true to the Venice location, there are Mid Pizza (Pizzeria de Marzio) and Mid Market. Players can also find Mid Courtyard and Mid Catwalk to be overtaken by Kingdom, meaning Radianite crates are present more frequently here.

The Catwalk ticket booth indicates Kingdom capitalizes from the abandoned A Site church. You will also find a Fish Shop (Mercato Del Pesce) and a faded sign believed to advertise Hotel Beval San Marco.

B Site Areas and Assets

Within B Lobby, you can find a large mural of an octopus holding up a key, accompanied by a small stall signed by Negozio De Esche (Bait Shop). The upper walls in B Main showcase walls of sea life paintings as well as a storage room and stock garage door leading into the Bait Shop.

On the entrance between B Main and B Site, the sign for the Fish Market can be seen. Upon entering B Site, you'll notice a small construction zone equipped with tools, boat schematics as well as a workbench.

The Workshop's rear exterior wall showcases the mural of a dragon, believed to greet travelers that dock their boats in the harbor. You will also notice the Kingdom's presence in the scattered Radianite crates, cameras, and large poster of a giraffe.

The B Boat House shelters residents' boats, suggesting a river was close to B Site before the city rose. There is also a large rift similar to that of the one in A Site. This one has obliterated the building above the B Boat House, though the building held no unique features, leading us to believe it doesn't hold the same importance as its counterpart.

Where is Ascent Located in Valorant?

Ascent is one of nine maps in the game, located floating above Venice, Italy. The map offers an array of strategies, as well as call-outs for players to utilize, both of which are factors that have gained the map quite some popularity. So, let's dive into the good stuff! Let's explore the Ascent map in Valorant in-depth, so you can better your gameplay and secure more victories.

The Ascent map is a map that needs a lot of mid-area attention. The large open space allows players to access all Spike Sites almost immediately; however, the large number of choke points can create a difficult environment for Attackers. Due to this, the map is often favored by Defenders; this guide will showcase the best way to utilize the map for the win.

Ascent Valorant - What Callouts to Use in Site A?

The A segment of the Valorant Ascent map is riddled with corners, making checking all of them near impossible. This is what first creates difficulty in attacking or retaking the spike site. We have found the best agents to use in this area are Initiator Agents (Killjoy is a good example) for defense and Duelist Agents (Raze) for the attack.

Best Strategies for Attacking Valorant Ascent A Site

The first thing you will want to consider when playing Attack in this map is the routes to attack—going straight from A Lobby to A Main, or your second option, from Mid Catwalk to A Link. Using the first is recommended, as despite the choke you must pass through, it is relatively safer, but you must be ready to charge through.

For the best chances when on the attack, you'll need a good Duelist and controller. Your controller can smoke off essential areas such as Door, Heaven, Hell, etc.; meanwhile, your Duelist can rush other areas, collecting fragments and easing the team's efforts to get the Spike Site.

Once the Spike is in place, it's vital that you defend the main angles from potential attacks. So keep your eyes on Heaven, and keep a lookout on potential flanks from A main or Door. By smoking A Rafters, you can create a safe access point to the Site via Window or A Main; this can be especially effective after the Spike is just planted, as it will create an extremely challenging environment for the opposing team.

How to Defend A in Valorant Ascent?

Due to the design of Ascent in Valorant, Defense is fairly straightforward. In addition, the design allows Defenders to use the most efficient methods of rotating to the Spike Site from their location on the map. Typically, a team has 2-3 Agents covering the team's Spike, and you may also consider changing up the position of yourself and your teammates to avoid being spotted by the opposing team.

Because of the A Lobby design, it is easier to flank Catwalk and skirmish there as opposed to Mid Link, so it is vital to be cautious when rushing the area. Keep communications with your Mid players open, as without it, you will lose out on intel.

Callouts in B - Valorant Ascent Map

Now that we've touched on the A Spike Site let's move on to the B design. This Site is halved by the Workshop in the center, adding a small level of difficulty.

Ascent in Valorant Attacking B

When you begin your attack on B site, make sure to have team members in B Main and Mid; you'll also want to use smoking and mollying in some areas to push defenders back. Doing so in areas such as Defender Spawn/CT, Market, and the Boat House can help you secure the Spike Site. Because of B's more open area feel, Defenders can rotate easily, giving the upper hand. So, you should rush the opposing team as soon as you acquire the frag.

It is vital you keep your eyes on enemies whenever possible, so scope out B Lane and Stairs for hiding spots to take them down. You should also use your Agent abilities to clear essential areas like Wallbang; doing so can only benefit your endgame.

Defending B Site in Valorant Ascent

Your primary focus when defending B site should be B Main, as this is your opponent's main entrance to initiate attacks. Defending this area and pushing back enemies can secure you an easy win without the hassle of an up-close battle. By using Initiator Agents like Soba or KAY/O and their reveal abilities, you can see enemy movement and keep things under wraps.

Due to the setup of this area, defending the Spike Site can prove difficult. So it's crucial you focus on keeping control of the Mid; if you are feeling the pressure of the enemy team, make sure your defense is heightened. Use the arrival of other players in rotation to your advantage; try not to go for risky plays without backup.

Ascent Valorant - Best Agents for The Attack

Knowing the map and the strategies is all well and good, but you'll need to be smart with your agent choices too. So, for the Attacking team, you'll want to use some of the following:

Because of the choke upon entering, using Breach is always a good call. His ability to flash and stun can be the key to entering the battle. Omen is also a good contender, as his smoke ability is an essential for this play. You'll want to have someone with speed on their side, so Jett is also a great option, as her ability to dash in and start the chaos is sure to be helpful. Lastly, you're going to want to flush out the opposing team, so an agent like Raze should be perfect for the role.

Ascent Valorant - Best Agents for The Defense

To ensure you can defend the territory well and take the win, you'll want to have the correct agents on your side.

Skye is great for throwing flashes and overting enemy attention; this strategy should provide an opening to allow your team to take the Site. Breach can also be a good selection, as his Aftershock attack can easily clear our enemies. Your true defenders lie within Agents like Sova and Killjoy. Sovas Shock Arrows deal hefty damage to tip the odds of a round in your favor. Jetts' skills can also be significant assets in Valorant Ascent Mid, covering site lines to hold the defense.

Tips and Tricks for Dominating in Ascent Valorant

Once you have your defense and attack strategy under control, you'll want to know some of the tricks of the trade. So, let's get into it!

In the early stages, you'll want to focus on controlling Mid, as this is the most important area of the Ascent map. Ensuring you have this area under wraps from the start can increase your chance of a win.

A 4-man Mid setup strategy can be beneficial for defenders, especially during eco rounds. As for attackers, don't underestimate intel-gathering abilities and just how far they can get you when striving for a win.

You may also want to set up a crossfire; the Ascent map in Valorant offers players an abundance of angles for effective takedowns. Not only that, but you can trade frags should your partner be taken down.

Focus on covering as many entrances as your team can manage; this map is riddled with them, so you'll need to secure your position. You won't be able to cover them all simultaneously, so ensure your team is vigilant and rotates regularly. A Sentinel Agent would be beneficial in this instance; their traps can push the team for a win.

Ascent Valorant FAQs

How do I get a better understanding of the Ascent map?

Try talking to the NPCs surrounding the area, not only can they offer side quests, they can also provide you with some much needed insight about the map itself.

How Can I Secure More Wins?

Experiment with the gear available in-game. Despite some items being heavily recommended for certain aspects, each player finds their own niche and yours may be lying in wait amongst the game's many wearable items.

How Can I Acquire Rare Items?

There are numerous ways to get your hands on some of Valorants rarer items, though there is no guarantee you will receive these items first time round, or at all. But a great way to try and build your collection is shopping with vendors. Many vendors often carry at least one unique item, so make sure you check out their collections for a chance to get what you need.

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