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It’s your call to control the map and foes with Brimstone in Valorant. He’s a natural leader who will take the Controller position to a whole new level with his abilities and kit. Brimstone is a perfect match for players looking for a smoke playstyle that balances accessibility to newcomers and veterans alike in Valorant. He’s an easy-going pick, for all the unmatched utility he can bring to the battle, and the tools he uses to take his team to glory. Let’s learn more about him!

Brimstone Valorant Abilities

Learning the Controller role can be tricky, especially considering different agents you can find with their unique kits. Valorant’s Brimstone is a great place to start since he is easy to understand and will pave the way to mastering the role. To know how to play him, you must first learn more about his abilities. So, let’s take a look at those, and what exactly they do:

Stim Beacon (C)

This ability will toss down a stim beacon in front of you, granting an increased movement speed and rapid-firing bullets. Stim Beacon can affect your team and opponents equally in a delimited area, so using it wisely and at the right time is important. Valorant’s Brimstone buff will issue teammates with a +10% Equip Speed, +15% Fire Rate, +10% Reload Speed, +10% Recovery Speed, and +15% Speed Boost. This ability has a duration of 12 seconds, it costs 200 points, and you can only use it once per round.

Incendiary (Q)

Brimstone will equip a grenade launcher once you activate this ability. He will throw a grenade to the selected nearby location; when it reaches the floor, it will detonate, creating a lingering fire zone that damages players within range of the ability. It will last up to 7 seconds at the maximum size and cost 250 points.

Signature - Sky Smoke (E)

A big part of being a Controller is taking visibility, or lack of it seriously to take advantage or to run away depending on the situation, and the signature ability of Brimstone in Valorant is exactly smoke and block the vision. When you activate this ability, it will equip you with a tactical map where you can select the locations to fire the smoke clouds. After you confirm the location, it will launch a long-lasting smoke cloud, blocking the vision. You will have three charges per round with a duration of 19.25 seconds for each smoke cloud, and it will cost you 100 points.

Ultimate - Orbital Strike (X)

Like his signature, when you activate the Brimstone Valorant Ult, you will be equipped with a tactical map to select a location to launch a lingering orbital strike laser. This is a distance ultimate that will deal high damage over time to players in the chosen area. You can launch it when it’s ready, and those enemies inside the area will suffer from the laser. It costs you 8 ultimate points and will deal 20 damage per tick. Moreover, the duration of Brimstone’s ultimate is 3 seconds, and it has 6.67 ticks for every second.

How To Play Brimstone Valorant

The process of learning a new agent can take time. Still, since Brimstone is accessible to all types of players who want to incursion into the Controller archetype, it won’t take long to understand the role of Brimstone since his kit is easy to use. It will give you the ability to control the map and have an advantage during the matches.

While playing as Brimstone, you will have to think about the right time to use your ability. It’s a waste of time and points using his kit at the beginning of the match, since in these moments, you won’t need to fight to assert dominance. It is, however, a great chance to use Stim Beacon at these stages because it’s perfect for quick pushes and reaching a location quickly. You must first understand though, that the range of this ability is short. Valorant’s Brimstone will only toss down this beacon in front of him, so your teammates should be near to get the buff from it. Another excellent way to use it is when you are repositioning or escaping; with the granted buff, you will be able to reach the location faster and help your teammates.

The situations where you can use the Incendiary grenade are wider than the Stim Beacon. However, they’re both a temporary measure with the same purpose: repositioning or dominating an area of the map. It’s an option to deal some damage to test the water before entering with your team and starting a fight. Moreover, Incendiary is perfect to cause foes to retreat or to allow you to cover your back; either way, it is a great way to block a path from a definite rush.

Combining Incendiary with Orbital Strike is perfect since it can give you time post-planting to delay the defused or prevent enemy agents from reaching your location. The combination of Incendiary with Brimstone’s Valorant Ult is great because of all the space covered by both abilities; moreover, they will deal a lot of damage and stay in place for a long time. A good way of using these abilities together is to first use the ultimate and then the Incendiary to follow the steak and keep the enemies away. You must avoid the fight until you reach your objective; staying alive is vital.

Sky Smoke is Brimstone’s signature ability, and it’s precise and perfect for most post-planting situations. Brimstone in Valorant has the longest-lasting smoke in-game, giving him a significant advantage over other Controllers. It's essential that you use them wisely and strategically during a match, as you only get three per round. Typically, it's best if you don't use the smokes in the first minutes of a round, as visibility and understanding of the situation are key at this point. However, this is not always the case, as some situations will call for the ability. For instance, helping an ally rush or escape would be good cause for the move set in the early stages. Usually, two smokes are enough to gain control over a location; sometimes, more isn’t always the best way to make it.

You can follow the smokes by counting in your head and see if you actually need to keep control of the area; this will change the fate of the round in seconds. You will force enemy agents to play and clear angles from a limited location, and blocking the view from a path for around 40 seconds is enough to get some kills and push into planting the spike or defusing, depending on the side you are at the moment.

When it comes to your Orbital Strike, simply dropping it won't help you at all. This is an ability that will allow you to inflict a ton of damage on opponents in mere seconds, but trying to catch or kill enemies on the map can cause time delays and make you an easy target; so ensure you find a balance between deploying and protecting yourself. Brimstone is focused on taking control of the areas, so if you want to avoid people getting close to the Spike, using his ultimate is a great way to do so. It’s not only about damage, but you can use it when someone is defusing since you know the location, and it will be enough to make agents retreat or die in the area of effect. It’s an ability that can give you time to move or to keep your guard up.

Valorant Agent Brimstone FAQ

A considerable portion of learning about a new agent or introducing yourself into the game is the process you must go through to master agents, techniques, and get your head around the maps. It’s a path, often littered with several doubts that can confuse you, but fortunately for our readers, we are here to answer all your questions, so let’s begin!

Is it easy to master Brimstone in Valorant?

Brimstone is one of the most accessible agents to master since he’s beginner-friendly, and his kit is accessible to most newcomers who are still discovering Valorant.

Is there any recent nerf for Valorant’s Brimstone?

No, there have been no recent nerfs with this agent, though you may have noticed he recently received a buff for the AoE on Sky Smoke. This isn't to say there won't be more to come in future updates; but for now, there is no such luck.

Brimstone Valorant Summary

If you are looking for a way to get into a Controller position and practice your skills, Brimstone is an agent you simply can’t overlook. He has a unique way of controlling the location and clearing the angles, so it’s a pick you should consider while playing Valorant. Besides, he’s not just a Controller who has to be deep into the battlefield; he can do amazing plays with strategies and tactic movements. Moreover, check out all the Valorant accounts we have on sale on our site, featuring unique skills and much more. That’s all for now from AccountKings, but don’t forget to check our blog section for more guides like this. See you in the following guide.

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