Chamber in Valorant - Well Dressed and Weapons Galore

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Valorant is packed with exceptional agents, but none can quite live up to the suaveness of Chamber in Valorant. Taking on opponents with this aggressive Sentinel agent is a sure fire way to take the win for your team, but you'll first need to master the power of him; fortunately, AccountKings is here to teach you how to do just that. We'll cover abilities, buffs, weapons, and more to ensure that when you take on your next battle, you soar to success. So, let's take a look at what exactly you'll need to master Valorant's Chamber.

Chamber in Valorant - Understanding the Agent

Before we dive into some of the more detailed areas of mastering this Agent, let's take a look at some of the key points about Chamber. This well-dressed and better-armed Agent is fueled by aggression and offers deadly accuracy to any team. His custom arsenal allows the player to hold down the fort and make kills from afar, allowing the rest of the team to strategize and carry out their jobs with ease. He is described as suave, nonchalant, professional and smug, all while still retaining some comedic features.

You should also consider his skills and what you will be doing when in the position of Attacker or Defender:

Skills: Headhunter. Trademark, Teleporter (Rendezvous), Tour de Force.

Attacker Role: Use Headhunter to pick off enemies, make use of Trademark to control areas and reposition using Teleporter.

Defender Role: Again, make use of Headhunter, this time to hold angles. Trademark can be used to zone and make quick rotations with Teleport.

To best understand how you can put these skills to use in either role, let's break down what they can actually do for you:

Valorant Chamber Abilities: Attack and Defence

Headhunter - This is Chamber's signature weapon and any sniper's dream. When activated, this heavy pistol can use 'Alt Fire' to aim down sights. You can use it to hold long angles or to get crucial opening picks. The versatility of this ability makes it excellent for aggressive and passive players alike.

Trademark - This skill is used by equipping a trap that scans for enemies. Place it on the ground by firing it, and when an enemy comes into range, the trap will begin a countdown; once this countdown reaches completion, the terrain surrounding the Trademark will be destabilized. This will cause a lingering effect that slows enemies caught within it. These can be placed on common entry points or chokepoints, allowing for the accumulation of intel and area denial. By slowing enemies and providing intel, the Trademark ability gives Chamber in Valorant an excellent tool for any team. Once the trap has done its job, it can be picked up and redeployed.

Teleporter (Rendezvous)- Chambers teleport in Valorant allows you to make quick rotations between sites, avoid close calls and find better angles; the diversity of this ability will undoubtedly keep your enemies on their toes and always guessing. Simply equip the teleport anchor and fire it to place it in the desired location; you can then reactivate it to teleport swiftly to the anchor, which can then be picked up and redeployed similarly to Trademark.

Tour de Force - This is Chamber's ultimate ability, which empowers his Headhunter skill. It can be utilized to dominate sightlines and pose a challenge for multiple enemies simultaneously. Not to mention the increased damage and utility it offers; a true game changer. Activate this ability, and you'll summon a powerful, custom sniper rifle that can kill an enemy instantly, providing you make a direct hit on the upper body. This can also be Alt Fired to aim down sights, similar to the other Chamber Gun in Valorant. If you successfully down an enemy using this ability, you will create a lingering field that slows any enemies caught in its radius.

Attack Strategies - If you're playing in the attack stane, make use of Headhunter to secure opening picks and create space for you and your team. Deploy Trademark to block opponents' rotations and collect intel. Finally, Teleporter can be used to change attack points instantly and confuse defenders.

Defense Strategies - Use Headhunter to hold crucial angles in defense and force opponent attackers to change up their approach. Use Trademark to zone and prevent your enemies from pushing forward, and Teleporter can be used for rapid rotations, allowing you to be where you're most needed without delay.

Chamber Strengths and Weaknesses

As with any agent in Valorant, Chamber has his own set of strengths and weaknesses; let's explore those so you can not only strike hard and fast but protect any weak spots and make the most of every match,

Strengths - We've pretty much covered his strengths in discussing his abilities in general, but thanks to his Headhunter ability, he is exceptional with both pistol rounds and eco, and his teleport ability gives him a uniqueness, as he is the only Agent in-game with such a power. Chamber in Valorant is also one of only three agents with a trip to watch for enemy flanks.

Weaknesses - Despite all of the positives of this Agent, you will be required to have an extremely balanced playstyle to make the most of him and his abilities; you'll also need to be extremely attentive to notice the switch in atmosphere and swap between being the aggressor and the defender. Getting to grips with the Teleporter ability can also be a tedious learning curve, as players unfamiliar with this skill can actually go out of range, dying as a result. Lastly, if your enemies are using Agents like Jett or Neon, they could entirely bypass the lingering slow caused by your Ultimate, so ensure you keep a watchful eye on foes during battle.

Overall, the most important thing to remember when choosing Valoran't Chamber is that balance is key. You must take the good with the bad and find a way to carry out your role in a match while staying vigilant and knowing when to switch up your playstyle. Fortunately, our next topic of discussion is the tips and tricks you can utilize to ensure you find that balance and secure win after win.

Chamber in Valorant - Tips and Tricks to Take Home a Win

As well as understanding what he brings to the table, you'll want to have some more knowledge on the best strategies for success. So below, we have compiled some of the best tips to carry you to success. Take a look:

Purchase Chamber's Kit - Valorant's Chamber has one of the cheapest kits in-game, so if you can do so, purchase it before you get into honing your skills. This accompanied with his Ultimate and Headhunter, makes him an even more dangerous force to be reckoned with. Even after you make the purchase, providing you have a decent credit supply, you'll have tons left over to get some additional weapons for your team.

Aim high - Use the Teleporter skill to access high ground in battle and create some unique angles, most of which your enemies will not expect. We also recommend pairing this move with weapons such as the Vandal of an Operator; this will allow you for some extremely easy early picks.

Utilize your aggression strike while the iron is hot - Many other Valoran Sentinels are best used when playing back or holding safe spaces; this is not the case for Chamber in Valorant. Instead, use Teleporter to take aggressive peeks. It's advised to take advantage of this at site main entrances, peeking into middle areas or alternate entrances; however, you will typically find this method useful at any point with long sight ranges, as this will allow for early peeking locations to be scouted out.

Fake out with Trademark - You can also use this ability, even when using it incorrectly. You can place the Trademark in your usual or preferred position and then find a good vantage point. Your opponents will want to destroy the tool to prevent being hit with the slow, so if you place the equipment and find a good line of sight, you've got an excellent opportunity to take some opponents down.

Chamber Valorant FAQ

At AccountKings, we like to ensure our readers are well-informed and ready for anything that their gaming journey throws at them. So, to ensure that is the case when playing Chamber, we have created a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Agent; take a look:

Does Chamber have any buffs?

In Valorant, Chamber's Buff centers around his Headhunter and Tour de Force abilities. When in action, the Tour de Force's fire rate is increased to 0.9 from the previous 0.7, and Headhunter's cost is decreased to 100 credits, formerly 150.

Is this Agent challenging to master?

Yes, Valorant's Chamber is considered one of the hardest agents to master, given his differences from other Sentinels. However, it goes without saying that despite this difficulty, Chamber is one of the best agents in terms of defense and easily allows teams utilizing him to dominate the game.

Is this a good agent for beginners?

Given the fact we've already acknowledged the Chamber in Valorant is difficult to master, it may seem obvious he's not for beginners; but we don't believe this to be the case. Since Chamber can teleport, and Valorant is fast-paced and action-packed, regardless of your choice of Agent, he can actually be beneficial to beginners. That's not to say you'll become an instant expert, but you'll certainly get to experience the game in full momentum.

Into Battle

With your Knowledge of Chamber in Valorant at an all-time high, there's no better time to get into the game and put your skills to the test. We have no doubt that the advice provided will launch you into expert territory, allowing you to secure win after win. If you'd prefer to try your hand in Valorant with another agent, check out our blog section and find guides covering Gekko, Reyna and many more. Or, if you'd rather have a more laid-back experience, take a look at our Valorant account range and find ready leveled accounts and agents with unmatched skill. That's all for now, AccountKings readers; we'll be back with our next article soon so you can continue to excel in your gaming journey.

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