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Get ready for another AccountKings adventure; as this week, we're taking a look at another of Valorant's agents. We'll discuss the weapons, battle abilities and everything else you'll need to risk it all as Clove in Valorant. As the twenty-fifth agent, and sixth Controller to hit the game, Clove's kit is jam packed with surprises, some even allowing you to absorb the life energy of a dead opponent to take a temporary health and haste situation. An agent that disrupts the meta by applying debuffs to the enemies, with a possibility to resurrect themself, with their decisive abilities will lead you to an inevitable victory by playing them the right way, so let’s break everything down!

Clove Abilities Valorant

Valorant’s Clove is a Controller who can turn the tables of a round in the blink of an eye, even after elimination. If you are an aggressive player who likes to get inside the chaos, Clove will be your perfect companion, whether you take the position of Attacking or Defending. Moreover, you don’t need to be a professional to enjoy playing with Valorant Agent Clove since it’s an excellent option for newcomers or rookie players. Even without the experience, you can bet this agent will help you advance on the offense in each match. Now, without further delay, let's check out the kit they bring to the table:

Pick-Me-Up (C)

The type of ability you find useful to stay alive since brings such value to your plays while you are at the edge of the battle. You can squeeze all the potential from Pick-Me-Up, but you must understand this dedicated ability keeps Clove alive. This ability offers the chance to absorb the life force of an enemy, that you have damaged or killed; but note that you can only activate it after assisting with or getting your own elimination. Granting you haste and a temporary health buff: 100 health, 50 shield and 15% increased movement speed. It costs 100 credits, and you only have one charge per round.

Meddle (Q)

Clove in Valorant will equip a fragment of immortality essence, that you can throw since it's a grenade-type ability. Using Meddle will apply a decay debuff on the affected opponents; however, this effect will apply to your allies if they are within the area of effect when you throw it using your Fire button. Decay will temporarily lower the maximum health of your opponents, but it will take time to recover after the effect is applied. Clove can use this devastating ability on other agents to reduce health between 60 and 90 points, depending on the agent. Meddle costs 250 credits, and you can use it once per round.

Signature - Ruse (E)

With this ability, you can see the bigger picture of the battlefield. The mini map will expand to let you set the location to deploy one or both smokes over a selected area. But that’s not all, if you move, the smoke created will move with you, adapting to a new position. When you select the location on the enlarged map, a preview of the radius covered by the smoke will show, and then you must confirm to deploy the ability. Clove in Valorant can use their signature even in the afterlife, so you will be useful even if you die in the early moments of the round. The smoke lasts 13.5 seconds and has a recharge time of 30 seconds, if you use only one. You can use this ability twice or have two smoke clouds per round, costing 150 credits.

Ultimate - Not Dead Yet (X)

If all the chaos that Valorant’s Clove brings to the battlefield isn’t enough, they can resurrect themselves from the dead and cause more damage to your opponents. Of course, this is not a definitive resurrection like Sage’s ultimate, but Clove can come back from the dead to look for assistance or a kill if they want to keep playing the round. This ultimate only activates when you are dead, and you must run against the clock to deal some damage before the time ends. You will have 12 seconds to get an assistance or a kill if you want to stay on the map, but if not, they will reappear in the next round. You can use this ability once per round, costing 7 Ultimate points.

How to Play as Clove Valorant

Clove’s kit allows you to dance at the edge of the action while devastating your enemies with their combo; however, it’s key to understand how their kit works to make a synergy between abilities and teammates. As while Clove is a beginner-friendly agent, you will still be required to gain a better understanding of them to get those wins in the bag.

One key factor while using Clove is to communicate with your teammates because you can affect them while using Meddle, and using Ruse when your allies are far away will lose the effectiveness of your abilities after death. Moreover, besides you being a Controller, Valorant is a game focused on working as a team. Without their support, you can throw away the possibility of resurrecting when using Not Dead Yet.

Pick-Me-Up is great because it will grant you a boost on health and shield when you activate it; however, this won’t fill these agent’s stats since it’s only a temporary buff. The maximum you can expect from this ability is 100 health and 50 additional shields while the buff is activated. Once the timer is off, this buff on your health and shield will get back to the amount you previously had. Beware when you use this ability because if you receive healing from your teammates, this buff will cancel its effect immediately. Clove in Valorant gets a Buff in her movement speed as well; this will be a plus from all you can do using Pick-Me-Up.

Pick-Me-Up is an ability to use when you feel you are losing a fight and want to rotate to gain an advantage. Also, consider using this ability when you feel the pressure of having a 2v1 or having a bad time delivering your shot; this way, you can run away or cover up. Moreover, this will be useful if you want to get into the action since you will gain extra health and a shield. You can run into the eye of the Hurricane and defeat your opponents.

On the other hand, knowing how to use Meddle and combining this ability with the others in your kit is essential. This is considered an overpowering ability since applying decay is almost guaranteed death for enemy agents or your teammates. It’s a great ability when you use it in synergy with your team; if you want to make an aggressive push or gain control over a location on the map, it’s the best option. Playing Clove in Valorant requires concentration and knowledge of how to use the angle. You can use Meddle on walls, which only activates when it hits the ground. You can combine this ability with Ruse to re-engage while having Pick-Me-Up ready to activate. With this combination, you can create a recipe for disaster.

Your signature ability allows you to crowd control since it will create an area of effect that enemy agents will avoid. You can switch the ability and pass it over to a teammate while dead. You can activate this ability after death, but it won’t be the full version, and the smoke will cover a smaller area of the effect. One way to master Valorant Agent Clove is to learn how to use one-way smokes. Using the smoke to block a path will grant your team a significant advantage over your enemies.

The one-way smoke relies on blocking a route to your enemies, disrupting the movements they can make on the map. This will reduce the options, allow you to gain map control and secure an advantageous location. This technique will increase the chances of converting each round and winning the match. If you want to thrive using Ruse, you must consider factors like map layout, chokepoints, routes, and the most used path in each scenario.

Not Dead Yet takes the resurrection mechanic to another level because you won’t apply this to a teammate but yourself after death. What makes this ability even more unique is that you can only use your ultimate when you are already dead; communicating with your teammates is crucial for using this mechanic to the best of its ability. You will get up to 2 seconds max instability effect when you revive Clove in Valorant, and if your teammates are nearby, you will get a considerable advantage to complete the ability’s terms. The timer will start after the intangibility ends, so make sure you are close to the fight with your team to deal damage or make a kill as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to return to the map again that round.

Valorant Agent Clove FAQ

With all your possibilities with Valorant’s Clove, it is fair you have some questions spinning in your head since they’re not the easiest agent to master. So, let's put any of your doubts to rest by answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this agent?

What are Valorant Clove Buffs?

Clove won’t apply buffs to others but themself. The most useful is when you activate Pick-Me-Up, which grants you 100 health, 50 shield and 15% increased movement speed for a short time. However, using Meddle, they can apply Decay debuff to their enemies or teammates.

Did Clove in Valorant get a nerf in recent updates?

No, Clove didn’t receive a Nerf in recent updates. They got several bug fixes related to their abilities that show animation, or trigger some random situations to some players while using them.

Clove Valorant Agent Conclusion

Dancing with Death keeps the chaos rife in Valorant, and Clove isn't afraid to keep moving; making them a truly unique and interesting character to play. Their kit will be hard to manage initially, but it won’t take much time to adjust and adapt to using Clove in your matches. They’re a Controller and need to be deep in the action to make the most out of them, so constantly communicating with your team will compliment the synergy. Clove is a mere puzzle piece of our Valorant Agent series, which you can read in our blog section. Moreover, check out all the Valorant accounts we have on our site, boasting unique skins, accessories, and more. That’s all for now, see you soon in our following guide.

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