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Desert Treasure: OSRS Guide

Posted 1 month ago


Welcome to the Desert Treasure OSRS Guide. This quest is a continuation of the Mahjarrat quest series and was released all the way back in 2005. Completing this quest is required to access two upcoming quests, which will be released in 2023; “Secrets of the North” and the much-anticipated sequel to Desert Treasure OSRS; “Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire”

The OSRS Desert Treasure quest is very popular among Pkers due to it giving access to the magic spell Ice Barrage from the Ancient Magicks spellbook.

How long does desert treasure take OSRS?

This quest has an official length of “Long”, but we believe it can be completed in around an hour if you know what you are doing. As with other quests, the time to complete will increase if you are on an Ironman and need to collect all the items yourself. Some parts of the quest can be quite tricky if trying to complete with a restricted account, such as a pure.

Desert Treasure Osrs Requirements

There are quite a few skill, quest, and item requirements for Desert Treasure OSRS. Firstly, let’s take a look at what skills you need:

53 Thieving, which can’t be boosted.

10 Slayer, or the gas mask from the “Plague City” quest. This can’t be boosted.

50 Firemaking, which can be boosted from level 45 with the Spicy stew.

50 Magic, which can’t be boosted.

Many people have the question, “Can you boost thieving for Desert Treasure OSRS”? Well, as you can see from the above list, the answer is, unfortunately, not. For the quests, you will need the following completed:

The Dig Site

Priest in Peril

Temple of Ikov

The Tourist Trap

Troll Stronghold And Death Plateau

Waterfall Quest

Other Desert Treasure Osrs requirements are the numerous items. Due to how the quest plays out in sections rather than one continuous story, it makes more sense to mention which items are required as we go along.

Starting Out

Before we begin this Desert Treasure OSRS walkthrough guide, let’s go over a few things. A combat level of 70+ is a must. There are some hard enemy encounters, and dying on your first attempt is not uncommon. A teleport and/or anti-poison is helpful, as there is a random chance you may be poisoned during certain parts of the quest. Lastly, those looking for an OSRS Desert Treasure Pure Guide should use the Dwarf Cannon on all bosses.

Eblis’ Mirrors

To travel through the Shantay Pass, make sure to have some gold (1000+ will be fine) to buy lots of passes. Once through, take a magic carpet to the Bedabin Camp. After arriving, speak to the Archeologist, who will give you a parchment of etchings that need translating.

Now go to the Dig Site Exam Centre and talk twice to the expert. When you have the etchings translated, return to the Archeologist and hand them to him. After that, visit the Big Heist Lodge bartender in the bandit camp. Speak with the bartender, once to buy a beer for 650 gold, and then a second time, in which he will divulge information about the four Diamonds of Azzanadra.

Visit Elbis, who is near the general store. He will ask you for items to repair the scrying glasses, which will be used to locate the diamonds. The items are as follows:

12 Magic Logs

6 Molten Glass

6 Steel bars

Ashes (1)

1 Blood Rune

Bones (1)

Charcoal (1)

Once Elbis has received all the items from you, he will fix the mirrors. You can now continue with the rest of the quest, which mostly revolves around collecting the 4 diamonds. The diamonds in Desert Treasure OSRS don’t need to be collected in any particular order.

Ice Diamond

For this part of the quest, we recommend equipping your best magic armor. Other items needed are:

Super Restore Potions (5+).

Runes for any fire spell (300+ uses of Fire Bolt+).

Full or partial Chocolate Cake.

Good food (Lobster, Shark, etc..).

Trollheim Teleport.

Climbing Boots.

After traveling to Trollheim, follow the northwest path until you meet the Troll Child. Speak to him once, he will refuse to talk, so use the cake on him, and he will tell you about his frozen parents. Go through the Ice Gate and onto the Ice Path. On this path, your stats will be reduced regularly, so you need to use your restore potions, particularly to keep your prayer and agility high.

Once inside, you need to kill 5 trolls. It is recommended to use a protection spell based on which attack you’d prefer to use (safe spot or melee). After this, continue along the path until you reach the boss, Kamil. It is recommended to use fire spells, like the Fire Bolt, to defeat him. Kamil is very powerful, so you should use protect from melee to mitigate his attacks.

After defeating Kamil, continue on the path until you reach the ice ledge, equip your spiked boots, and step onto it. Go to the end of this path, destroy the ice blocks containing the Troll Parents, and then talk to them. Congratulations! You will now have the Desert Treasure OSRS Ice Diamond.

Smoke Diamond

For this section, you will be back to Shantay, so you will need your passes again. Also needed are the following items:



Energy or Stamina Potions (10+ total)

Ice Gloves or Runes for water spells.


Mage Armor


Gas Mask

Head through the Shantay Pass once again, then take the magic carpet to Pollnivneach, which costs 200 gp. From there, travel south until you reach the entrance to the Smoke Dungeon; remember to equip your Gas Mask before entering. In the dungeon, you will need to light four torches using your tinderbox; they are located in each of the four corners. You should use energy potions to run to each corner. If you are too slow, they will go out. Once they are all lit, go to the middle of the dungeon and open the chest, you will receive the Warm Key. This key should be used on the eastern gate, where the boss Fareed is waiting.

This boss fight is relatively easy when using the prayer Protect from Melee. Fareed also has an uncommonly used magic attack, but he only uses it when in melee range of the player. It is recommended to use magic attacks, and only water-based spells will hurt him. Once victorious, the Desert Treasure OSRS Smoke Diamond will appear in your inventory.

Shadow Diamond

Once again, you'll need your Shanty Passes, good food, Waterskins, and the following items:

Many Lockpicks (to save wasting time, take a 100+. They can be noted, just bring a few 100 gp to un note them with Tiles).


Skills Necklace for teleporting.

To start, talk to Rasolo, located just left of the fishing guild. He will ask for the gilded cross. With all your lockpicks in your inventory, travel to the southern tent in the Bandit Camp. Keep using the lockpicks on the chest until it opens. If it fails, you may be poisoned, so just use your anti-poisons in that case to prevent further damage.

Go back to Rasolo and exchange the Gilded Cross for the Ring of Visibility. With this equipped, you can enter the Shadow Dungeon via a ladder to the east. Make your way through the winding dungeon until you reach Damis’ Cave at the far east. This is a multi-combat area with many enemies able to attack you at once, including the main boss, Damis. You should have Protect from Melee on at all times during this part. The best way to win this fight is by keeping out of Melee range and using Earth-based magic spells on Damis. Once defeated, he will drop the Shadow Diamond, and you should quickly teleport out to avoid dying.

Blood Diamond

Just the items following are required for this section:

Silver Bar

Garlic Powder


Talk to Malak, who is located in the Canifis Pub. Ask him how to kill Dessous to get the Blood Diamond. Speak to Ruantun in Draynor Sewers, and he will make a silver pot from your bar. After this, go to the island of Entrana (which requires you to have no weapons or armour), and use the pot on the High Priest. Return to Malak, and he will fill your pot with blood. After that, the final touch is to add your garlic and spices.

With your blood-filled pot, you are ready to face the fourth and final boss, Dessous. Visit Morytania Graveyard and pour the blood around his grave to awaken him. This fight is simple compared to other bosses; just use your most effective magic combat spell while keeping your health around 20+. Once defeated, you can receive the Blood Diamond from Malak.

Jaldraocht Pyramid and End of the Desert Treasure OSRS Quest

Now that you have all 4 diamonds, it’s time to return to Elbis in the desert, bringing with you the usual requirements for this part of Gielnor. After speaking to him, travel to the Jaldraocht Pyramid, located just to the southeast. Place each diamond on the Obelisk, so they colour match. Once placed, climb up the pyramid from the south side, and enter at the top.

The first 3 levels of the pyramid will require you to reach the ladder to the next level, fighting or avoiding the enemy Mummies and traps along the way. The fourth level is the biggest and potentially most dangerous, so make your way carefully around the maze until you reach the final room of the entire Desert Treasure OSRS quest. Speak with Azzanadra to complete the quest!


What a quest! Although it can be done quickly, there is a lot to remember, so we hope this OSRS Desert Treasure guide was helpful. If this or other quests seems uninteresting to you and you’d rather focus on other parts of OSRS, then AccountKings is the place for you. We have accounts with many quests completed, ready for you to jump into end-game content, and all at a great price. So don’t wait; check us out today!

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