Best Weapons in Fortnite: Welcome to a New Season

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It's once again time to take a look at the changes that Fortnite brings with each season. You will find significant differences from the previous update as we elaborate on Chapter 5 Season 1. The return of the original map is bringing Fortnite back to being one of the biggest games of current times. It’s a must to ask: What Are The Best Weapons in Fortnite? Sadly, the last season took with it all the mythical and great weapons we've come to know and love, but fear not, we're here to let you know which are Fortnite’s Best Weapons for this chapter and season. Let’s get in!

Best Weapons in Fortnite: What Is New?

Before we dive into the Fortnite Best Weapons, let's take a look at what this new chapter and season brings with it; including some of the most requested features. Attachments: you can now upgrade your gameplay with some extras to improve your weapons. As well as these new attachments, players can also find some new and reliable weapons. Like with most updates, Epic Games introduces unique features to assist in the most available game modes. To keep things even more exciting, the weapons launched this season will be gradually released, so you won't find yourself with an overflowing arsenal and bored on the first day. Check out the type of Fortnite best weapons you can expect this season:

Hammer Pump Shotgun

Nemesis AR

Striker AR

Thunder Burst SMG

Hyper SMG

Reaper Sniper Rifle

Ranger Pistol

Moreover, the developer included more new items, like the Grapple Blade; it’s a new utility item that will make you traverse swiftly by grappling to different surfaces and swinging directly to them. This item has four charges, and it regenerates every 13 seconds. Another addition is the Ballistic Shield, which works like a charm, covering you from damage but only letting you use a single-hand weapon, like a pistol; you have two options, the normal covering and the option to shoot from over the shield, but will uncover you during this time. Furthermore, it won’t protect you from damage from behind or the sides; it is a great option for rushing to cover you in those crucial moments. This shield is indestructible!

The new utility item introduced in this season is the Cluster Clingers; it’s a sticky cluster grenade, and the main feature is you can attach this grenade to any surface, and it will explode multiple times, with a smaller explosion each time.

Best Weapons in Fortnite: Attachments

The attachments are what will make everything better. To make the most of the Best Weapons in Fortnite, you must combine the weapon tier and the weapon mods you can attach to each. If you are thinking how you can get these weapons mods, well, they are vastly distributed on the map, chests, and you can even buy them from NPCs or vending machines; however, that’s not the only way you can get into these attachments. The other way to get the weapon you like is to go to Mod Benches and Upgrade Benches.

As Fortnite relies heavily on weapon ties, players who wish to use weapon mods need to have a certain tier level to utilize attachments. Below is a breakdown of the attachments and the guns they are compatible with:

Uncommon (green) guns - one mod

Rare (blue) guns - two mods

Epic (purple) guns - three mods

Legendary (orange) guns - four mods

Of course, not all attachments will work on every weapon; some will work on specific weapons. As we mentioned, you can put the attachment you got during the match on Mod Benches, which you can find in different locations on the map. There are five of these dotted around the map to store your weapons, so let's take a look at where:

Lavish Lair

Reckless Railways

Grand Glacier

Fencing Fields

Snooty Steppes

In order to access and make use of the Mod Benches and best Fortnite Weapons, you must first ensure you have the boss' Society Medallion on you. Carrying this will allow you to open each of the vault doors and use the benches. It’s pretty easy to know which is the bench since weapon cases surround it. Once there, you can modify your weapons to build your best one possible. You can add magazines, under barrels, optics, and barrels. Each addition to your weapon will cost you 75 gold bars.

We recommend trying all the weapon mods to know which one you will best adapt to your play style. Moreover, remember which attachments you will prioritize depending on the weapon tier you have at that moment; choose wisely what you will add to your weapons.

Fortnite Best Weapons

If we discuss the Best Weapons in Fortnite, we must divide them into tiers on the best of the best during this update and what are great weapons and are close to the top. If you are also wondering, Where Are The Best Weapons in Fortnite, you just need to rotate the treasure hidden in each location and run after the train to get a chance to get a legendary version of the following weapons:

Tier S

Hyper SMG: Undoubtedly one of the Best Weapons in Fortnite this season, mostly regarding close range. Hyper SMG is quick to fire 30 rounds and fast during the reload time with only a waiting time of 1.8 seconds. The damage per second is 192, but you can expect an annoying recoil. You can fix it with a Vertical Foregrip mod. If you can combine it with an extended mag, a suppressor, and a scope, you’ll surely be the one to fear during that match.

Striker AR: An assault rifle everyone has to try to take seriously during the matches. It’s powerful, and since it’s a mid-range weapon, you will be more comfortable for those fights you won’t need to get close. The DPS for Striker AR is 243, with a reload time of 2.88, which is slower than the Hyper SMG but still great for most encounters. The magazine has 25 rounds, so try to get it with a drum mag to get the most out of your shots. To complete the four attachments, you can add a 1.15x scope, a Vertical Foregrip, and a Muzzle brake.

Frenzy Auto Shotgun: As its name refers, it’s a magazine with eight rounds and has a 2.5-fire range speed. It’s a great option for close combat because its DPS is 187.5 per second. The Frenzy Auto Shotgun, with a few shots, can delete someone easily. The reload time is 4.23 seconds, so always recharge before entering the battle and change the weapon when you run out of ammo. The weapon mods you can attach for this weapon are a 1.15x scope, drum mag, a vertical foregrip, and muzzle brake; so it’s safe to say this is a great choice and deserves a spot on the Fortnite best weapons list.

Tier A

Reaper Sniper Rifle: The only sniper in-game right now, but it’s a great combination of an automatic and semi-automatic weapon since it includes 3 rounds per mag. It is the best option if you are a player who enjoys playing at long-range and taking down your enemies with fewer shots. You can attach to the Reaper Sniper Rifle a drum mag, you can extend it from 3 to 5 rounds, giving you more opportunities before you need to reload. The damage per second is 64.13, and the reload time is just 3.15 seconds. Some attachments you can use on this weapon are a 4x scope, the drum mag, an angled foregrip, and the muzzle brake.

Nemesis AR: The Nemesis AR is one of the Best Weapons in Fortnite for this season. However, it has less damage per second than the Striker AR because its fire speed is slower. The reload time is 2.25 seconds, with 28 rounds per mag. This is an upgraded version of the AK rifle; it’s a great option for mid-range fights, but consider having a drum mag, a 1.15x scope, a vertical grip, and a muzzle brake to make this weapon better worth in every match.

Ranger Pistol: It might look like a normal pistol, but actually, it’s an SMG for the fire rate speed that this weapon has. This Ranger Pistol has 15 rounds, but you can add a speed mag for a faster reload time, which is already low at 1.35 seconds, or a drum magazine to get 20 rounds. You can add a 1.15x or 1.3x scope for this pistol and put it in a suppressor or a muzzle brake. In any case, if you like the laser, it is what you can use under barrels. The DPS of this weapon is 184.8.

Tier B

These may be the ones less favored, however they are still worthy of being considered the Best Fortnite weapons this season:

Hammer Pump Shotgun: A slow weapon that only has the option to get 6 rounds per mag size. The DPS is 72.1, and it’s not the best option you can get since it has a pretty slow fire rate speed. The reload time for the Hammer Pump Shotgun is about 4.73 seconds, so you can get into serious problems if you don't administrate your resources well with this weapon. A thing about this weapon is that it includes first-person recoil animation. This weapon has a mythic variant that can deal much damage but still isn’t the best option.

Thunder Burst SMG: This is a great SMG, but it is pretty far from the Hyper and is not one of the Best Weapons in Fortnite this season. This is a semi-automatic weapon for mid-range fights, but it has vertical recoil if you have the no-mod version. The Thunder Burst SMG has a DPS of 192.27, a reload time of 2.03 seconds, and a mag size of 24 rounds. To get the best out of this SMG, you must pair it with the weapon mods like a 1.15x, 1.3x, or 2x scope, a speed mag, or a drum mag; you add a vertical foregrip or angled foregrip, and use a suppressor or a muzzle brake.

The selections on this Fortnite weapon tier list are sure to help you find some outstanding weapons and make some incredible shots in-game.

Best Weapons in Fortnite FAQ

Fortnite’s best weapons constantly change, and that is a thing everyone should be used to. We know there are always doubts, and we want to resolve the most important ones here:

What Are The Most Powerful Weapons In Fortnite?

For the current chapter, the most powerful weapon is the Hyper SMG, which is for all the cumulative damage you can deal with in a short period.

Can I Use The Weapons Mods Without The Mod Benches?

Yes, you can use weapons with attachments already included during your matches. However, you can’t put any new attachments to the weapon unless you use a Mod Bench to add or change any attachments.

Best Fortnite Weapons: Summary

It’s been a long time trying all the weapons from Chapter 5, Season 1; all have advantages and disadvantages, but in certain situations, they can all prove beneficial. To find which weapons are the Best Weapons in Fortnite, we can tell it depends more on your play style than the weapon. Of course, weapons with better stats exist, but some players can do miracles with less resources. And talking about resources, don’t forget to review our blog section to find more articles like this one. Also, if you want a Fortnite account with great skins and ranking, say no more; buy an account on our website.

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