Fortnite Game Modes - What Works For You?

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Fortnite Game Modes: Find Your Fit

Playing Fortnite can lead to great times alone and with our friends and family, too, but there’s not just one way to play Fortnite. Back in 2017 when Fortnite just saw the light of day and everyone played this innovative Battle Royale, there were a few ways to play the game. However, time flew by, and it’s now full of fun game modes. Come with us to discover some of the most beloved and fun ways to play this game developed by Epic.

Fortnite Game Modes: What are LTMs

In the early days of Fortnite, there were only a select few modes, with players constantly cycling through the same things, lacking diversity. At this time, players could complete daily tasks in 30 minutes or less, but now, as updates have come and go, new variants were introduced, and the Fortnite Game Modes began to grow steadily.

By now, Epic knows how to keep their community happy and divide the event into three categories: Limited Time Modes (LMDs), live events, and competitive game modes. In each of these categories, players can enjoy different in-game experiences, with LTMs offering the most excitement.

The LTM Fortnite Game Mode is pretty self explanatory, being in the game for a short time before vanishing again; though not forever. Epic Games often reintroduce these modes once in a while, as this mode acts as a great way to give the community some incentive. We heavily recommend giving them a shot whenever they're available!

Fortnite Games Modes: The Main Contenders

Some of the game modes that are included in Fortnite are more popular than others, and the main ones are competitive. However, inside this group, other options include some just-for-fun modes with the same structure as the competitive ones. Come with us to check them out:

Battle Royale: One of the most beloved and most-played game modes, it’s the baseline of what sprung Fortnite into popularity as a mainstream game. In this mode, players can play as solo, duo, trios, or squad, open a window to have fun with friends, and try to get a Royale Victory by placing first. Inside this game mode, the main objective is to survive in an arena with 99 other players. Moreover, players can respawn if they are playing in teams or a duo using the Reboot Vans.

The arena remains an attraction for veteran players and new players alike. Especially now that building is available in this mode, as this is one of the best environments to use this feature. Despite what the critics have to say, we find this to be one of the best Fortnite Game Modes.

Zero Build: This is a game mode similar to Battle Royale; where players can play as solos, duos, trios, or squads. This game mode was included recently, back in 2022, and immediately gives Fortnite a different vibe from the game everybody knows. It was the perfect refresh, and players loved it, converting it to a main game mode. Basically, it’s a Battle Royale, but one lacking features, the construction, and the need to look for resources like wood, stone, and metal. Besides the building being disabled, in this game mode, the overshield is enabled.

At first, this game mode was only available for a limited time. However, since Epic Games realized its popularity among players, they decided to make it a permanent fixture; allowing players to experience the benefits of Zero Build full time. Just as in Battle Royale, players can reappear if they are playing in teams or duos, thanks to the Reboot Vans.

Ranked: For this game mode, players can expect a slightly different experience from that offered by the Battle Royale. This is one of the Fortnite Game Modes most players play since they can climb the ranked ladder and it includes tiers like most of the Battle Royales. Players can only play as solo, duos, or trios, but to compensate for the loss of squads, you can also enjoy trios in Zero Build too. In this game mode, the building is enabled, but there are some changes to make the game fair. One of these changes is that some weapons like Grenades, the Rocket Launcher, and Port-A-Bunker are nowhere to be found since they make the game balanced for all players. Other rules that are applied during Ranked are respawn is disabled, and players can’t use the Glider after landing.

It’s important to notice these matches require some extra data since the server has to match players with similar skills and abilities to create a proper challenge depending on the tier each player has.

Fortnite Game Modes: Other Modes

Alongside the main modes in Fortnite, you'll also find some additional modes that are less time consuming and offer some fun ways to get to know the game. Here's a list we've compiled to show you what you're missing:

50V50: This popular game mode adds a nice twist on the Battle Royale format, with the same 100 players being split into two teams of 50. The storm is also more lethal, and there's more loot to give players a good chance to stay equipped and ready.

Air Royale: As the name refers, players will play in the air. The main point of this mode is to take the players into fighter planes; one will be inside the plane, and the teammates are in the wings, trying to take down other aircrafts. This mode is only available for squads.

Barebones: A game mode that turns off some features of the HUD, like players can’t see the map, they won’t know where the storm is coming, can’t see the teammates' location, and so on. It’s like a hardcore mode within Fortnite.

Battle Labs: One of the core Fortnite Game Modes, it’s like a regular battle royale, but players will respawn after their deaths. It’s a great choice to practice techniques and have some fun without the fear of dying just landing or during mid-game.

Beach Assault: It’s a game mode that will happen on the beach, where players are divided in two: the attacker, the ones trying to breach into the defender zone, and the defender, those who have to defend their zone.

Blitz!: One of the classic Fortnite Game Modes; it’s like playing the game in x2 since you will run, pick, and even glide faster than in a regular game. Also, it has too many energy drinks. This game mode is relatively shorter than regular ones.

Bounty: A chaotic game mode in which players have to hunt a marked player. You can be placed in this mode as either the hunter or prey, so be cautious; you may just find yourself running for your life.

Creative: It’s one of the game modes that allow players to create their games and maps. It holds both sides of the coin for training and competition. Even Fortnite hosted some partnered musical experiences with Soundwave Series using this mode.

Close Encounters: Here, players will battle each other in a close-quarter setup, with the added excitement of jetpacks, giving this game mode a really fun twist.

Catch!: One of the Fortnite Game Modes that doesn’t allow guns in-game, giving only consumables and explosives to players to defeat their enemies.

Fly Explosives: Just as the name refers, players will have to go with jetpacks around throwing explosives, trying to defeat other players.

Food Fight: In this game mode, players will be separated into two restaurants, Durr Burger and Pizza Pit, and they will need to protect the respective mascots of these restaurants to win the game. There’s a variant called Food Fight: Deep Fried that adds some spice to the mix using rising lava.

Final Fight: Instead of using the circle and the storm, this game mode includes a timer. When the time goes off, the team with the most players alive wins the match.

Ground Game: Players will find there are fewer building materials, creating a stressful situation actually to know when to use their resources.

High Explosive: Explosive weapons such as Rocket Launchers and Crash pads will be the only available weapons in this mode.

Horde Rush: Players will have to defeat waves of cube monsters while playing this game mode; they will have one minute to gear up and complete the upcoming wave.

Party Royale: One of the core Fortnite Game Modes; most live events happen in this mode. However, this game mode includes several minigames players can play to relax.

One Shot: A sniper-only game mode, but that’s not all since players will only have 50 HP, and gravity is reduced.

Solid Gold: All weapons in-game will be legendary during this game mode.

Steady Storm: For this mode, the zone won’t stop shrinking down, and players have to keep moving to avoid it.

Save The World: Within this mode, players have to take on hordes of monsters and build defenses to ward them off. It’s a game mode that has periodic updates.

Team Rumble: It’s a deathmatch-style game mode where two teams of 16 players have to face each other until one team is defeated.

The Getaway: It’s like finding the treasure inside Fortnite; teams have to find the Jewel on the map and take it to the Getaway van.

Teams of 20: Here, players will be in 5 teams of 20 to fight against each other in a classic battle royale format.

Teams of 33: In this case, players will be separated into 3 teams of 33 and have to fight in a classic battle royale.

Unvaulted: During this game mode, players will only have access to vaulted weapons.

Wild West: For this game mode, players can only use weapons like hunting rifles, shotguns, and dynamic weapons; it’s one of the game modes close to the original battle royale.

Fortnite Game Modes go beyond the ones we have mentioned here in this guide, but many are merely variations of the above lists or have a 'The Floor is Lava!' setting.

Fortnite Game Modes FAQ

There's always a chance that our readers still have some unanswered questions, so to combat that, we've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to help them out. Check them out below:

How to Change Game Modes in Fortnite?

There are a few ways to change the game mode in Fortnite. All you have to do is enter the Discover section to find the right mode for you and click on it. Once it’s selected, you only have to start to enjoy the match.

How To Put A Game Mode In My Library?

It’s simple; you just need to click on the heart in the top left corner of the game mode and click on it. Subsequently, you will find the game mode in your library, and you will have quick access to it.

What Game Modes Are in Fortnite Right Now?

Currently, Fortnite includes several game modes actively created for Epic and others for the community, making a growing number of modes. Right now, it’s active modes like Battle Royale, Zero Build, Team Rumble, Creative, Save The World, and Party Royale.

All Fortnite Games Modes: Conclusion

Fortnite is still a great game with a wide variety of modes; you can have a great time alone or with others. We want to thank you for coming with us through this full review of the Fortnite Game Modes; if you like it, don’t forget to jump into our blog section and read more articles like this. Moreover, if you need a new account with some discontinued yet sought after skins and a good rank, you can buy an account and play comfortably instead of just waiting for the cosmetic you would like to reappear in the store. Hope to see you soon!

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