Fortnite Zero Build: Playing Outside The Norm

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Epic Games created one of the most played and popular games of all time, Fortnite, a game with a unique turnaround that separated the game from all competition. It's a Battle Royale with a mechanic that blew everybody's minds when the game saw the light back in 2017. The ability to build inside the map, regardless of where you are, to cover and to gain height, is what set Fortnite apart from the rest, so this unique mechanic has divided the waters, with positive and negative opinions from the gaming communities.

Recently, this changed because Epic Games decided to include more content, allowing for a whole new diversity in how the game is played. With the change of mind and a part of player's opinion on their back, they released a limited-time mode, Zero Build Fortnite, creating a new way to experience the Fortnite Battle Royal playstyle. Later, they decided to make this mode a permanent fixture as an opportunity to remain relevant and attract new players.

What is Zero Build Fortnite

If you are one of those who never touch Fortnite because building requires too much time to learn and do it well, not to mention the endless farming for materials, you’ve landed in the right spot. Fortnite Zero Build is a player-versus-player game mode created by Epic Games that uses the same map players use in Battle Royale, but with a little twist: you can’t build or farm material at all.

When the game mode hit, veterans and beginners alike turned their eyes to this renovated experience with a brand new twist that kept things familiar with a known map. Everything in-game goes down like a regular Battle Royale, just without the ability to use your building skills to hide, climb and trap opponents.

Zero Build goes beyond no building because another important characteristic is the over shield. From the beginning, in-game, you see two bars; the green one is the Health, and the blue one, which you will constantly fill during the matches, is the Shield. However, in Zero Build, you will see a shield icon next to the bars, with a bonus of 50 Shield points. You will have 250 HP in this game, counting the Shield and Health. The Overshield, or the 50 extra shield points, are only available in this game mode and were introduced to balance the mode where players now have fewer spots to cover.

Since Zero Build was introduced in March 2022, the meta differs from the usual Battle Royale mode with building because the playstyle is aggressive, frontal and tactical at the same time making weapons work better in one mode than the other. In the most recent updates, players prefer certain weapons with higher fire speed or more precision.

Not only that, utility items like Port-A-Bunkers and Shockwave Grenades find new ways to get into the meta. You will see how players use their surroundings, mobility, and utility items to rotate and try to secure a kill or save themselves from a certain death. Zero Build opens the door for those casual players who don’t want to spend time learning how to build and just enter the game mode to enjoy it.

How to play Fortnite Zero Build

It’s easy to play Zero Build since you only need to search for the mode in the first row in the game lobby. However, this is not the only thing you want to know about playing Zero Build. You will find two settings you can change depending on what you want: if you want a casual match or want to go hard to prove your skills. In other words, you will play in a Public or Ranked match.

After you decide, you can select if you want to play solo, duo, trio, or squad under the category you previously chose. Another feature here is the ability to fill the room or not if you are playing alone. If you decide to fill your party, the game will assign you teammates in the same region; if you do, you will play solo vs. duos, trios, or squad.

Outside the usual configuration, you must understand playing Fortnite Zero Build will be entirely different from Battle Royale. If this is your first try at the game, you will adapt to the environment sooner rather than later because you can’t stay still and being in the open field is dangerous.

Once you decide where to land, remember to always say thank you to the bus driver before you jump from the bus to start your match. While descending in the air, you will see how the Overshield is charging until you reach the 50 points before you land. When you put your feet on the ground, you must find weapons, mini potions, big potions, and other utility items to create your preferred setting in-game. Most players use three weapons, like an AR, a Shotgun, and a Sniper, you’ll also want to have a mobility item like Shockwaves Grenades or Grapple Blade, with extra potions or items that will refill the shield after a fight.

As with the Battle Royale, Zero Build has a zone that will shrink while you collect and move around the map. The storm will appear and damage you if you stay in it for any reason. Beware, the Storm will deal low damage, but in the late game, you must avoid being in it since the damage will be atrocious.

The game's purpose is to survive until you are the last one standing, but being on the same map as 99 other people will be intimidating, so you must think fast and adapt to most situations. A bad decision will take you back to the lobby to start again. Be wise while you move and familiarize yourself with the surroundings, such as where the vending machines are, chests, medallions, and hot zones you must avoid unless you want to be reckless. It’s your choice How To Play Fortnite Zero Build.

Fortnite Zero Build: Public & Ranked

Public and Ranked are almost the same, and the community of Fortnite needs to advocate into the competitive scene like other games, at least not with Zero Build. The main difference between the two is that you will get points to climb into the Fortnite ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal), a cosmetic glider that matches your higher rank, and how the lobby is filled.

If you decide to enter Fortnite Zero Build Ranked instead of the public queue, you will find every single player inside that lobby is real. This means you will experience a little increase in time to find a game. Inside that ranked lobby, you will be matched with players at your same tier, one tier below and one tier above your actual rank. It’s fairer at the end of the day since you will play against players who have the same skill level as you.

On the other hand, Public queue, you won’t have ranks or a longer queue when trying to find a match. In simple words, anyone can join the party and play the game. You can find a newer player or even Ninja if you are playing simultaneously. There is no actual control in these lobbies, so you will see how balancing skill can be big from one player to others. Moreover, you will have bots or AI-controlled players in these lobbies to fill the party. You will find some in the early game, but surely, you will find real people as the game moves forward.

Another option available between these two are the Fortnite Zero Build Tournaments, located in the Compete section, where you can find any kind of tournaments that include solo, duos, and squads. Check that section regularly if you want to experience the adrenaline rush of being part of a competition. There, you will find that the game style is more conservative but maintains the aggressiveness inside Zero Build.

Fortnite Zero Build: Tips & Tricks

If you have already experienced Zero Build and keep trying to evolve and grow as a player, there are a few things to be considered when you begin your game. There is more than just landing and running around without an objective in your match; that’s when the game becomes boring.

If you are thinking about How To Get Better At Fortnite Zero Build, we have some tips and tricks you can implement into your game style to elevate your kills, rotations, and even your landing spot, depending on your preferences.


Yes, that awful practice is a big part of Fortnite in general. In most games, you will find how multiple players are fighting when you ‘join them’; that’s third-partying; however, just entering the fight is not a great idea most of the time. To get a clean elimination and not use all your resources in killing both players without even thinking, try to identify which player is controlling the fight.

How will you know which player acts defensively and is in control? There is a way to know, and it’s aggressiveness, but you can find other factors like who started the fight or which one has the high ground. Also, try to measure how much damage is dealt between the two. Of course, there is a lot of information to process, but with some practice, you will identify the most skilled player and get your third-party elimination.

The objective of using third-partying in Fortnite Zero Build is to eliminate the most skilled player while he’s distracted; once you have made it, move your attention to the player who seems easier to kill. While third-partying should be avoided at all costs, that's basically impossible. So, here's how to handle it when you get stuck in one of these situations. The best way to move and find the right position is to proceed with the eliminations or run to get a better, fair fight later.

Remember, focus on the stronger player first rather than the less skilled. This requires a sense of observation and quick decision-making because fights don’t take more than a couple of seconds, and you have to enter the situation at the right time and act accordingly.


Since you won’t have easy cover where you go like in Battle Royale mode, in Zero Build, your main focus will be getting the perfect loot instead of farming materials. Usually, you won’t get the ideal loot at first, so you must go from one place of interest to another. Around the map, you will see different named locations and surroundings that will help you get your perfect combination.

Looting in Zero Build represents a big portion of the match, but don’t get stuck in it. You won’t get a Legendary or Mythic weapon in each match, so adaptability is key. Likewise, you’ll surely face other incidents like more players landing where you landed; you are in a small location with fewer options for weapons and other items and a big list of different situations.

Importance Of Aggression

Being aggressive is a way to play, but there are certain situations that you will have in Zero Build Fortnite that will force you to use aggression as a strategy instead of going around rushing every player you can find. It’s dangerous to fight in the open, so try to find and create opportunities where you will use aggression and strategy to get a clean elimination.

You must be proactive, take the initiative in a fight, and constantly try to be the one who shoots first. However, using aggression in your favor means understanding when to not overextend for an elimination, taking out your advantages and having to rotate and reposition. Remember that taking a step back and retreating can be as beneficial as an elimination in Fortnite Zero Build.

Positioning and Mobility

Rotation and avoiding fights in the open are key to success in Zero Build Fortnite mode. You will need to be in constant movement and find the most beneficial location to start a fight every time. Taking height is a must every time you can, and using mobility items like Grapple Blade, or the Impulse Grenades will help you reach your location faster or retreat at the same speed.

Try to use the environment in your favor; some bushes and structures can give you cover in a hurry but don’t keep static. If you are in constant movement, you will be able to move with the zone and avoid the storm to avoid damage. Moving and positioning quickly and efficiently across the map will mark a difference between a Victory Royale and a certain death.

Aim, Aggression, Awareness

If you want to improve in Fortnite Zero Build, you will remember the three A’s. It’s important to aim properly because the blessing of the Overshield will make your enemies sponges if you don't eliminate them quickly. Moreover, your fights will extend in time, creating more sound and being a spot for third-partying. You must try different settings on sensibility that will adjust to your playstyle and avoid your enemies’ Overshield regenerates.

Being aware of your surroundings is knowing what you can use to cover or where to run if you need to, but awareness is also about enemies' positioning and rotations; locating an enemy even when they’re hiding is a big advantage during a match of Zero Build; here you can decide if it’s time of being aggressive or play more conservative.


The last minutes of the game are full of adrenaline, and you will play with what you have at that moment; maybe you won’t have a full shield or health. However, each endgame will be different, and you must adapt to the environment where the zone moves. If you are in a location with several buildings, it will be more difficult to spot enemies, but if the zone is open and empty, the story will change.

Here, in Zero Build, position and how close you are to the next zone matter. You must use everything in your favor, reaching first in the zone or moving last to hurry enemies. All you can find can be useful, even a tree. So calm your nerves, try to keep focus, build a strategy and play like a professional. Endgames will test your decision-making and awareness skills, so be ready for it.

Fortnite Zero Build: FAQ

Converting into a better player and understanding how Zero Build in Fortnite works will bring out many questions, and here we are to help you answer every one of them.

What Can I Do To Cover In Open Field In Fortnite Zero Build?

Since you can’t build, you won’t have access to materials. Instead, you can use Port-A-Bunker, an item you can throw in most places. It’s a portable bunker that can cover you and your teammates during a fight or being placed to gain some advantages.

How Do You Build A Loadout In Fortnite Zero Build?

It will depend on you entirely; still, you can use a usual loadout of three weapons, a mobility item and 3 big potions to recover the shield. However, you can change it to two weapons, like a shotgun and a sniper, with two mobility items and big potions. You can play with it until you find what you like the most.

Zero Build Fortnite: Summary

With the recent addition of Zero Build, you can expect to see a change in what you always knew in Fortnite. Moreover, this game mode brings a new experience for all players and introduces new mechanics. Of course, Fortnite is a fashionable game, and the best way to show your style is with skins; don’t worry, if you are new, you can buy an account to get exclusive and great skins. If you want to read more articles like this, look at our blog section. See you soon with more blogs about Fortnite!

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