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Welcome back to another weekly installment of AccountKings blogs; within this week's guide, we'll be taking a look at Genshin Impact, but more specifically, its characters. We will mostly explore how to unlock new characters; while also taking a look at some of the game's most underrated characters,the best classes, and characters that fit them. This should offer our users a better insight into building a balanced party that can see them through to victory time and time again. Before we kick off this week's guide, we want to acknowledge our users that simply don't have the time for the grind. For users such as this, we here at AK provide the more exceptional accounts ready for you to play the moment they are delivered. If that seems more to your liking, please don't hesitate to check out our range of Genshin Impact accounts here. With that being said, let's take a look at what this guide has to offer.

Genshin Impact Characters

We are all aware that Genshin carries an abundance of characters, all with their own sets of unique abilities, some of which you acquire organically while carrying out parts of the main storyline. However, to get a few of them on your team, you may turn to purchasing characters using Masterless Starglitter. We'll get into that a little later in the guide. The point is, it isn't always just a straightforward process, and that's why we have brought you this guide! Our hopes are that your game play can be nothing but smooth sailing. So let's start from the beginning and work our way through character acquisition.

Recruiting the Starters

When you begin the game, you will find yourself working through the first Archon Quest; this is part of the main storyline. Doing so is the first and most straightforward way of acquiring your characters; you won't have to do anything at this point other than follow the main story. These characters will automatically be recruited as you carry out the appropriate quests. Let's check out who it is we can be hoping to acquire:

Amber: The second character you will be introduced to, following the introduction of Paimon. You should find yourself with Amber on your team within the first 10 minutes of play.



Kaeya: The third character you will encounter to recruit is Kaeya. After completing the 'Crash Course' quest (a prologue quest series quest), you should receive this character.



Lisa: In order to acquire Lisa, you will be required to complete the 'Sparks Amongst the Pages' quest; this is another quest in the prologue quest series.



Noelle: In order to get Noelle on your team, you'll have to go about it a little differently. Unlike the other characters you will have already encountered, you could actually skip or miss Noelle. So, what you will need to do is unlock the wish ability. Once you have done so and learned how it all works, wish on the beginner banner. You are guaranteed to receive Noelle in the first ten wishes.



Extra Recruitment

Though the characters we are about to discuss are considered to be starting characters, they will not be within your grasp until you have gotten your hands on the characters we have mentioned above. Now, with that in mind, let's take a look at the next round of recruitments:

Barbara: To get Barbara on your team, you must complete 'A Long Shot' quest and reach Adventure Rank 18.



Xiangling: By reaching Adventure Rank 20, you will unlock the Spiral Abyss. Clear the third floor 'Chamber 3' (3-3), and then you will be able to recruit Xiangling from the event in the Spiral Abyss titled 'People's Choice.'



Purchasing Recruits

We have already lightly touched on that you can purchase characters to join your team using Masterless Starglitter. in this area of the blog, we will explore how to do so; by heading to Paimon's Shop. To access the shop, tap on the Paimon icon, revealing a list. Shop> Paimon's Bargains> Starglitter Exchange. Unfortunately, you can only acquire Masterless Starglitter when you receive duplicates of characters or specific weapons. We have provided below a few examples of the conversion rates to give you an idea of what you will be facing:

Character Conversion

2 Masterless Starglitter - non-C6 four-star characters

5 Masterless Starglitter - C6+ four-star characters

10 Masterless Starglitter - non C6 five-star characters

25 Masterless Starglitter - C6+ four-star characters

Weapon Conversions

2 Masterless Starglitter - four-star weapons

10 Masterless Staglitter - five-star weapons

Underrated Characters You Can't Ignore!


First on our list of underrated characters is someone we've already taken a glimpse at, Noelle. As we stated, she can be overlooked entirely should you not take the time to make your wishes. You don't want to leave her behind as she can be one of the most reliable characters on your team when utilized correctly. Noelle can function as either the main DPS (Damage Per Second) or as a support, though many users seem to forget this as another Geo Claymore' Arataki Itto, has since outdone her.


Despite being one of the best healers in the game, she, unfortunately, does not have many buffs to improve her combat abilities. She additionally receives a lot more hate than that of other characters when being the standard character when pulled from a 50/50 on a limited banner. This is somewhat disheartening to hear once you realize she offers a lot of insight into the Dendro character 'Baizhu', who is speculated to be playable in the future.


Amber is the first character that players will receive when they begin their Genshin Impact journey; sadly, she is one of the weakest characters in the game. Despite this unfortunate and somewhat annoying fact, she does hold importance to the storyline in other ways. Amber's importance lies in the prologue, as well as the quest titled 'Mondstadt's Archon’. Unfortunately, many fans of the GI manga also found themselves disappointed by Amber's presence when she was not quite the character they had predicted.


This character is an Electric Claymore user and one of the best additions to any party despite often falling below the radar. His abilities can see him single-handedly carry a party to victory, even against some of the most challenging bosses. He is considered one of the best DPS characters that Genshin has to offer; with every constellation, he only grows stronger.

Best Anemo Characters

In this guide section, let's explore some of the best Anemo characters based on their Attack abilities. Anemo characters are as important as any other when building a perfectly balanced party. It is essential to take into account the other characters in your team, as well as consider their abilities when making these decisions. We recommend this because certain characters of the Anemo class can pair exceptionally well with those of Pyro to create a much more intense bout of damage being dealt. The same can be said for other classes and pairings, so make sure to think carefully when building your party.


Despite Sucrose leaning more into the defense territory due to casting elemental magic rather than physical attacks, she still has three primary attacks that can prove helpful in battle:

Wind Spirit Creation

Astable Anemohypostasis Creation

Forbidden Creation

Kaedehara Kazuhiro

Kazuha is a character we'd be happy to have on our team; his sword-wielding Anemo attacks can prove highly beneficial in battle. He also benefits from his two elemental attacks absorbing other elements they come into contact with, thus inflicting more damage.


Kazuha Slash


Xiao is a compelling character, sure to be an asset to any player's party. The character carries epic power to be wielded in the form of his secondary Elemental attack, but do keep in mind that when his attack is put into play, Xaio's HP will drop during the duration.

Whirlwind Thrust

Lemniscatric Wind Cycling

Bane of All Evil

Best Cryo Characters

Just like with our Anemo segment, we will now look at some of the best Cryo characters Genshin Impact has to offer based on their attacks. As we already know, each character has their own individual set of abilities, so do try and remember to pick your team carefully to yield the best results in-game. With this in mind, let's check out some of Genshins best Cryo characters.


Another character we have already encountered in this guide is Kaeya, the third character you will encounter in the game. His weapon of choice is a sword and his second elemental attack offers an HP regeneration of 15% of the attack damage dealt.


Glacial Waltz


This Cryo character is a Polearm-wielding nun from the Church of Fabiola; she provides a standard attack, allowing her to deal five strikes. Her first elemental attack sees her teleport behind an enemy to stab them in the back, though this attack can not be used on larger enemies.

Ravaging Confession

Rites of Termination

A Big Thanks To Our Readers

We here at AccountKings are eternally grateful that our users choose us for their reading needs and account purchasing. We couldn't be the provider we are today if our epic client base weren't by our side. We are aware there is so much more in the world of Genshin Impact to be explored, but we do genuinely hope you found this week's guide to be of assistance. For those of you on the hunt for more gaming knowledge, why not browse our entire library here? Or for our latest guide on Clash of Clans, click here! Once again, a huge thank you to our readers, and we greatly look forward to seeing you next week!

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