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How to get better at Warzone

Posted 1 month ago

Welcome to this week's AccountKings Blog! Within this week's blog, we will be discussing how to get better at Warzone and the best controller/graphics/audio/visual settings for Warzone. As usual, we are well aware of the difficulties that players can face on their gaming adventures, so we are here to provide you with the best tips and tricks for a flawless Warzone game! If, however, you are someone who would much rather skip the grind and dive straight into the end game, why not view our epic range of Warzone accounts? You can find them here, and there is sure to be an account more than perfect for your needs on our shelves! So now, let's get back to the important stuff and take a deep dive into the best ways to improve your Warzone experience.

Warzone often leaves fans divided, but one thing they all have in common is they want to make it to the top of the ranks. There are, of course, obvious suggestions, like practicing, video tutorials, walkthroughs, etc., but we are here to offer you the ultimate guide! By the end of our guide, you will walk away with the knowledge of the best settings in Warzone that will, in turn, help you find out how to win in Warzone. The most important thing for players to remember is that no match is like the one that came before it or the one to follow. This may leave you scratching your head, but the fact is, the game has such a large and competitive player base that the strategies used by other players alone can change the dynamic of a match. Of course, this all comes before you factor in everything else that differs between matches. So let's check out some of the things you can do differently to better your gaming experience.

Best Settings in Warzone

Firstly, let's look at how adjusting your settings can massively benefit your pursuit of getting better at Warzone. Players can tinker with an abundance of control settings to make their gaming sessions run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, many ignore simple things like sensitivity and tooltips as they instead choose to run straight into the action. Don't do this, and check out the following:

Turn Tooltips on

These will already be on when you begin your Warzone journey, though many players turn them off for fear of distraction. Don't do this! They can offer some more than valuable tips to get you on the right track.

Square Mini-map

This is often considered one of the most critical settings to focus on in Warzone. Though all players start with a round mini-map, we heavily recommend changing it to the squared setting. Doing so will offer players a larger view of the world around them, and there is no downside to speak of from adjusting this setting.


As with almost any other game, control sensitivity can make or break you. Believe it or not, this is probably one of the most important settings to play around with; this is due to the game's default settings being a vague suggestion. Each player is different, and their methods of playing will undoubtedly also vary. So, don't neglect your control sensitivity, a short while fiddling with the adjustable settings could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Controller vibrations

This is, of course, down to personal preference, and you don't need to have this feature running. It is, however, recommended that you play around with the vibrations of your controller to find what works best for you; this won't get you a win on its own, but it will be a small helping hand.

Gameplay effect sounds

Ensure you check these settings before jumping into a match. For example, many players don't realize that all the settings are adjustable so that you can turn the music down and game sound effects such as gunshots and footsteps turned up. Doing so will give you a higher chance of locating and/or avoiding enemies.

Framerate Limit

Much like each player having varying needs and wants, your hardware is the same. Every player's setup will be of different capabilities, and it is essential you know your console's limits. Adjusting the frame rate will allow players to have the smoothest visual experience that their hardware allows.

Choose Aim Assist that matches your play-style

Another setting well worth playing around with is Aim Assist. Again, altering this setting can massively benefit your gameplay; there are four settings to choose from:

Standard: aim slowdown while near enemies.

Precision: more substantial aim slowdown (only kicks in when close to enemies.)

Focus: activates when making a close shot at an enemy.

Disabled: you can entirely turn off the Aim Assist.

Automatic sprint

The Automatic Sprint is a setting well worth exploring. Depending on the type of player you are, it can definitely change the match's direction. Much like the Aim Assist, it has a few options for players to choose from, though, unlike Aim Assist, there are only three options which are:

Automatic Sprint: once a player is standing and moving forward, this setting is activated.

Automatic Tactical Sprint: much like the above option, the player will immediately begin tactical sprinting when moving forward in an upright position.

Disabled: will mean the sprint is only activated when the sprint button is pressed.

Auto Move Forward

This is a setting that can be beneficial to players with potential distractions. For example, this setting can be very beneficial if you can't keep your eyes on your screen and both on the controller or keyboard. However, be cautious not to leave this setting on for too long, as enemy players can take advantage of your movements while you are distracted, thus making you an easy target.

Depleted Ammo Weapon switch

The setting best to implement into your gameplay can vary depending on the scenario you find yourself in-game. Activating this will automatically and immediately switch a player from their beginning weapon when ammunition is depleted, which can be good or bad, as we have mentioned. It could be a lifesaver when you are running on mere precious seconds to secure a kill, so we recommend also playing around with this setting to find what is best for you personally.

Cross Platform

This is a setting that entirely comes down to personal preference. Many players don't wish to play with those using other consoles due to what they believe to be unfair advantages/disadvantages. This is often down to how the controls work with different platforms/consoles. Make sure to keep this in mind when tinkering with your settings so you can decide how you wish to move forward.

Now that we have taken an in-depth look at the best ways to adjust your settings to better your gaming experience in Warzone let's look at how to win in Warzone and other in-game tips to help you excel.

In-game tips for getting better at Warzone

A good Landing Spot could land you a win

One of the first things you can do to steer yourself in the direction of a win is to choose the best landing spot. Of course, this will vary from player to player, and depending on their play style, it could differ even more, but finding a spot perfect for you can definitely set you on the correct path to secure a win! Make sure to pay attention to your landing spots throughout your time playing, and over time you are sure to find the perfect spot for your needs and methods.

Once you are set on your landing spot, the next important thing to do is get there fast. Doing so will most definitely give you the upper hand as you will have first access to the loot available and the ability to find excellent vantage points.

You can maximize your chances of a fast landing by:

Aiming for roofs

Cutting your parachute at the maximum survival drop (3 stories)

Open your parachute for the least amount of time possible.

Kill enemies before landing

Before your feet even hit the ground, you should be making an effort to take out enemies where possible. Since there are 150 players per match going head to head, you will benefit greatly from eliminating some of this competition early on in the game.

Communication with a Good team is key

All of us are more than aware of how difficult it can be to find players you can play with successfully, so it's essential to keep them close. Vocalizing your movements to your teammates is vital for getting better at Warzone; there is little to no point in being part of a team if none of you communicate. Though this may seem like a task in itself to keep an eye on other players as well as the enemy, it can pay off and land you a win.

Whenever safe and possible, revive your team

Before coming to your team's rescue, make sure to survey your surroundings. A common mistake of many players is rushing to their aid; this often leaves you exposed to and unaware of enemy activity, often resulting in your in-game death also. So, before jumping to be the hero, make sure it is worth it and can benefit you in the pursuit of winning.

Share loot with your team

Don't grab all the loot for yourself. When you are playing within a team setting, you need to ensure you and all of your teammates are ready to revive themselves. This will help out the other members of your team by ensuring you still have all members active and saving time that could be better used to help secure the win in other ways. Sharing your loot can be the push in the direction of a win that you need!

Complete Contracts

We recommend completing contracts for a sure-fire way to make some money in Warzone. There are a variety of contracts that players can tackle, including Bounty, Recon, Scavenger, Most Wanted, and Supply Run. Each one offers tasks such as capturing points, opening chests, surviving, etc., and with each contract you complete, you will be rewarded a cash sum. There are, at times, special abilities awarded to players for the completion of these contracts, though this is not a given. Keep in mind that you and your team will only be able to activate one contract at a time.

Partake in Daily Tournaments and Ladders

If you are looking to simply improve your knowledge and skill of the basics in Warzone, then playing solo will benefit you; however, if you want to truly level up your skillset, you should most definitely take part in tournaments and ladders.

Do not be afraid to run

There is no sense in just going down because you don't want to look scared. On the other hand, sometimes you can find yourself cornered, and there is no point in going down if you can find a way out. Because chances are, if you are able to reposition yourself and gather your thoughts, you could still take the match! To be smart, a good method of escape can often be the use of smoke grenades. Throwing them into the enemy path and swiftly getting out of there could later win you the match!

Only shoot when kill can be confirmed

If you aren't careful when taking down enemies, it can lead to a shoot-out that attracts others to your location, so make sure that you have them completely in your sights when you want to take down someone. Take your time to find a good position and go for the kill.

The art of Surprise

The Gas Mask: Once you're on your way into the endgame, the gas mask can become a potent and valuable tool. If you have one in your possession, don't be afraid to take full advantage of its uses. Going directly into the smoke every once in a while can allow you to reposition yourself and sneak attack the enemy. Applying and removing the gas mask can take a while, so ensure you are completely ready to enter combat before opening fire.

Use C4: Using the C4 can be incredibly beneficial if you are looking for how to get more kills in Warzone. If you are in possession of C4, you need to ensure it is ready to use at all times. Though we do not recommend using it in a gunfight, it is the strongest counter against enemy vehicles.

Use the Loadout Packages: Of course, you can find a lot of loot throughout the game, and though that will get you places, you can always go further. Loadout packages can help you curate your gameplay and work through the game more efficiently. Try to prioritize getting 10,000 cash ASAP following your landing. Once you have the cash, ensure that the Buy Station is secure and call the Loadout. This will equip your custom weapons and equipment.

Tactical Map and Equipment: Once you call in a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), you will open the tactical map to choose your target. This will give you the benefit of spatial awareness, and you will be aware of your enemies' locations to give you the upper hand in your movement. In addition, the equipment provided can change a game from a loss to a win. Take advantage of the Land mines, drones, armor plates, etc.; these can provide kills in later rounds.

Thank you for reading

Many thanks once again to our fabulous AccountKings readers! We hope that our guide has provided you with the tools you need to become the best you can be at Warzone! If you wish to check out some of our other fantastic guides, why not view our library here? Or for our latest AK Blog, click here! We look forward to seeing you next week!

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