How to get Super Troops in Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans is among the most popular mobile games out there right now, but up until recently, it has been struggling with maintaining its relevance on the market. Luckily, with regular updates, engaging events, and a loyal fan base, it managed to overcome this obstacle. With the introduction of super troops, CoC interested many old players as well as those who never played the game to jump into the mix.

These warriors are stronger than their original forms and have unique powers. Because the competition is fierce, players will need every edge they can get to beat their competitors, and Clash of Clans super troops can make all the difference. There are two types of barracks in the game: barracks and dark barracks. Barracks train troops with dark and regular elixirs, and can be upgraded to spawn higher-level Clash of Clans troops, which we will discuss further below.

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How to get Super Troops in Clash of Clans: Basics

Clash of Clans super troops were released back in 2020 as an optional troop boost in the home village. These troops are much stronger than their counterparts and can be activated once players level their Town Hall to 11 and meet the base troop requirements. Original Clash of Clans troops can be transformed into super troops with 25000 Dark Elixir or with a Super Potion for the following three days.

This functionality essentially allows you to briefly transform your Clash of Clans troops into super troops. These super versions of troops require more housing space than the standard versions. Training time and cost will be based on the amount of space super troops take up. In addition, players may only have two active types of Clash of Clans super troops at a time, so they must choose wisely which of their Clash of Clans troops to enhance.

How to get Super Troops in Clash of Clans: 14 types

Super Wall Breaker

Since the first super troop update in 2020, this enhanced version of the wall breaker can be used to destroy any wall (regardless of its level), using its special ability Mega Bomb. This troop deals standard damage as well as damage upon death. If the Super Wall Breaker successfully reaches its goal, it will inflict both types of damage. On the other hand, if it is killed on the way, it will only deal the second damage, when it is destroyed, in the area of 1.6 tiles.

Sneaky Goblin

This super troop was also introduced with the Super Wall Breaker. Sneaky Goblins use Cloak to turn invisible for 5 seconds after being deployed. Interestingly, they are only invisible to enemy buildings. Unlike Super Barbarians, Sneaky Goblins prioritize resource buildings and ignore any enemies and buildings as long as there are resource buildings in the enemy base.

Super Barbarian

Super Barbarian was one of the first CoC super troops introduced back in 2020. These barbarians are more powerful versions than their base models and they have a special skill called Rage which allows them to get an 8-second speed and damage bonus when spawned. Super Barbarians do not have a focus priority meaning they will attack the first foe or building that appears in their vicinity.

Super Giant

Also released in 2020 with the rest, Super Giant is a stronger version of its regular type that uses Wall Buster to deal four times more damage to enemy walls. As tanks, these Clash of Clans troops are mostly used to tank for more squishy troops. Town Hall 12 is required for players to upgrade Giants to Super Giants.

Inferno Dragon

This troop, transferred from Clash Royale, was released just three months after the original four. Baby Dragon is its standard form, and the main difference between the two is that the Inferno Dragon can use a mobile Inferno Tower attached to its back to unleash an Inferno Beam that deals progressively more damage the longer it is being fired. To turn Baby Dragons into Inferno Dragons, players must have Town Hall 12. No matter how many other troops are around, they have no effect on their DPS output, which makes them exceptionally good for destroying buildings.

Super Witch

Super Witch made its way to CoC along with the Inferno Dragon. Super Witches can summon the Big Boy, a giant Skeleton similarly beefy as the Super Giant. Only one Big Boy can be spawned at a time, however, they can respawn when killed. Unfortunately, Super Witch takes the most housing space as Big Boy equals 40 points.

Super Valkyrie

Super Valkyrie requires Town Hall level 12 to unlock and provides a strong buff when killed, also known as a Farewell Gift. Once the Super Valkyrie is destroyed, she will drop an area of effect ability that enhances the speed and damage of the affected troops, similar to the Rage from Super Barbarians.

Super Wizard

This Electro Wizard look-a-like can be obtained once reaching Town Hall 12, and upgrading Wizards to level 9. As a stronger version of Wizards, the Super Wizard uses Chain Magic to inflict chain damage that spreads to 9 other enemies, if close. All enemies, except the initial enemy hit, will take 40% of the regular damage.

Super Archer

This troop’s special attack allows it to deal damage to multiple enemies in a row. The Super Archer is a boosted version of the Archer troop. All buildings hit in a row will take the same amount of damage. These Clash of Clans super troops can be attained with the Town Hall 11 as well as Archer level 8.

Super Minion

Minions are the smallest troops in Clash of Clans but their counterparts, Super Minions, are turning the tide. These were released with the Super Valkyries and are outfitted with the Long Shot, which allows them to shoot a couple of shots from a farther distance. Interestingly, this troop attracts Seeking Air Mines, but its standard version does not.

Ice Hound

Ice Hound is a stronger troop coming from the Lava Hound. This unit has more hit points and freezes enemies with attacks just like Ice Wizard. Dish Served Cold, is its special skill that unleashes a freeze area of effect ability, and Ice Pups upon death to finish off any remaining enemies. For unlocking the Ice Hound, players need to level their Town Halls to 12 and boost the Lava Hound to 5.

Super Dragon

Upon reaching level 7 Dragon and Town Hall 12, players can unlock the Super Dragon. This super troop shoots flames which deal AoE splash damage over a 1 tile radius. The Super Dragon unleashes 10 bursts of flame at a time, making it a formidable foe. The Super Dragon uses 40 housing space just like the Big Boy.

Super Bowler

The Super Bowler, released nearly 3 months before the Super Dragon, is a stronger version of the standard Bowler that throws boulders that can bounce up to three times, over 3 tiles. Each time boulders hit the ground, they deal splash damage. To unlock this super troop, level your Bowler to level 4.

Rocket Balloon

These Clash of Clans super troops come from standard Balloons and are outfitted with rockets that increase their movement speed for four seconds upon creation. The Rocket Balloon prioritizes defensive buildings over other structures and units. Interestingly, the Clan Castle is not considered a defensive building, meaning Rocket Balloons do not focus on it. Boosting Balloons to Super Balloons can be done when reaching Balloon level 8.

How to get Super Troops in Clash of Clans: Rundown

To sum up, here are the most important details about CoC super troops and how to get them:

· Clash of Clans troops must meet the required level threshold before they may be upgraded into their super form.

· Town Hall 11 is the bare minimum for upgrading Clash of Clans troops.

· Players can unlock and boost super troops by using the boost barrel located on the left side of the multiplayer base.

· When you click on a super troop, you may spend either a Super Potion or 25000 Dark Elixir to unlock the super troop.

· When unlocked, CoC super troops can be trained from the barracks and they replace the standard version. These then become the Home Village's temporary army.

· For the following seven days, you will not be able to unlock the same super troop, however, other troops can be upgraded to supers.

· CoC super troops can be given to other clan members as reinforcements.

· After the Super buff expires, you can keep your unused Clash of Clans super troops in the Barracks until they are used or donated.

· The trial mode with every super troop allows you to try them out in a practice attack before deciding whether to commit to the Super buff.

How to get Super Troops in Clash of Clans

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