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How to Upgrade Troops in Clash of Clans

Posted 1 month ago

Welcome to another AccountKings guide! In this installment, we will explore how to upgrade troops in Clash of Clans and some of the best and fastest ways to do so. If you are new to the Clash of Clans scene and don't wish to partake in the tiresome grind, why not check out some of our epic CoC accounts here Before we get into how to upgrade your troops in Clash of Clans, let's look at what exactly upgrading can do for your gaming experience. Upgrading your troops is an essential part of Clash of Clans; doing so will be helpful as you strive to win more and more games. Though you can make it through some of the game without worrying about your upgrades, sadly, you won't get far. Once you start to encounter more fortified castles, you will definitely need to be thinking about upgrading.

Here is a breakdown of the Town Hall level requirements and times. This should give you an idea of what you will face in terms of time and the cost of your upgrades.

Level 1: Town Hall 3

requires one minute and 5,000 Elixir

Level 2: Town Hall 4

requires one hour and 25,000 Elixir

Level 3: Town Hall 5

requires two hours and 75,000 Elixir

Level 4: Town Hall 6

requires four hours and 150,000 Elixir

Level 5: Town Hall 7

requires eight hours and 300,000 Elixir

Level 6: Town Hall 8

requires sixteen hours and 600,000 Elixir

Level 7: Town Hall 9

requires 24 hours and 1,200,000 Elixir

Level 8: Town Hall 10

requires 48 hours and 2,500,000 Elixir

Level 9: Town Hall 11

requires 96 hours and 5,000,000 Elixir

Level 10: Town Hall 12

requires 144 hours and 8,000,000 Elixir

Level 11: Town Hall 13

requires 216 hours and 10,000,000 Elixir

Level 12: Town Hall 14

requires 288 hours and 12,000,000 Elixir

How to start upgrading your Troops

The first thing you will need to do is make sure you have your Laboratory up and running in your village. The Laboratory will be unlocked once you get your Town Hall to level 3. When your Lab is in place, tap on it to display the available actions. There should be three options available to you when you do so: ' Info’, 'Upgrade,' and 'Research.' Select the Research tab and then the unit you wish to level up.

Once you have got your Town Hall to the desired level, click on the 'Shop' button and look for the Lab. Once you have located it, select the Laboratory and place it where you wish within your base.

Note that when you carry out upgrades while the Lab is still at level 1, it can only upgrade the Barbarians, the Archers, and the Goblins once, respectively. You will need to upgrade your Town Hall to access the Laboratory's higher levels to access further upgrades. When you begin your Clash of Clans journey, you will only have access to basic units and spells. The upgrades at this stage come reasonably easily and are quick to complete, though as you progress through the game, this won't be the case. The time for upgrades to reach completion will grow longer, and leveling your Town Hall will begin to require Dark Elixir. Once this component is added to your gameplay, upgrades will take longer to reach completion.

How to upgrade Troops in Clash of Clans faster

As we have mentioned, the time to complete upgrades will get steadily longer and more complex; sadly, you can only have one Lab within your base at any given time. This can be somewhat problematic since there are over 1,500 days of Laboratory upgrades, but don't stress; we have explored your options! So, let's check out a few of the alternate options:

Keep the Upgrades coming!

Having a singular Laboratory can be daunting. With upgrade times getting progressively longer as you move through Clash of Clans, you may find yourself stuck in a rut, bored, or struggling to keep everything moving. This is why we recommend queuing some of the longer research tasks to run through the night or while you are away continually. This will make your climb to the top that little bit easier and means you can return to a game with fresh upgrades or that you can use your time in-game to complete shorter upgrades.


Gems are the in-game currency used in Clash of Clans. If you can afford to and don't feel like waiting around for your upgrades, you can use them to complete upgrades instantly. You can collect a small amount of gems in game through clearing obstacles or completing tasks, but to get a large quantity quickly you’ll need to buy them with real money.Though this may seem like a good idea at first glance, sadly, this won't be very cost-effective, and when you eventually run out of Gems and have to wait for those upgrades to complete, the wait will seem much worse.

Book of Fighting

Though the Book of Fighting can be used to skip a research timer instantly, they are rather pricey. Each book costs a whopping 925 Gems and can only be used for one upgrade. So, in this instance, we would recommend using the Book of Fighting, but only in later stages of the game. Since you can encounter upgrades that take weeks at a time, you don't want to waste it on an early overnight upgrade.

Hammer of Fighting

You can only get your hands on the Hammer of Fighting by spending League Medals in the League Shop. Much like the Book of Fighting, the Hammer has quite the hefty price tag, costing a player 120 League Medals. Another thing the two share in common is that the Hammer can also bypass the research timer. Though this item has the additional bonus of surpassing the cost, too, while that may pique your interest immediately, it's crucial that you use this at the correct time. We'd recommend keeping this in your inventory until you encounter upgrades surpassing the two-week timer.

Research Potions

These potions speed up the research process to 24 times their original speed for one hour, meaning a 24 hour research task would take just 1 hour. They can cost a player either 120 Gems or 20 League Medals to purchase. A much cheaper purchase than that of the items mentioned above, though that is to be somewhat expected due to their varying effects. Nevertheless, they are still a great way to upgrade your Troops in Clash of Clans.

Thanks for reading!

We hope that our guide has helped inform you of how to upgrade troops in Clash of Clans and that you enjoyed your time with us! Should you wish to check out another of our blogs, you can do so here; or check out our latest blog here! Don't forget to check out our exceptional range of Clash of Clans accounts, or perhaps if you are looking to explore others in the gaming world, you can find remarkable accounts with us on our .

We hope to see you again soon!

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