Is Acckings Legit?

Posted 1 year ago
Is Acckings Legit?

Is Acckings legit

The big question: Is Acckings Legit? Why should you trust us? What exactly prevents you from being scammed your money? In the following blog post we will address many of the concerns account buyers & sellers have regarding whether or not Acckings is legit.

#1) How do I know I will get paid for my account?

This is an easy one -> Most digital accounts are able to be recovered, it makes no sense for (us) as a company to attempt to scam an account that can simply be taken back from us : We will always payout when you sell your accounts to us!

#2) How do I know my account wont be recovered after I purchase?

Another common question, the answer is simply this: Acckings has invested in advanced anti-fraud systems to help detect online account sale fraudsters, this allows us to put a stop to 98% of account sales that are fraudulent, while we cannot always guarantee an account wont *EVER* be recovered, we do offer things like account insurance to help you feel safe and secure when buying from Acckings!

#3) Do you have reputations anywhere?

Yes! We have thousands of Sythe vouches, hundreds of PA reputation, and lots of reputation on PB/Osbot/Epicnpc/HF/R-S and more!

#4) Where are you based?

We are based in the USA - We are a legally registered company in the state of Ohio - This is so that you know you are dealing with a real company with real world consequences should we ever scam - That is why you always know why that Acckings is legit.

#5) Do you pay via verified PayPal?

Yes we do! We always pay via a verified American PayPal. We are always buying and selling accounts and a verified USA PayPal always makes customers feel secure and makes them feel that Acckings is a legitimate business to do business with!

Is Acckings safe to use

Absolutely! Acckings is fully SSL secured so that your encryption and data is always protected, Acckings is 100% safe to use at all times!

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