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Is Runescape Down? Runescape downtime explained

Posted 1 year ago
Is Runescape Down? Runescape downtime explained

Is RuneScape down

This is a popular question that happens every-time old-school RuneScape and RuneScape 3 experience any sort of lag or downtime. This page is to help explain why your favorite game; RuneScape is sometimes down.

RuneScape DDOS and Bug abuse

The most common reason that RuneScape may be down at any one time is due to DDOS attacks performed on their servers; a DDOS attack is essentially where a large network of computers "band" together in an attempt to overload RuneScape’s "master computers" or "servers" as their more commonly known for a period of time. During this period of time players can experience the famed "Connection lost- Please wait attempting to reestablish" disconnects as-well as the famous login page that simply won’t let you login. If you’re currently wondering if RuneScape 3 or OSRS is down; a simple list for you to think about is;

1) Is there a news post regarding downtime?

2) Have you checked the official jagex twitter accounts & Reddit?

3) Are you experiencing constant disconnects when logging in the RS3/OSRS worlds?

4) Are you experiencing extremely long login times (upwards of 30 seconds) and then getting told "error connecting to server?"

5) Is your game freezing and or crashing?

If any of these reasons sound familiar to what is currently happening; there is a likely chance that RuneScape/OSRS may be down. You should reach out to any friends you have and see if their having similar issues; if the answer is yes; RuneScape is down! You should visit the homepage of OSRS or RuneScape 3 and await further news; it is highly advised NOT to try to play the game if any issues are occurring due to possible item loss and damages may occur to your account. If your friends are online scaping away and you’re having problems; You need to get off the potato you’re playing on and buy a new PC!

Just kidding. Odds are you might be having some temporary internet issues or other problems that may be affecting your PC's connectivity. In all likelihood just unplugging your Router and Modem for 3 minutes and letting it sit then plugging it back in should hopefully fix these problems.

Is OSRS RuneScape down

You should visit this page;

For any updates regarding the downtime of OSRS. Please note the above is simply a safe link to the OSRS news page; you can find this page yourself by going to> OSRS.

RuneScape connectivity issues

If at any time you ever have RuneScape connectivity issues; please keep calm. This is a game after all; while we understand you may wish to continue scaping or playing with your buddies; often times downtime and connectivity issues are neither Jagex's fault nor the players; in most cases you are both in this together and patience can help Jagex fix the servers faster than if their being bombarded by thousands of angry messages about downtime.

Keep calm, Keep Scaping!

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