Iso Valorant - A Radiant Hitman

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Valorant is a competitive game that focuses on two phases, attacking and defending, and during each, you will require different roles in the game that will lead your team to victory. So, we want to introduce you to Iso, the Valorant Agent, an agile duelist who brings disturbance into the maps, causing the most damage possible with his weapons’ properties. He’s a beloved agent among the community for numerous reasons, but within this article, we will focus on Iso’s Kit in Valorant and how to use him.

Iso Abilities In Valorant

Iso comes with an innovative kit that fits the meta and most players' play style. So if you’re a player that searches for the perfect duelist with a focus on the shooting; this is your call. A skilled shooting ability comes with a great responsibility during the match, so let’s break down Iso’s Kit in Valorant!

Contingency (C)

This ability will let you assemble prismatic energy when you equip it, and when you use Fire, it will push an indestructible wall of energy forward that will allow you cover from bullets. It’s a shield that’s not transparent; however, it will let enemy agents and projectiles pass, so beware of this. When Valorant’s Iso uses this ability, the movement speed of the wall will be the same as your sprint speed with a weapon. This wall won’t stop until it reaches the end of its path. You will need to spend 250 credits to use this ability, and you will only have one charge.

Undercut (Q)

Iso in Valorant will release a Bolt in front of him when you equip it, and just like Contingency, if you use Fire you will throw it forward, applying a debuff effect to any player it touches. This ability can pass through solid objects and even walls. When Undercut reaches an opponent, it will apply Fragile for 4 seconds and take double damage for that period. You must be careful with this ability because it will affect your teammates if they touch it. It has two charges, and you can buy it during the purchase phase for 200 credits.

Signature - Double Tap (E)

This ability makes Iso an excellent choice as a duelist. Double Tap will give a reload speed buff to Iso in Valorant, alongside a focus timer on the HUD that you can fill by taking down enemies when you kill or damage them. As a result, you will generate an energy orb that you can shoot to enter the flow state, granting you a shield. This is not a normal shield because it will grant you absorption of damage from any deal when this ability is active. You will experience an initial windup, and then the effect of Double Tap is active, and every time you get a kill or an assist, an orb will appear. You must shoot at this orb to refresh the ability timer and continue with the shield.

Iso Ult in Valorant - Kill Contract (X)

Iso has an ace up his sleeve that can literally teleport you to another dimension. Kill Contract will allow you to direct a beam to an enemy agent that will teleport both into an arena where you must fight to the death or wait until the allotted time ends. Whichever comes first will make the arena disappear, and the match will continue as usual. It’s a 1-v-1 situation that surprises the community and every enemy you hit during the matches since you must do the most to get out of this interdimensional arena alive. You and the opponent will use the weapons both of you brought for that round, which will grant you 150 HP for the duel. The winner of this 1-v-1 will return to the map with the same HP and the same position before entering Iso’s Ultimate in Valorant. However, if neither you nor your opponent defeats the other, both will die once the time ends. The cost of the ultimate is 7 ultimate points.

How To Play Iso In Valorant

Learning how to play Iso in Valorant will open a door of possibilities. His diverse kit works not only on offense but also defense. He’s an outstanding pick for ranked games, so mastering him is crucial if you want to play with or against him. But first, you must understand more about his role.

Iso is not an agent you should play alone because most of his kit works best when part of a communicative team. Like Reyna, she needs a team to shine, and Iso will do the same with the right team. Besides, Iso is self-sufficient thanks to his debuff and the possibility of protecting himself. Still, most of the team can help him to reach better angles and positions while provoking and attacking during the offense. It can also be protective for their teammate with the Contingency and use Undercut to apply the Fragile effect to break the enemy team.

Raze is one of the best combinations for Iso and her grenade since Undercut will blow the space for the double damage you can deal to the opponents. Jett is another excellent option since you can use Iso as a complementary duelist, which creates a synergy that can push into a choke point for the anemone agents. Moreover, Iso in Valorant should coordinate with his team. Another Duelist can be beneficial and take the lead of the Initiators. Sova is another great combination for the damage utility by pairing the two with Undercut. Shock Darts and Hunter’s Fury can one-shot foes if they get hit by Iso’s ability.

For Iso’s Kit in Valorant, Double Tap will be your best friend when you try to push, but make sure to use it to the fullest extent. You will experience a short windup time of 1.2 seconds to activate the ability, so after you press the key, you must use it before leaving a safe position. Of course, you will have some ways to extend the time of Double Tap by killing an enemy; this will reset the allotted time. If not, when the timer ends, the ability will disappear. We recommend you use it alongside Undercut to have a higher chance of successfully killing an enemy to reset the timer. Beware of the enemies who know how this ability works because you must focus first on shooting at the orbs before entering the flow state. Your opponents will also see the orb and can shoot at them to prevent you from activating Double Tap.

Iso in Valorant will help their team and push the enemies easily using Contingency, but we recommend using it before moving to a position. When you activate this ability, move along with the wall to surprise your enemies and cover a greater distance without risking too much. You must think about your next movement before making it, just like chess. Remember, enemies and allies can pass through the wall, so you must inform your team you're about to use this ability, allowing them to move with you to reach a new advantageous position. Moreover, you can use it as a tool for map control, you can send the wall through a corridor or path in a map where you know your enemies are camping, preventing a push or simply establishing a solid location.

If we discuss Undercut, the first thing you will notice is that the radius of the effect will be visible on the minimap, so you must be sure you are covering the location of your target before you press the key. Valorant’s Iso should be cautious about this ability because you can affect your teammates, and give yourself a dose of your own medicine. Since you will have two charges, you don’t need to use them one after the other on one enemy; it’s pointless because the debuff won’t stack. However, if you wait for a debuff to end and send the other it will grant the effect twice, but it’s not the best move you can do with this ability. Combining Undercut with Contingency can be beneficial in some situations. Still, you must be sure you will be able to push your enemies into a dead-end road or put them into a bad situation where you can take advantage of the debuff. Instead of using it together, try using Contingency first to gain some movement and then Undercut to finish the job and get the kill.

Finally, Iso’s Ult in Valorant, Kill Contract is unusual and unique; you and the victim caught by the beam will fight to death within an allotted time. If neither of you dies during this time, both will perish. As you will see, this will set up a fair duel; the only difference will be the weapon you and your enemy are using. When entering this interdimensional arena, Kill Contract will provide Double Tap, so make sure to destroy the layer above the enemy after eliminating them. You can use this ultimate to avoid a situation where your enemies wait for you to return from the arena, so you must calculate where to use it so as not to be exposed in an open area when you return. A fantastic moment to use this ultimate is when you know the enemies’ economy is low to gain an advantage with your weapon.

Iso Valorant FAQ

Valorant’s Iso is a duelist that most players love, but when you start playing with him, you may find some questions to answer before using him for the first time, so let’s put those doubts to rest, shall we?

When you teleport using Kill Contract to the arena, will other players know where you activate it?

Yes, they will see a glowing purple hexagon remaining on the map; all players in the game will be able to see it. It’s important to activate near your teammates to continue the round when you come back or to finish your enemy when he returns to the map again.

When will you know an ability from Valorant’s Iso will finish?

Some abilities, like Contingency and Undercut, will make a sound when they are about to finish, so make sure to listen carefully to calculate the times to push or to get a better position while they’re in use.

Iso Valorant Summary

Since Iso is a Chinese hitman who plays as a duelist in Valorant, you will find several ways to play him and use his ability to mess things up for opponents during your matches. Once you master the basics, you will play Valorant Iso flawlessly and enjoy your time in Ranked or Premium matches. You can review our blog section if you are eager to learn about more agents. Moreover, if you want to buy Valorant accounts with rare and unique skins, accessories and agents, you will find the best offers on our web page. That’s all for now, see you soon in our following guide.

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