Jett In Valorant - Mastering Movement And Wielding Knives

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Jett is one of those agents who will make the game fun with the play style she brings to the battlefield during each match. If you enjoy playing aggressively and have the agility to enter the fight, then without a doubt, Valorant’s Jett is your pick. She’s a Korean duelist who uses the wind in her favor to push all the boundaries and move through the maps like no other agent. Let’s see what she can do!

Jett Valorant Abilities

Before entering the main subject of How to play Jett in Valorant, let’s break her down and learn about her kit. It’s important to know she’s a duelist who is a master with knives, so you will see her use them like a pro. Moreover, you will find her passive is useful to avoid fall damage and lets you move around the map quickly.

Cloudburst (C)

An ability with the potential to create new opportunities to move forward into objectives or kill, no matter if you are defending or attacking. Cloudburst allows Jett in Valorant to instantly throw a projectile, and it will expand after impact to any surface. After the projectile expands, it will create a cloud that will block the vision of foes, but that’s not all since you can hold the ability key to control and curve the smoke in the direction of your crosshair. It has two charges and costs 200 credits.

Updraft (Q)

It is a simple ability, but you can use it in several scenarios to boost mobility when getting closer or running away from the enemy agents. Updraft will instantly propel Jett into the air, making her reach a high height to move around the map. This ability has only one charge and costs 150 credits with a short windup of 0.6 seconds.

Tailwind (E)

The signature ability of Jett in Valorant. Tailwind will activate a gust of wind you can use for a limited time, and you can reuse this wind to propel Jett in the direction you are moving. If you are not moving, you will see how Jett is propelled forward, and since this is a free ability, it will recharge after making two kills. You will have 7.5 seconds of the wind charge and 0.45 seconds for the Dash. It has a windup time of 1 second.

Ultimate - Blade Storm (X)

If you are looking for an excuse to use Jett, this is it. Her ultimate will give you highly accurate throwing knives you can use in two different ways. If you are looking for a perfect way to use Jett’s Knife in Valorant, you must use the Fire option in your configuration; this will allow you to throw a single knife and will recharge after making a kill. If you use the Alt-Fire, you will throw all the daggers you have, but it won’t recharge after you make a kill. To use this ability, you will be required to use 8 Ultimate Points, and these knives will cause different damage depending on where it hit: 150 head, 50 body, and 42 Legs.

Passive - Drift

It’s a passive you can use when you want to cover a certain distance quickly. If you hold the jump button while you’re falling, this allows you to glide through the air.

How To Play Jett Valorant

Playing Jett as a pro can take you some time and practice, but it won’t be impossible. However, you will enjoy your time using her as a Duelist; remember Operators are your best friends during the match. The Operator will help you with your aggressive peeking and playing with the angles, thanks to her kit. You will get incredible outplays and even carry your team to victory.

As an Attacker with Jett in Valorant, your main goal is to secure sites and create space for your team without forgetting to use your abilities to make kills and help the advances to plant the Spike. On the other hand, when you are a Defender, it’s important to hold the aggressive angles and get early picks; it’s your job to always be a threat to the enemy agents.

In Valorant, you can see how many players avoid using Jett’s Cloudburst for a short time when the smoke is around, but it is enough to relocate either you or a teammate to a new position. Finding a better spot to take advantage without the enemy agents seeing what you are doing is best. Moreover, you can curve the smoke to place a better curtain but remember you must keep holding the button to change the trajectory.

Another way to gain some value from Cloudburst is to throw it away as far as possible to fake a situation where your enemies think you are nearby. You can’t use Jett in Valorant without playing some mind games, so try your luck every time you can with this ability. Another great tip you should know is the inside of the smoke is hollow, and if your friends or enemies are inside you will be Nearsighted until they go out of the smoke. Moreover, Cloudburst will show in the minimap so that you will see the exact smoke position.

Moving forward, or high in the air, is part of Valorant’s Jett charm as a duelist agent, but combining her passive will allows you to stay in the air for a more extended period of time. Beware when using this ability because you will experience an enormous movement inaccuracy, and surely, you will see your shot missing most of the movement Updraft gives you. Moreover, Jett can combine Tailwind and Updraft since neither ability will wait nor cancel the other.

Talking about Tailwind ability, you can use it to move at a vertical angle or to go up and down with just the ability. However, it’s a great option to escape when you’re in a bad position or have an enemy encounter. Jett in Valorant can use Tailwind to make a successful escape for the sure to be dead when it’s needed. You can have an even better boost by using it at the start or during a simple jump, making you an unpredictable target for your opponents. Still, you should beware of the second delay you experience after the ability boost because it won’t let you go straight into another movement ability. While using Tailwind, you will notice that your vision will be blurry for a moment, but this is part of the ability, and you can’t turn it off in the Valorant settings.

Blade Storm is where you will find the most enjoyable aspect of Valorant’s Jett; however, you must know the knife will kill your opponent with a headshot, but you will need to work harder to kill them by aiming at the body. To kill an enemy agent with Jett’s Ultimate by hitting the body, you will require three shots or four if you hit them on the legs. This ultimate is excellent for pushing your enemies when they have a low economy, you can activate it, and since you don’t need to use a weapon, you can support your team by buying a weapon for them if needed. Furthermore, it will help you push the limits in bad scenarios to try and steal the round; it’s a great alternative without having a negative effect on your team’s economy.

You will notice a short delay between knife throwing of 0.2 seconds, keeping you from spamming the Fire button but allowing you to throw all your knives using Alt-Fire. You will run out of the five knives when you don’t make a kill or throw them in a scattershot manner; however, your knives will replenish after making a kill with them, so that will be your priority when you activate Blade Storm. Be wise, and hold onto the ability for a while; don't just use it because it's available. This is not a time-sensitive Ultimate, so don’t worry too much about it.

Jett Valorant FAQ

Playing Jett can be tricky at first, but we’re sure you will get better with some practice; however, we understand you could have some questions, so let’s answer those!

How do you get Jett Spray in Valorant?

The Jett Spray was introduced on the Battle Pass in Episode 2: Act 2 and cost 1,000 Valorant Points. You can unlock it when you reach level 12 on the Premium Battle Pass of that Episode.

When was the last time Riot did a Jett Nerf in Valorant?

The last time Jett got a nerf was in update v7.04 when they decreased the Dash and Activation windup time in Tailwind, reduced the Cloudburst duration and the time to re-equip it, decreased the charges of Updraft, and increased the Blade Storm Ultimate Points from 7 to 8.

Valorant Jett Summary

All the agents in the game have a particular way to play, but with the high mobility and the option to throw knives at your enemies, it is just from Jett in Valorant. She’s a versatile duelist who can change the match in a blink of an eye with the right timing. Jett is not the only agent we covered; you can read more Valorant guides like this in our blog section. Moreover, if you want to jump into the Valorant world but want to get cosmetics that were only for the old battle pass, buy a Valorant account on our page. That’s all for now, so see you soon in our next blog!

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